Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v4.6 Preview 1

There was a kGE update for v4.6 since Feb 24. See Granado Espada v4.6 Update Preview 1. See also Silver Server v4.6.0 and 散歩道. Preview 2 for v4.6 will be coming up next.

1. Castilla
New areas have been added - Castilla, available for Lv.100+ characters. New NPC quests have been added.

2. Mine Exploration
Mine mission has been added for 1 to 8 families. The mission is free once per day. Additional times require use of Ancient Relics. The latter is gained by exchanging Pieces of Ancient Relics at the relic exchanger.

After defeating a boss, one of the 3 treasure chests (see below) will appear. Clicking on the Treasure Chest will trigger the Roulette action which rewards item.

Certain mineral drops can also be traded for compensation.

3. Continental Map
The continental map has been updated. The expanded map can be viewed by right-clicking and dragging.

4. Medal Decoration
Medal mounting features have been added, accessible via Ctrl-L. Decorations of other families can be viewed via profiles.

5. Costumes
Navy uniform costumes added for musketeer (m/f), Auch Infantry (f), and Romina.

6. Group Chat
Group Chat has been enhanced. You can now view a list of public groups to join. You can also designate public or private when creating a new group. General Chat window has also been updated.

7. Hide Mission Participant List
You can now hide the list of participants inside a mission. Good grief, that thing is a bloody nuisance which blocks all the system text.

8. Rename Barrack/Quarter
You can now name your barrack/quarter.


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