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Bot Ban & Language Packs

Recently, Singapore Granado Espada initiated a bot sweep, and banned accounts based on function logs. See [Notice] Botting, Map Restarts and Permanent Suspensions. There are some questions concerning client customization. IAH Staff, Xanxus, clarified the matter thus:

Do note that the function logs certain actions caused by the bot, which is linked to the map restarts. Those accounts logged will be suspended permanently when we do a sweep.
If you are using a different language pack, it will not trigger a 'Botting' log. [Source]

The key issue is, botters in one map can trigger a DC in another map. This is linked to how the maps are arranged on the servers. IMC keeps this a secret. [Source]

Well, the camera one isn't affected. Remember that it is the actions made by the bot commands which are logged. [Source]

Note that he did not say changing sound files is "legal" with respect to the terms of service. It's probably more like "it doesn't affect serve…

War Supply Quest

There is a Supply Soldier near Leonardo in Auch, Coimbra, and Reboldeaux (channel 1). If you talk to the NPC during Colony War, you will get a Supply Distribution mission in your Quest window (Alt+A). The mission level (Expert or Novice) is based on family level. The mission number is random.

The quest requires you to collect 30 Strange Spheres and a random set of items (see below). Strange Spheres drop in most open field maps, but only during Colony War. They cannot be traded.

Expert [1] - Piece of Ruby x30
Expert [2] - Piece of Sapphire x30
Expert [3] - Piece of Emerald x30
Expert [4] - Tough Cotton Yarn x100
Expert [5] - Ice Crystal x300
Expert [6] - Philosopher's Stone x300
Expert [7] - Food of Capybara x100
Expert [8] - Bulk of Gold x300
Expert [9] - Mega Talt x50
Expert [10] - Rhodolite Piece x50
Novice [1] - Unpolished Red Gem x30
Novice [2] - Unpolished Blue Gem x30
Novice [3] - Unpolished Green Gem x30
Novice [4] - Magical Sphere x100
Novice [5] - ?
Novice [6] - Otite P…

Sword 129: Castilla Temple

To take advantage of the last few days of Drop Rate +30% Event, the family collected more Ancient Runes and Rhodolite Pieces in Errac. They also went to Ustiur Base Camp and successfully refined both keys for Room of the Dead (aka Barrow de la Muerte, Sea Cave of the Revenant). See [v3.5 Feature] Ravyn Gets A Boost. Unfortunately, Frenzied Ravyn did not spawn on both attempts. Lara (Brunie) bought 10 Angler Spinelles, and summoned 3 Swamp Anglers. Nothing worthwhile dropped again.

Thelandira (f/mus), Visca (Grace), and Qilue (f/sco) managed to solo raid Castilla Mine a few times by luring each of the bosses away from their minions. In the case of immobile bosses (e.g. Chaos Chrysalis), lure the minions away instead. The main problem was Chaos Basilisk, whose buffed attack can one-hit knock out a character. It can still be brought down with some effort, such as fear/stun/freeze/burn lock or hit-and-run in a larger cavern such as the one for Chaos Phobitan General. Bring a Lv.100 charac…

Granado Espada: 5th Anniversary Teaser

See the micro-site 그라나도 에스파다 5주년 기념티저 for 5th Anniversary of Granado Espada Teaser. Click on the images below for full-size view. Refresh the images if needed, as there seems to be some issues with ImageShack servers.

New Character: Leonele
Viron Clock Tower

Devil Weapons

Revised La Tierra D'Amor

Magic Circle 14

Magic Circle 14 (Korea GE) has been updated from Feb 24 to March 09, 2011. The new items are as follows:

Unbalance Hair • Selva
Black Buffalo Costume • Selva
Capitaine Costume • Male Fighter
Capitaine Hair • Male Fighter

Andre's Wardrobe & Idge's Chest X

Andre's Wardrobe X and Idge's Chest X has been released. The replaced items in this box set are:
Natural Half Hair • RominaCilvia Sprite Costume • f/musSlendor Pecao Costume • m/wizPrimavella Costume • Emilia, ETSDragon's Heart Shield • DR2 ShieldFrozen Swordfish • AR30 JavelinSmall Frozen Swordfish • AR30 Dagger

The Weekly Maintenance also fixed the bug which allowed stance rings to be crafted without consuming the related skill rings.

[GE-SG] Elite Le Scarce & Trifolium
Hellena's Circus of Fate has updated its loot table to include Elite Le Scarce and Trifolium Costume (Romina). See [HCOF] New Costumes and Elite Le Scarce.

Imperial Wheel R5

Imperial Wheel R5 has been released. This series included 3 Arcana weapons, 3 new costumes, and 2 new hairs. Click on image below for enlarged view.

Crossbow of Temperance
Crossbow • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 396
ATK Speed +10% • [Back Step Inferno] Skill Level +1 • [Shadow Dawn] Skill Level +1

Javelin of Tower
Javelin • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 277
ATK Speed +10% • [Piercing Bound] Skill Level +1 • [Infinity Shooting Star] Skill Level +1

Sabre of Devil
Sabre • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 317
ATK Speed +10% • [Vortex Slicer] Skill Level +1 • [Phatastorm] Skill Level +1

Earth of the Bless Costume
Body Costume • Male Scout
Body Costume • Female Scout

Pigeonne Costume
Body Costume • Valleria

Stylish Shorty
Hair • Male Scout

Elegant Cute
Hair • Female Scout

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インペリアルホイール 2011年2月グ●ゼかもしれない。インペリアルホイールR 第5弾放浪記その245

Which Skill Not To Max?

I have compiled a list of links to IAHGames forum polls on Which Skill Not To Max? for the various stances. You must have access to IAH forums to view them. Remember, often there are no right or wrong answers, as they depend on how you use the characters. These are just player's opinions to help you in the decision-making.

Bloody Feast
Death Chopping
Hanging Guard
Rapida Espada
Sect of Moonlight
Tronada Cruz
Master's Martial Arts


Duel Blaster
Superior Blaster
Shadow Sting
Demolition Burst

Forgotten Magic

Enhanced Tactics

Edit: Added link for Demolition Burst. Thanks, Reno.

Sword 128: Renaissance

After the Age of Renaissance arrived, the family went ahead and completed the quests involving Crazy Emilia, Catherine Torsche, and Valleria, thereby meeting the prerequisites for related raid missions. The 3 characters will remain in their cards for now, so their stories will be related next time. There are too many things to cover in one weekly journal anyway. Plus, I don't want to finish all the new things too fast anyway. It's going to be some time before G1 updates again, so it seems prudent to leave yourself something to do over the long wait time for the next patch.

The family used some reserved Constellation Symbols to acquire Shadow Sting for Artemisia (Calyce), Tested Burst for Lolita (Claire), and Peltast and Crusader for Athena (f/fig). They used 140 Upgrade Accelerators and 3 Lacquers +5: Expert in the processing of upgrading Accuracy of Pegasus (crossbow) and Insight of Antares (javelin) to +6, and Judgment of Bywn (staff) to +5. Socket Flux x3 were wasted in 2nd …

Renaissance Recruitment Fights

Renaissance v5.0.23 introduces 3 new recruitable characters. All 3 character cards are tradable. See the recruitment quest details for Crazy Emilia, Valleria, and Catherine Torsche.

Emilia's Institute: Crazy Emilia
The entire quest mission lasts for 15 minutes. I used Master Musketeer (Flintlock), Master Emilia (Enhanced Tactics/ESP), and Expert Gertrude (Book of Earth) to complete the quest mission in about 12 minutes, after using Boost Potion. The strategy is simple - using a tank (Gertrude) to draw her attention, while DPS shoots her from far behind to avoid her splash attacks and area attacks. After defeating her, remember to click on the fallen Emilia with Gertrude to trigger the last bit of dialog.

Joaquin Torture Chamber: Valleria
The entire quest mission lasts for 30 minutes. In the first room, keep killing monsters until a zone-wide notice says:

The seal of the Warp Gate has opened due to the weakened monsters.

Kingdom Ogre is straight-forward. Just kill it.

The strategy to figh…

Sword 2 Renaissance v5.0.23

Sword 2 finally received its Renaissance (v5.0.23) update. The last update (v4.1.2) was launched in June 2010. (See Sword 2 Launch.) So this update took about 8 months. The patches involved for this update are 128945, 132888, 132939, 132978, 133020, and 133056.

For related forum topics, see the following:
Renaissance Live
Sword 2: Renaissance Patch Notes (v5.0.23)Sword 2: Renaissance Update
Feature: New Medal SystemFor detailed write-ups, see [GE-SG] Renaissance v5.0.3 instead. Since v5.0.23 is a few patches ahead, see also Book of Fire or Book of Wind.

Gah. I wish G1 stop ninja patching though. It isn't that hard to make an announcement a few days in advance of the patch. This at least gives players a bit of time to finish whatever else that needed to be finished (e.g. crafting, stocking up items) in the current version.

Missing Items?
Talk to Leonardo and select Receive Premium Items (or access from toolbar) to get free promotional scrolls (from pioneering quests) and Shiny Crystals.…

GE Update: Russia v5.0.23

Russia GE (v4.1.2) has released its 2nd test report for v5.0.23 here. Essentially, they have fixed critical bug of Reckless Emilia and quest for Valeria. The team is editing text to fit into the dialog box (!) and correcting translation errors. Localization seems to be partially done, and loading screens have been set. See also Tester's Reports forum topic for assorted write-ups and lots of screenshots.

It seems like IMC is putting Sword 2 and Russia GE on the same priority level. Notice that the current and upcoming version numbers are the same for both editions? Perhaps IMC has just one team working on the patch for both editions to save resources. I wonder who will update first - Sword 2 or Russia GE?

Thailand GE is currently in v4.5.8. [Download] A new cash shop box introduced Dragon Eye Bracelet (AR 30 LOE) and Dragon's Magic Staff (AR 32 staff) here.

Taiwan GE is currently in v5.0.3. [Download] Angel Revolver (AR 33 pistol) is now available via their web game here.

Sword 127: War Bug Exploit

The Masters continued to train their stances, as the family completed 12 Team Arena and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Sagittarius, Le Noir (mus) Recipe, and Mystic Shoes. This week's maintenance slapped right between both Team Arenas. Arsene's Treasure Chests also dropped Siren Scale Recipe, 5 White Gold Bars, and 6 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards.

The family had another (2nd) random encounter with the Bellboy of Mein, so the veterans took it down and stole its Silver Hammer. It seems like nobody cares about Sharffenberger (aka Vergo) anymore, unlike previously pioneers actually actively hunt for it.

The family experienced 4 disconnections this week. During the weekend, clan, group, and squad systems broke down. Again, followed by another extinction event just like Week 117. This is rather ironic, because the extinction of monsters make the Bonus Drop Rate +30% event ineffectual. See here for explanation on drop rate…

El Antiguo Patrimonio

Most players are already somewhat familiar with Faction Fight (aka El Antiguo Patrimonio), so this is no big secret. But since there isn't a comprehensive write-up on it, I wrote something for new players and uh, players who are a bit out-of-touch.

Everyday at 5.30 pm (PST), there will be a server-wide notice:

[Notice] The Faction Fight warp gate will open in 30 minutes.
There will be another one at 5.50 pm (PST):

[Notice] The Faction Fight warp gate will open in 10 minutes.
And finally, another one at 6.00 pm (PST):

[Notice] The Faction Fight Warp Gate has opened in Queen's Gate (For Royalists) and Thueringen (For Republicans).
Republicans can then enter the Faction Fight Entrances at Thueringen Lakeside (D6), while Royalists can enter at Reboldeaux Queen's Gate (D2). The gates will spawn in Channel 1 only, and will vanish after 30 minutes. Each entry costs 20 Reputation Points. Faction Fight takes place in 2 different maps - one for Royalists, one for Republicans.

About 10 …

Blog Reopened

Meh. Going around in circles. Well, at least I explored some options...

1. Invite-Only Access
This was my first resort, but I overlooked the following initially:

Apparently, admin/authors also count as "readers". So there are only 99 possible invites. Assuming I reserve some invites for my clan, I will still have to share the remaining invites between Sword 2 and sGE readers. After one day, my IAH forum inbox is already almost full. Too many innocent people will get screwed over with this.

2. Move To Other Hosts
Exporting the blog is possible, but problematic due to broken links within the posts. Going through 600+ posts to fix them? I think not. Also, while Wordpress has a nice built-in content control (see Page Visibility), it doesn't allow the user to edit/save CSS stylesheet without paying. I can't even adjust the width of the post column, so my existing pictures will get cropped off. This is way too much work. No time to do this properly.

I suppose there just isn'…

Blog Statistics Feb 2011

Oh, by the way, just to share some interesting blog statistics implemented by Blogger since June 2010. The blog first started in August 2007, so all the time before June 2010 wasn't counted.

Blog Closed To Public & Moved

A few players have messaged me in the forums, so I think I should at least post something on this blog status. This blog will be closed to public for several reasons. Access will be invite-only for personal friends via e-mail. I will leave this post up for a while before I resume blogging again. Thanks for the interest so far.

Do Not Feed Trolls
One of the reasons is that I do not wish to share any more information directly (or indirectly through their friends) to players who persisted in trolling both in-game and/or in the forums. In fact, I have considered closing the blog for many months, but refrained from doing so on the basis that many of my readers do not troll, and in fact, do not share the same server or even game service provider. But more and more players are taking to trolling (and some old trolls came back as well just to, well, troll). Perhaps because they are bored out of their minds due to repeated update delays and/or imagined slights.

I'm glad that players from othe…

[GE-SG] Valentine's Day 2011

IAHGames is having another cash cow-milking event for Valentine's Day Eve (Feb 13, 2011). Vote for your favorite GM with Chocolate Hearts (available from Hellena's Circus of Fate web game).

The top voter of each GM will win a XXX's Lover medal, Asoka Character Card, [Sect of Moonlight] Stance Book, and an in-game date with the GM. The top voter of the most popular GM will also get a Kurenai (AR 33 great sword).

In the similar Valentine's Day 2009 event, the top voter spent about SGD 597.58 (or USD 394.44) to win a Constellation Weapon. The entire event involved a total of 79,470 Heart Chocolates, earning IAHGames at least SGD 2,837.08 (or USD 1,872.66). So it is no surprise that they would repeat the same event. Get the milk buckets ready, because it is time to capitalize on the cash cows again!

Comparatively, see バレンタイン中止のお知らせ for Japan's Valentine's Day event.

Lunar New Year Event 2011

GE Taiwan is having a Lunar New Year event from Jan 25 to Feb 09, 2011. Each family can receive an event key by posing before the event NPC in Queen's Gate. The key can be used to open Bronze/Silver/Gold treasure chests in the fields. Rewards include Lucky Pouch (EXP +20%), Principal Ampule (Event), permanent costumes (e.g. Traditional Korean Costume for Fighter/Elementalist), and hair/hats (e.g. Bunny Band). See 兔年行大禮 好運獎不完.

In addition, they have also released Angel Rapier (AR 33) and Blue Serpent Costume for Scout until Feb 11 at 天使武器第七彈-天使西洋劍. Constellation Weapon Recipes and White Tiger Pet are also available until Feb 28 at 星座寵物回饋送第一重. These are all lucky draw rewards, which is something like a web game.

GE Singapore, GE Thailand, and GE Russia are also having the same Lunar New Year event. See Gong Hei Fatt Choy! [GE-SG], Lunar New Year 2011 [GE-TH], and Подарки к Новому году! [GE-RU]. Meanwhile, GE Vietnam is having EXP +50% event during Feb 01-15, 2011. See Đón xuân Tân Ma…

Sword 126: Solo Infiltration

The family completed 13 Team Arena and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Cancer, and 2 veteran gloves/boots. Bleh. Yet another week with pathetic drops. All the Rough Stones didn't yield anything much either. After reading a forum guide here, the Masters decided to attempt a solo raid on Infiltration mission just to test it out.

Buffed up with Protection Field, the Masters ran straight for Diablo, bypassing the Rotating Blades and the 4 small rooms. (Clearing the mini-boss in the small rooms would provide additional buffs.) After being reduced to 50% HP, Diablo went into a fit and started using damaging stun skills. Eventually, the family took down Diablo...

This Diablo of Infiltration dropped Hilt of Elite Grim-Wraith, 3 Lv.84 elite equipment, 4 Lv.88-96 equipment, 7 Lv.92 Enchantment Chips, 2 Lv.96 Enchantment Chips, Summon Black Reaper Ring, Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher, Diamond Coupon, and 2 Bellem's Boxes. The treasure chest at the end droppe…

Renaissance Loading Screen Contest

Sword 2 is having a forum contest for Loading Screens during Feb 05-26, 2011. The 10 winners will be rewarded with 3 Crystal Wings (30-days). Submit your entries at Renaissance Loading Screen Contest Submission. You can discuss about the entries and contest at Renaissance Loading Screen Contest Discussion.

The above is my entry, taken within Infiltration mission. I considered using the screenshot of Merif or Wetis (see Expedition into the Land of the Dead), but couldn't decide which one, so ended up with Diablo instead.

Andre's Wardrobe & Idge's Chest IX

Andre's Wardrobe IX and Idge's Chest IX have been released in Sword 2 cash shop. The new costumes (Andre's Wardrobe) and weapons (Idge's Chest) included:
Shaggy Bobcut (f/sco)Pierrenoente Costume (fig)Variltorta Costume (mus)Deinclian Costume (wiz)Dragon's Wings Dagger • L100 AR32 Dagger • ATK 190 • Fire ATK +30, DEF Penetration +3
Crystal Shotgun • L92 AR30 Shotgun • ATK 246 • ATK Speed +10%
Silver Striker • L92 AR30 Pistol • ATK 253 • Undead +20%