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Expedition into the Land of the Dead

Ashardalon family's Masters joined in Phalanx clan's first expedition into the Land of the Dead. See [v4.5 Feature] Los Toldos Raid for official guide on this raid. After Colony War (Sat 9pm PST), there was a server-wide notice as usual:

[Notice] The Land of the Dead is released.

The family received a Crafted Key [Land of the Dead] and a Great Stone (100k feso) from the clan, and activated an Otite Perfume to enter Los Toldos. Inside the baron hideout, the family found the Door of Doubt was filled with red mists.

Land of the Dead Entrance
When the team entered this map, they received 2 buffs. The first is [Death Guard Buff] for 20 seconds, which disabled any attacks from other players of opposing faction (Royalist vs. Republican). The second is [Death Buff] for 2 hours, which allows the same characters to return to Land of the Dead repeatedly. The latter is useful when there are disconnections, but it has to be the same characters in the team.

Further inside, there are 2 crystals o…

Sword 125: Judgment of Bynw

Ambrosia (Emilia) finally mastered Enhanced Tactics. During the training, Gilgamesh (Claude) also reached Expert Lv.3, and Quetzalcoatl (Nar) reached Veteran Lv.10. Ambrosia (Emilia) was then promoted to be the family's 11th Master!

The family completed 12 Team Arena and 6 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Cancer, Symbol of Virgo, and 1 veteran boots. Because of the new cash shop boxes, the common Team Arena drops can barely sell in the market now. Soon, it may even get to the point where Team Arena isn't worth doing anymore. The same thing can be said for Uraeus missions. The family ran out of materials to craft the gate summon item, but the Masters were sick of always getting Mega Talt from the stupid snake anyway.

Adorabelle (f/ele) spent another 250 Veteran Enchantment Chips on her bracelet... and still ended up with moderate enchantment. The accumulating cost on her bracelets was starting to vex the entire family. But at least, the 3rd socket was opened with only 6 …

GE-SG Update v6.3

GE-SG has updated to v6.3. You can download the full client or manual patch here.

Game Features v6.3
Renaissance: Byron, The Devil's Island
Patch Notes v6.3Stance, Skills & Stats ModificationSystem & UI ChangesCustom WingsChanges to Bounty HunterFaction Missions
New Character: Raven - See also Recruiting Raven GuideBlood Fog Forest RaidCrow Forest Raid[Trailer] Byron, The Devil's Island
World Cross [PvP] has some problems, such that even developers feel not it is not ready for other countries to get it first. They are still fine tuning it in kGE. I'm sure it will be ready for us later. [Source]

In addition, there is also a Chinese New Year event from Jan 27 to Feb 24, 2011. HCOF also updates with Asoka Character Card (2 Gold Tokens) and Draconic weapons for limited period only. See Gong Hei Fatt Choy! for details.

[Sword2] Renaissance v5.0 Update
Meanwhile, Sword 2 is still stuck in v4.1. G1-Quinzel provided an update on Sword 2 v5.0.23 patch:

Unfortunately, 5.0 will not …

Sword 2 v5 UI

PortCoimbra has released a beta patch for Sword 2 (v4.1) to use v5.0 user interface. This isn't a v5.0 private patch obviously. It merely changes the UI without adding any new game content. The setup file basically links up to PortCoimbra server and merges a private patch for ies.ipf and ui.ipf files. See We Heard You Like UI's for details.

Hm, on a side note, I managed to call up the load replay function for v5.x clients last year. (The replay function was "hidden", but not removed, in v5.x clients. See How To Watch Replays In v5.0.) I wasn't sure if I should post it since it involved patching/replacing .ipf files. But since PortCoimbra is already releasing similar materials, maybe it doesn't matter now. Since GE-SG is updating to v6.3 soon, I might as well wait a bit.

I still need to find a place to host the files though. (File hosts that use scripts, like SendSpace and MegaUpload, don't work for this.) The hosted file must be accessible directly in the d…

Imperial Wheel R4

Imperial Wheel R4 (GE-JP) has been released for Jan 25-31, 2011. This series introduces 2 new costumes, 3 new Arcana weapons, and Asoka character card. Other rewards include Draconic Bracelet, Elite Arcanero Plate, and Pet Box (Capybara). I personally love the new costumes. Click on image below for enlarged view.

Sword of Strength
Great Sword • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 458
ATK Speed +10% • [Volition] Skill Level +1 • [Ruthless] Skill Level +1

Dagger of Lovers
Dagger • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 196
ATK Speed +10% • [Rapida Ataque] Skill Level +1 • [Chopping] Skill Level +1

Gaiters of Hanged Man
Gaiters • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 161
ATK Speed +10% • [Elemental Kick] Skill Level +1 • [Elemental Dragon] Skill Level +1

River Blanc Costume
Body Costume • Asoka

Azalea Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Catherine Torsche

P/S: I just realized they have re-numbered the web game 4 months ago. Instead of Imperial Wheel, it is now Imperial Wheel R. ("R" presumably for Renaissance.) Numerically, this should b…

Sword 124: Masters & Pegasus

The family spent a day in the Citadel within Caebolan to kill some Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers and collect Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Cards. Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Expert Lv.10, as she trained her Enhanced Tactics (Lv.19 → 23). Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Master Lv.6, while Quetzalcoatl (Nar) and Lara (Brunie) reached Veteran Lv.9 and Lv.6 respectively. Soteira (Helena) finally mastered Occultism and, after consuming 2 levels worth of EXP Cards, became the family's 9th Master.

Since the new broom and bracelet looked quite nice, the family bought 8 Idge's Chest VIII and ended up with a load of rubbish, and not even a single weapon. This is so full of crap.
5 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards5 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards5 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards20 Earth Stones (10k feso each)20 Earth Stones (10k feso each)3 Elite Treasure Chests (L96 chip x2, L100 chip x1, Earth Stone x5)3 Elite Treasure Chests (L92 chip x5, L96 chip x2, L100 chip x1)3 Veteran Enchantment ChipsElite Treasure Chest? Really…

GE-SG v6.3 Download

IAHGames will be updating GE-SG to v6.3: Byron, The Devil's Island next week, tentatively on Jan 27, 2011 (Thu). The full client (4.23GB) and manual patch (398MB) is now available for download. See [V6.3] Download your Full Client & Manual Patch now!.

See the video trailer from [YouTube] v6.3 - The Renaissance: Byron, The Devil's Island below.

Meanwhile, Sword 2 is struggling to update to v5.0:

We have said this a few times and will say this again. We will NOT provide ETAs unless we are absolutely sure. Posting patch notes or info on the status of testing will again be taken in the wrong way and say that we shouldn't have posted that info unless you are a week away from release. So asking this question again and again will not change anything. 5.0 will come when it will come. [Source]

Oh yes, Sword 2 is most likely going to be 2 patches behind GE-SG. Players can whine about it here on G1 forums. (QQ not provided by management. Bring your own!) See also Quinzel's Text W…

New Personal Skills v6.7.0

GE Korea has replaced crafting skills of various characters with new personal skills in Silver Server v6.7.0. The respective NPC in towns take over crafting services (any recipe level) instead. Discuss in the forums at New Personal Skills (IAH), New Self Buffs (G1), and 【韩测6.7.0】 NPC新天生技能【2】.

Cast Net [Alejandro]
Melt Weapon [Claude]
Melt Armor [Idge]
Detection [Grace]
Siege Mode [Jose]
Boost Magic [Karjalain]
Fantastic [Andre]
Rage [Adelina]
Battle Cook [Panfilo]

See CharSiu's translation of the skills here (IAH) or here (G1). See Chinese translation at 【韩测6.7.0】 NPC新天生技能【2】.

Screenshot Sources - Battle CookSiege ModeRageOther Skills

Andre's Wardrobe & Idge's Chest VIII

G1 is releasing Andre's Wardrobe & Idge's Chest VIII after this week's maintenance. Idge's Chest contains the new weapons, while Andre's Wardrobe contains the new costumes. The new items (compared to Andre's Wardrobe & Idge's Chest VII) are as follows:
Camarylis Costume (mus)Calienalbino Crown (f/wiz)
Iberis Costume (Brunie)Ruidestencia Costume (ele)Dragon's Bones Rapier (Lv.100 Rapier • AR 32 • ATK 201 • Fire ATK +30)Elemental Bracelet (Lv.92 LOE Bracelet • AR 29 • ATK 245)Elite Magical Broomstick (Lv.92 Rod • AR 30 • ATK 281)

Somehow, the rapier design (with an eye, wings, and 3 "tentacles") keeps reminding me of Great Cthulhu. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Leaving the previous boxes on the Bazaar was intentional. The boxes once released will remain in the cash shop for 3 weeks. That means that the old boxes will be removed only next week. [Source]


Antares (Greek, "[holds] against Ares"), aka Alpha Scorpii, is a red super-giant star in the Milky Way galaxy and the 16th brightest star in the night sky. Along with Aldebaran, Spica, and Regulus, it is one of the four brightest stars near the ecliptic. It is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius (aka Scorpio), and has a radius 800 times that of the sun. Antares is about 600 light-years from our solar system.

In Stregheria religion, Antares is a fallen angel and guardian of the western gate.

Sword 123: Master Claire

Soteira (Helena) reached Expert Lv.8, as she struggled on to master Occultism (Lv.21 → 24). Ambrosia (Emilia) made some progress in advancing Enhanced Tactics (Lv.14 → 19). They really need to master the stances so they can start feeding on EXP Cards. Elsewhere, Sylune (Calyce) reached Veteran Lv.4.

Lolita (Claire) was finally promoted to become the family's 8th Master. I hope Tested Burst is a good stance for Colony Wars. The family is still unsure about whether to craft for her Serpent Cannon or Relief of Deneb. Her twin, Miata (Lv.77 Claire), was sent off to P.Luchon family for some Mystery Powders, since the other family was bugged out of Claire's recruitment quests due to disconnection during a quest conversation.

The family completed 1 Uraeus, 13 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Virgo, 3 Symbols of Libra, Symbol of Taurus, Le Noir (mus) Recipe, and 3 veteran boots/gloves. Uraeus finally dropped a Constellation Box this week. The Rough …

Update Preview v7.0

GE Korea has released a preview article for v7.0 - 그라나도 에스파다 - 7.0 업데이트 미리보. All preview information are tentative, and may be changed at a later date. Also, I want to complain. Hanbiton appeared to have reinstall regional IP blocks for their website. What a nuisance. Page loading via proxy is just so slow.

0. Start of Full-Scale Faction War
The release of Valeria (v5.0) drew the attention of Strata Vista. Sir Lyndon was mightily pissed off, and attempted to spread rumors about the Republicans. Princess Gabriella confronted Ayende Simon, and deepened the misunderstandings. Andre somehow got involved, and started doubting the existence of the secret organization.

Lyndon covered up the existence of Valeria and a plot to kill of the twin. Then, there were some confusion about Simon hanging out with Princess Gabriella, because Valeria looked exactly like her sister. Republicans used it to spread rumors to undermine the legitimacy of the royal family in the New World.

1. Royalist Secret Societ…

Blue Renaissance Skin

This skin is first released as partial skin at GE Korea Screen Board - 스킨입니다. (A partial skin essentially has missing files. When the client cannot find the specific files, it loads the default ones in ui.ipf instead.) I have fixed some transparency issue, and integrated it with the missing files from v5.0 default skin, so that even v4.1 clients can load the v5.0 skin files. The only exception is the mini-map, which the client will load the default one.

This skin has been tested on both Sword 2 (v4.1) and GE-SG (v5.0) clients. To set up the skin, do the following:
Download from File Dropper or SendSpace.
Unzip the file into Granado Espada\release\user\skin folder. Start the game launcher, and click Config button.Tick Enable User Skin and click Save.Start the game client.

Sword 122: Rudolph Pet

Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Expert Lv.4, while training stances with Soteira (Helena) in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area for 2 days. Darkness (Lv.16 → 25) was finally mastered, while Enhanced Tactics (Lv.10 → 14) and Occultism (Lv.15 → 21) gained a few levels as well. Once all 3 stances are maximized, it will be time to spam EXP Cards. Elsewhere, Lolita (Claire) reached Expert Lv.10, while Cacofonix (Rio) also gained a few levels.

The family completed 1 Uraeus, 11 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Sagittarius, 2 Symbols of Taurus, and 3 veteran boots/gloves. The family also gained Dragon Heart Recipe from Jorgen in one of the Holy Water Chamber raids. And this is why the family hated the snake nowadays...

Karjalesia (Karjalain) crafted Cut Physical RES Necklace. She then used 104 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips to enchant it with Max HP +1807, Max SP +177, and INT +2. Adorabelle (f/ele) immediately claimed it since she needed…


Amdusias is a demon king with 40 legions of demons under his command, according to the Ars Goetia of The Lesser Key of Solomon. He is depicted as a human with claws instead of hands and feet, the head of a unicorn, and a trumpet to symbolize his powerful voice. According to other sources, this demon is depicted as a unicorn, and changes into a man under the request of the conjurer.

Amdusias is associated with thunder and it has been said that his voice is heard during storms. In other sources, he is accompanied by the sound of trumpets when he comes and will give concerts if commanded, but while all his types of musical instruments can be heard they can't be seen. He is regarded as being the demon in charge of the cacophonous music that is played in Hell. He can make trees bend at will.

He is also mentioned as a King in Johann Weyer's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (1583).