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Lunar New Year Event 2011

GE Taiwan is having a Lunar New Year event from Jan 25 to Feb 09, 2011. Each family can receive an event key by posing before the event NPC in Queen's Gate. The key can be used to open Bronze/Silver/Gold treasure chests in the fields. Rewards include Lucky Pouch (EXP +20%), Principal Ampule (Event), permanent costumes (e.g. Traditional Korean Costume for Fighter/Elementalist), and hair/hats (e.g. Bunny Band). See 兔年行大禮 好運獎不完.

In addition, they have also released Angel Rapier (AR 33) and Blue Serpent Costume for Scout until Feb 11 at 天使武器第七彈-天使西洋劍. Constellation Weapon Recipes and White Tiger Pet are also available until Feb 28 at 星座寵物回饋送第一重. These are all lucky draw rewards, which is something like a web game.

GE Singapore, GE Thailand, and GE Russia are also having the same Lunar New Year event. See Gong Hei Fatt Choy! [GE-SG], Lunar New Year 2011 [GE-TH], and Подарки к Новому году! [GE-RU]. Meanwhile, GE Vietnam is having EXP +50% event during Feb 01-15, 2011. See Đón xuân Tân Mão - Tăng 50% EXP.