Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 80: Phalanx

Visca (Grace) and Pazuzu (STF) trained in Errac and Eastern Bahamar Underground Cave. Boosted by Oreo (Panpan) and the occasional clover, both of them reached Expert Lv.10.

The resident crafters crafted Serpent Rifle and Queen's Sword for Visca (Grace) and Romina. Needing more chips for enchantment, the family gambled with Tiburon in Gigante Port using 106 Lv.96 Enchantment Chips... and ended up with 40 Lv.100 and 25 Lv.92 Enchantment Chips. Tiburon has a tendency to scam chips, but this time the family managed to get away with a slight profit.

The treasure hunters found Vampiric Edge and Grim-Stick as their 41st and 42nd Fire Isle Treasures in Zones 1 and 2. Qilue (f/sco) and Candide (Lorch) reached Lv.100. The only family crafter left to level is Barret (Jose).

This week, the family also refined 21 rough stones using reputation points, and the only HQ jewel produced was HQ Peridot. After 7+ months of being without a clan, the family joined Phalanx clan. The family joined their first colony war in more than a year, and helped out a bit in Bonavista River and Ferruccio Junction.