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Call of Laila

American server is having Call of Laila 🔗 Event for 3 days. Basically, complete the 3 daily quests for a Strata Devil Accessory. Family must be at least level 40. Rewards will be sent starting on Oct 03, 2017.

Sep 29 (Fri): Strata Devil Boots (Event)
[Paradox Exploration] Death Wraith[Merchant Union] SCHIFF Hotel AdvertisementIf you haven't started Kielce Favor Quests at all, talk to Port Guard in Kielce (D9).If you haven't started Merchant Favor Quests at all, talk to Cain in Kielce (J5).Talk to John in Kielce (J5).[Daily] Supplies of the Punitive Force
Sep 30 (Sat): Strata Devil Belt (Event)
[Paradox Exploration] Demonic Jurgen[Scar] Shiny Flower[Daily] Faith and Wealth
Oct 01 (Sun): Strata Devil Gloves (Event)
[Paradox Exploration] Rose[Port Union] Mop Up PiratesIf you haven't started Kielce Favor Quests at all, talk to Port Guard in Kielce (D9).If you haven't started Port Favor Quests at all, talk to Jode in Kielce (E9).Talk to Anthony in Kielce (D9).[Daily] Asphodel Co…

Thai Update: Revelation of the Stars

Thai server has updated to Revelation of the Stars (The End of Jurgen) patch on Sep 25, 2017. There is also an attendance event, giving 11th Anniversary Medal, Montoro Card, and Montoro Polar Bear Costume.

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Granado Espada SEA Relaunch

So apparently, IMC is relaunching the game for Southeast Asia in October 2017. (Thanks to CastillianGE for the chat box notice.) From their Face Book 🔗 post:
We at imcGAMES, the developers of Granado Espada, are now preparing to launch ‘Granado Espada for SEA’ through the Steam game platform, with service focused on English-speaking audiences in Southeast Asia.

We will be sharing more details about the release of GE for SEA very very soon, so stay tuned! You can check out news and other information about the game at the website below.
Too late... Most people who still wanted to play the game have already moved to European server. If they have announced earlier prior to the closure of sGE (April 2017), it might have been worthwhile.

The chance for transfer of old accounts is astronomical, since IAH had given their players almost-free access to cash shop before closure. You can't expect accounts holding such items to be transferred. But this is probably their business strategy... …

USA Update: Revelation of the Stars


Super Koko Event

Europe server is importing the Super Koko Event. Koko pet gets extra buff during event, and can drop random items, including Innocentio/Punisher/Violet Fero/Rosa Secreta Stance Books, Ring Boxes, artifact materials, etc.  Old players can buy Koko Pet Box for 500,000 vis from Event NPC in Reboldoeux.

The Korean version actually have additional stuffs, including a daily event quest and a daily event field monster.

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Resize Inventory Windows

This custom patch will change the width for inventory window and premium item window. The narrow version uses 259 pixels (default for USA), while the wide version uses 359 pixels (default for Europe).

💣 WARNING! This works only for USA and Europe (DEU) game clients. If you use them for another region, the text references in the inventory windows may be broken. This has been verified to work for clients up to v28.00.72. Do NOT use this if later versions make official changes (e.g. add another button) to either window.

Download and setup GE Tools.Download af_resizeinventory_v2.7z from MEGA 🔗 (Tools folder).Extract the above file into Granado Espada\tools folder.This archive file contains 4 folders for USA 259px, USA 359px, DEU 259px, and DEU 359px.Start GE Tools. Close the game client first, if it is currently running.Select function 4 (Add Folder To IPF) in GE Tools.Select the desired folder based on your client's region (USA or Europe) and desired inventory width (259 or 359 px)…

Granado Espada Tools

GE Tools is a batch file that consolidates the uses of pre-existing command-line files, allowing extraction of IPF, creation of IPF from folder, optimization of IPF, addition of folder to IPF, conversion of IES to XML/PRN, etc.

💣 WARNING! GE Tools is provided as is. Tamper with the game client at your own risks! If backup restoration fails, you may have to completely reinstall the game client. Client modifications (however harmless) are generally frowned upon, so do not post this in the official forums. Note that many things are server-sided, so changing them in the client may not actually do anything.

Download getools_v3.7z from MEGA 🔗 (Tools folder).Extract the .7z file into Granado Espada folder using 7-Zip 🔗, PeaZip 🔗, BandiZip 🔗, or WinRAR 🔗.Double-click on getools.bat in Granado Espada\tools folder.The file should now elevate itself to administrator privilege, even if you do not run it as an administrator. If not, right-click on the file and select Run As Administrator.