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   kGE Character Preview - Rada

Magic Circle: March 2010

Magic Circle has been updated for kGE from March 30 to April 12, 2010. The following are the new items.

남자 워록 블루 서펜트 코스튬 - Blue Serpent Costume (f/ele)
로드 플레이트 코스튬 - Blue Serpent Costume (m/ele)

로드 플레이트 코스튬 - Lord Plate Costume (Grandma)
로드 플레이트 안대 - Lord Plate Patch (Grandma)
브리스티안 노블 코스튬 - Bristian Noble Costume (Garcia)
브리스티안 노블 햇 - Bristian Noble Hat (Garcia)

SNW 81: Dual Masters

Visca (Grace) and Pazuzu (STF) continued to train in Bahamar Underground Cave and Errac Dias. The family donated some Symbols of Ancient Warrior to Chief Haman in Errac. The count for Orpesia server is currently 3,480/10,000 symbols on March 24.

Finally, Visca (Grace) and Pazuzu (STF) became the family's 2nd and 3rd Masters. Qilue (f/sco) was also promoted to Veteran. Soteira (Helena), Sylune (Calyce), Tlazolteotl (Ania), and Selvaria (Selva) also gained a few levels. The family received Elite Dragon Coat Recipe from Team Arena, and upgraded it to +6 with DEF Rating +3, using up 40 Upgrade Accelerators, 1 Lacquer +5: Veteran, and 94 Lv.92 Enchantment Chips.

The family brought Cerdotado (Pigling) to the Pig Parade in the Stone Pits and received a Lacquer +5: Expert. Several attempts were made to enter Secret Tower 2F again, and all of them ended with the game client shutting down, even with the lowest graphics settings. Sigh. The family may have to give up raiding Secret Tower alt…

Imperial Wheel: March 2010

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for March 25-29, 2010. Other rewards include Draconic Crossbow and Elite Le Blanc - Fighter. The concept art is available here.

Javelin • Expert Exclusive
ATK 277 • ATK Rating 33
Penetration +5
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Bayonet • Expert Exclusive
ATK 392 • ATK Rating 33
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Lute • Exclusive
ATK 259 • ATK Rating 33
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Special Rod • Expert Exclusive
ATK 308 • ATK Rating 33
Max SP +25%

Body Costume + Hair
Claire Exclusive

Body Costume + Hair
Adelina the Pirate & Adelina Esperanza Exclusive

Body Costume + Hat
Brunie Exclusive

Note (*): French for Angel's Smile.

Update: More screenshots of these costumes are available Kaitaku and Virgin家の女たち2.

Portmanteau V

Portmanteau IV has been removed from the cash shop of Sword of the New World after only 2 weeks of being released. They are being replaced by Portmanteau V, which includes:
Goldentail Magius Costume (Andre) or Veronica Qipao Costume (Karj)Natural Wave Hair (f/wiz)Fairy Wings (90 days)Survival Manual - Expert (15 days)Level 92 Enchantment ChipsUpgrade AcceleratorsLevel 100 Enchantment ChipsExp CardsAngler SpinellePet Box (Panpan)Great StonesThere is also a 20% bonus drop rate this week. The item of month is now Premium Treasure Chest with a 30% discount.

Upcoming Updates
According to G1-Neume, Reckless Emilia will not be in v4.1 patch due to balance issue. Instead, she will be included in v4.5 patch, along with Asoka and Catherine Torsche.1 They are planning to rename her as Emilia the Necromancer. G1 is expected to receive v4.5 this Summer/Fall.

Also, it looks like the promotional characters (e.g. Adelina the Pirate) will be released in cash shop eventually. See kGE Promo UPCs for more in…

kGE v4.6 Preview 2

Preview 2 for v4.6 has been released for kGE. The next update will include a new NPC and expert stance. See also kGE v4.6 Preview 1.

1. Colony War
Added 2 types of maps for colonies - Types A and B. Colony chain system introduced. For details, See Silver Server v4.6.9. There is also another kGE feature article on all the complicated stuffs about the new colony system. See here for details (use Google Translate if needed).

2. Castilla Ruins
The ruins can be entered after completing Castilla Mines mission, up to a maximum of 8 families. A treasure hunt similar to Fire Isle Treasure Hunt will also be added.

3. Mail Box
You can now access the mail box from anywhere using the toolbar.

SNW 80: Phalanx

Visca (Grace) and Pazuzu (STF) trained in Errac and Eastern Bahamar Underground Cave. Boosted by Oreo (Panpan) and the occasional clover, both of them reached Expert Lv.10.

The resident crafters crafted Serpent Rifle and Queen's Sword for Visca (Grace) and Romina. Needing more chips for enchantment, the family gambled with Tiburon in Gigante Port using 106 Lv.96 Enchantment Chips... and ended up with 40 Lv.100 and 25 Lv.92 Enchantment Chips. Tiburon has a tendency to scam chips, but this time the family managed to get away with a slight profit.

The treasure hunters found Vampiric Edge and Grim-Stick as their 41st and 42nd Fire Isle Treasures in Zones 1 and 2. Qilue (f/sco) and Candide (Lorch) reached Lv.100. The only family crafter left to level is Barret (Jose).

This week, the family also refined 21 rough stones using reputation points, and the only HQ jewel produced was HQ Peridot. After 7+ months of being without a clan, the family joined Phalanx clan. The family joined their fir…

Pigling Parade & STF Promotion

Sword of the New World introduced a new event and promotion.

Wilbur’s Pigling Parade: March 19-21, 2010
Have your family gather at the Reboldeaux Stone Pit with your Pigling Pet and receive a SURPRISE reward. (No, it is not an AM Box!) Let your Pigling bask in the glory of their 15 minutes of fame. Announcements will be made on your server 10 minutes before the parade begins. There is a limit of one (1) SURPRISE reward per player daily.

Update: The surprise reward is a Lacquer +5: Expert. There will be a system-wide notice announcing the event in 5 min. Then, you make your way to Jack's Place in the Stone Pits (channel 1), and queue up in front of the AM with your pigling pet.

Andre, Karjalain & Soho Trifecta Promotion: March 20-26, 2010
THIS WEEK ONLY! With any $10 or more purchase from the Sword GamersFirst Marketplace - get one (1) Andre Portmanteau I and one (1) Karjalain Portmateau I for FREE! BONUS: Four (4) lucky players that qualified for this promotion will receive a Soho…

Spring Fever Festival

Starting on March 17, Sword of the New World has introduced Spring Fever Festival (see link for details). The event involves Clovers and Spring Maiden located in Coimbra (H3). The rewards are EXP +30% bonus, Soul Crystals, and more. The Clovers can spawn anywhere where monsters have been killed, including Team Arena and Arsene Circus raid mission.

Using the clover essentially broadcast a server-wide message as Spring Fever Festival > your_typed_message. This event probably will last for more than 2 weeks, since you need to participate for 15 days before qualifying for free Strength Potions.


Capybara (Guarani, "master of the grass") is the largest living rodent in the world. Adult capybaras may grow to 130 cm (4.3 ft) in length, and weigh up to 65 kg (140 lb). They are semi-aquatic mammals found wild in much of South America in densely forested areas near bodies of water. They have a lifespan of 4-8 years in the wild, and are often eaten by jaguar, puma, eagle, and anaconda.

SNW 79: Master Romina

The experts remained in Bahamar Ancient Mineral Cave until maintenance, looting 1 Old Chess Piece and 6 Snail Shells. Pazuzu (STF) and Visca (Grace) reached Expert Lv.9 and retired from Ancient Mineral Cave since Ancient Taurus (Lv.112) is no longer optimal for them. After consuming 1.3-level worth of EXP Cards, the family produced its first Master - Romina!

EXP Cards Consumed = Vet:G x13, L90H x22, L90G x42, L90F x818

Sacharissa (Idge) crafted Elite Metallic Suit as a present for Romina. After 80 Upgrade Accelerators, 2 Veteran +5 Lacquers, and 219 Lv.92 Enchantment Chips, she finally enchanted it to +6 DEF Rating +3, overwriting DEF Rating +2 twice in the process.

Romina acquired 8 Ring Boxes from the Precious Metal Merchant in Auch (G7), and received 2 stance rings - Back-Guard and Install Trap (LOL!), along with Allegretto, Cat's Eye, Incising Attack, Refresh Mind, and more crap rings.

Since the Item Shop is still not opened in Errac yet, the experts reluctantly bought 1,000 Anci…

Vogelang Skin

This skin was created by Vogelang family from sGE. See Voge's GE Skin. You can download it from Media Fire or File Factory. To set up the client to use skin, see GE User Interface Skins.

The only thing I don't quite like is the scroll bar, which seems a bit too bright compared to the window. You can modify button.bmp to make the scroll bar color fits the window as seen below.

Variant Scroll Bar Color

Portmanteau IV

Portmanteau III will be removed from Sword of the New World's cash shop during this week's maintenance.1 It will be replaced by Portmanteau IV. This week's maintenance will begin at 7pm PST on March 9, 2010.2

Here is the list for Portmanteau IV. Basically this will be the same except for all future costumes boxes. We may make minor changes but nothing too big.3

Fairy Wings (90 days)
Zephyranthes Costume (Andre's) or Clivia Sprite Costume (Karj's)
Survival Manual: Master (15 Days)
Lv.92 Enchantment Chip 3EA
5 Upgrade Accelerators
Lv.100 Enchantment Chip
Lv.90 EXP Card (920,000) 3EA
Angler Spinelle
Tight Arrange Hair
Pet Box (Panpan)
Great Stone 2EA

Other News
There are also a few other noteworthy issues.
OoPS Boxes will also be removed during this week's maintenance.4
All colonies will be reset during this week's maintenance.5
Semilunar (aka Waxing), Gorgeous, and Forgotten Magic stance books will be added to Feso Exchange during this week's maintenance.6The Tiger pet wi…

SNW 78: Stratavista

Since Great Stones became tradable in v3.4, Romina and Visca (Grace) finally bought the stones to learn Equites and Flintlock respectively. Together with Pazuzu (STF), they made their way into Bahamar Ancient Area Zone 4 (Lv.112-115) for the week, looting 5 Old Chess Pieces and 3 Snail Shells.

After maintenance, the base EXP was increased by +50%, so the family took the chance to use Combat Manuals, Witch's Candies, Christmas Socks, and Oreo (Panpan) for Master grind-fest. However, the network came under attack again, and the servers were down for about 3 hours. This was just like what happened a month ago during EXP +50% week.1 In any case, at the end of the week, Visca (Grace) gained 1 level to reached Expert Lv.7, while Romina gained 3 levels to reached Expert Lv.9.

The family also bought a pigling as a new pet for 2,500 Gold, which is worth about 2.5m-2.9m feso in terms of Great Stones. This is very expensive, considering that in other GE editions, the pet costs only 500k feso.2

Premium Treasure Chest: SNW v3.4

Premium Treasure Chest (2150 Gold) has been updated for Sword of the New World (v3.4). For a basic idea of how this item works, see SotNW Wikia or Wiki of the New World. You can also talk to Leonardo Express NPC in-game for explanation on how to use Premium Treasure Chest.

Daily Treasure Chest Items
The daily item list can also be accessed by talking to Leonardo Express in-game. If multiple items are listed for a day, you must choose one to receive.

DayItemAmountMonSoul Crystal
TueForgotten Area Pass (1 day)
Ancient Area Pass (1 day)
WedTriumph Filler
AM's Boost
ThuEnchant Booster
Andre's Costume Box
Karjalain Box
Eyeglass Box
SatRing Box
Socket Flux
SunBlessed Back Costume (7 day)*

Note (*): This includes Blessed Cherubim Wings, Blessed Chrysalis Wings, Blessed Jabberwock Wings, Blessed Tortoise Shell, Blessed Sign, Blessed Flower Vase, Blessed Treasure Chest, Blessed Anchor, Blessed Crossed Swords, Blessed Nephilim Wings, Blessed Seraphim Wings, Blessed Ivory Bag, Blessed …

kGE v4.6 Preview 1

There was a kGE update for v4.6 since Feb 24. See Granado Espada v4.6 Update Preview 1. See also Silver Server v4.6.0 and 散歩道. Preview 2 for v4.6 will be coming up next.

1. Castilla
New areas have been added - Castilla, available for Lv.100+ characters. New NPC quests have been added.

2. Mine Exploration
Mine mission has been added for 1 to 8 families. The mission is free once per day. Additional times require use of Ancient Relics. The latter is gained by exchanging Pieces of Ancient Relics at the relic exchanger.

After defeating a boss, one of the 3 treasure chests (see below) will appear. Clicking on the Treasure Chest will trigger the Roulette action which rewards item.

Certain mineral drops can also be traded for compensation.

3. Continental Map
The continental map has been updated. The expanded map can be viewed by right-clicking and dragging.

4. Medal Decoration
Medal mounting features have been added, accessible via Ctrl-L. Decorations of other families can be viewed via profiles.

5. Cos…

Ping Test

Sometimes, you might want to find out the latency between your client and the server. This is where ping comes in. For v3.4+ clients, you can ping the server in-game by typing /pingtest into the chat window. The resulting number is the number of seconds it takes to send and receive the data.

The following is a wonderful ping result for Orpesia server during one of the random lag spikes... Yes, it's a glorious 72 seconds! My characters were literally just standing there and getting hit for over a minute. I want to use an Ancient Area Pass today, but with this kind of connection, I wonder if I should even bother...