Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 2 Renaissance v5.0.23

Sword 2 finally received its Renaissance (v5.0.23) update. The last update (v4.1.2) was launched in June 2010. (See Sword 2 Launch.) So this update took about 8 months. The patches involved for this update are 128945, 132888, 132939, 132978, 133020, and 133056.

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For detailed write-ups, see [GE-SG] Renaissance v5.0.3 instead. Since v5.0.23 is a few patches ahead, see also Book of Fire or Book of Wind.

Gah. I wish G1 stop ninja patching though. It isn't that hard to make an announcement a few days in advance of the patch. This at least gives players a bit of time to finish whatever else that needed to be finished (e.g. crafting, stocking up items) in the current version.

Missing Items?
Talk to Leonardo and select Receive Premium Items (or access from toolbar) to get free promotional scrolls (from pioneering quests) and Shiny Crystals. You may also receive Slot Permission item if you have Premium Treasure Chest. Rings can be reclaimed from Market Manager Cabinet.

New Blog Header v5.0
Added new v5.0 header for the blog. This header has been stored on my computer for a long time. Some of the images are taken from Renders Made By Reos. Below is the previous v4.1 header, featuring Al Quet Moreza: