Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Christmas Event 2015

IMC has released the yearly Christmas event. As usual, it is likely that other servers will get the same event next week.

Event Item Collection
Collect event items dropped by monsters in field maps. Trade them to Event NPC (Kevin) in Reboldoeux for Kevin's Gift Box 1/day. Upon completing it 10 times, a special one-time mission will be available.

Kevin's Gift Box randomly drops Ring Box x5, Principal Potion x1, Soul Crystal x5, Socket Tranquilizer x1, Enhanced Enchant Tranquilizer x1, Pet Food x10, Barrack Slot x1, Stance Ring Box x1, or Training Card G x3.

The special mission rewards your choice (?) of Principal Liquor x2, Steroid Liquor x3, Soul Crystal x10, Pet Food x20, Polar Bear Costume Exchange Coupon x1, Training Card G x5, or Kevin's Special Gift x1. Kevin's Special Gift drops a random item - Constellation Weapon Box, Ancient En Celar Pass (7 days), Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass (1 day), Custom Wing Coupon (30 days), or Heavenly Character Card Box.

You can also receive bonus reward for completing the special mission quickly, depending on the remaining mission time: 20 Expert Enchantment Chips (4 minutes), 10 Expert Enchantment Chips (3 minutes), 6 Expert Enchantment Chips (2 minutes), or 10 Veteran Enchantment Chips (1 minute).

Christmas Tree Buff
Christmas Trees in Auch, Coimbra, and Reboldoeux can grant [Combat EXP +50%, Stance EXP +50%, Drop Rate +25%] buff. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the buff doubles to 100% and 50% respectively.

Polar Bear Dressing Room
The new Polar Bear Costume is for (Snow) Montoro and Evil/Kevin. They are also available in dressing room for 900,000 Feso.

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xfd said…
As much as my past experiences have taught me in sGE, this event will be heavily cashed.