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Adobe Flash Player Error

Some players have reported that an unspecified error occurs when running the game client launcher. This rivals the legendary Windows 10 error of "Something Happened".

This problem occurs after Adobe Flash Player updates to Version I'm surprised so many people are affected, as this didn't affect me since I'm still using:

Outdated plugins FTW! (I uninstalled Chrome some time back, and uses mostly Firefox.) There are 3 types of Flash Players - ActiveX for Internet Explorer, PPAPI for Chrome, and NPAPI for Firefox. GE game launcher uses Internet Explorer, so the ActiveX version is the one that needs fixing. You may also need PPAPI/NPAPI as well, depending on which browser you are using.

According to GE SEA Facebook:
It's been reported that the Game Launcher does not work properly after the Adobe Flash Player's automatic update. This is a global issue and affects not only GE.

If you are facing this situation, the following solution might help:

Patch Notes v25.90.29 ~ v26.03.46

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is STILL stuck at v23.97.53 after 4 months, whereas New Era Episode 1 was updated in May 2015 for Korean server and July 2015 for Europe server. T3Fun is still making no effort to speed up their updates... See Patch Notes page for other versions.

See The Symphonia Episode 1 Preview Site.

Merry Christmas!

For the first time in Granado Espada history, T3Fun (along with IAHGames) broke the record by having no Christmas event for the year. As a result of update delays and lack of decent events, more and more players are becoming unmotivated to login or do anything active anymore. They just fail so hard.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all my blog readers!

One of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett, died earlier this year. Among his novels was Hogfather (1997), which was produced as a TV movie in 2006. Here is a short video clip where Death, who was temporarily standing in for the missing Hogfather (Santa Claus), came to The Little Match Girl in his duty to reap the souls of the dead.

Play-Time Event - Cannon/Sabre Costumes

T3Fun is finally having another play-time event, which will run for 36 days, from Dec 22, 2015 to Jan 27, 2016. The last play-time event seems to be Play-Time Event: Silverane in August 2014. As before, you get 1 point for every 10 minutes spent in-game.

The featured rewards are Cannon of Detractor Costume (1,200 points, or 5.6 hours/day) and Trooper's Sabre Costume (1,100 points, or 5.1 hours/day). The random rewards (12 points) include Angel Weapon Costume Box (Event), Weapon Costume Rumin Box, Enchantment Chip Expert, etc.

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Play-Time Event: Cannon/Sabre Costumes Dec 22, 2015 - Jan 27, 2016

Christmas Event 2015

IMC has released the yearly Christmas event. As usual, it is likely that other servers will get the same event next week.

Event Item Collection
Collect event items dropped by monsters in field maps. Trade them to Event NPC (Kevin) in Reboldoeux for Kevin's Gift Box 1/day. Upon completing it 10 times, a special one-time mission will be available.

Kevin's Gift Box randomly drops Ring Box x5, Principal Potion x1, Soul Crystal x5, Socket Tranquilizer x1, Enhanced Enchant Tranquilizer x1, Pet Food x10, Barrack Slot x1, Stance Ring Box x1, or Training Card G x3.

The special mission rewards your choice (?) of Principal Liquor x2, Steroid Liquor x3, Soul Crystal x10, Pet Food x20, Polar Bear Costume Exchange Coupon x1, Training Card G x5, or Kevin's Special Gift x1. Kevin's Special Gift drops a random item - Constellation Weapon Box, Ancient En Celar Pass (7 days), Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass (1 day), Custom Wing Coupon (30 days), or Heavenly Character Card Box.

You can also re…

E-Bay Sale by IAHGames

After last maintenance, IAHGames attempted to sell in-game items on E-Bay for cash directly using auction bidding method. (I didn't post it then, because I didn't want to promote or indirectly advertise for them.)

The +8 Strata Devil Armor for Fighter 3S was to be enchanted with Trigger 15% and 2 random enchantments. The auction started with SGD 50.00 (USD 36.00), and went up to SGD 800.00 (USD 576.00) or higher! Unfortunately for IAHGames, the auction had to be cancelled....

IMC probably got wind of it, and threatened IAH to stop for circumventing IMC's share of the profits. Somehow, my impression of their attempt to "straighten things out" involves negotiating with IMC on their share of the pie... 

This is the sad trend for this game. Next, they would probably operate a RMT site to sell Vis, Elemental Jewels, and other items, except that hosting such a web site costs money... so use E-Bay! I wonder, are they trying to tell players it is okay to sell their in-g…