Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE Update: Russia v5.0.23

Russia GE (v4.1.2) has released its 2nd test report for v5.0.23 here. Essentially, they have fixed critical bug of Reckless Emilia and quest for Valeria. The team is editing text to fit into the dialog box (!) and correcting translation errors. Localization seems to be partially done, and loading screens have been set. See also Tester's Reports forum topic for assorted write-ups and lots of screenshots.

It seems like IMC is putting Sword 2 and Russia GE on the same priority level. Notice that the current and upcoming version numbers are the same for both editions? Perhaps IMC has just one team working on the patch for both editions to save resources. I wonder who will update first - Sword 2 or Russia GE?

Thailand GE is currently in v4.5.8. [Download] A new cash shop box introduced Dragon Eye Bracelet (AR 30 LOE) and Dragon's Magic Staff (AR 32 staff) here.

Taiwan GE is currently in v5.0.3. [Download] Angel Revolver (AR 33 pistol) is now available via their web game here.


('\(O,..,o)/") said…
My money's on ruGE. :P