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Update Preview v7.0

GE Korea has released a preview article for v7.0 - 그라나도 에스파다 - 7.0 업데이트 미리보. All preview information are tentative, and may be changed at a later date. Also, I want to complain. Hanbiton appeared to have reinstall regional IP blocks for their website. What a nuisance. Page loading via proxy is just so slow.

0. Start of Full-Scale Faction War
The release of Valeria (v5.0) drew the attention of Strata Vista. Sir Lyndon was mightily pissed off, and attempted to spread rumors about the Republicans. Princess Gabriella confronted Ayende Simon, and deepened the misunderstandings. Andre somehow got involved, and started doubting the existence of the secret organization.

Lyndon covered up the existence of Valeria and a plot to kill of the twin. Then, there were some confusion about Simon hanging out with Princess Gabriella, because Valeria looked exactly like her sister. Republicans used it to spread rumors to undermine the legitimacy of the royal family in the New World.


1. Royalist Secret Society
New royalist quest added for Lv.20+ families, accessible from Sir Lyndon in Reboldeaux. The quest involves investigating an epidemic, and acquiring a drug from Viron. This will be followed by a quest mission in Thueringen Lakeside to investigate the Republicans. Thereafter, Lyndon prepares for a major war and asks the family to join the organization.


2. Republican Secret Society
New republican quest added for Lv.20+ families, accessible from Simon in Auch. It also deals with the similar story about a plot to spread diseases, but from a different angle. Since a full-scale war is inevitable, Simon reveals the existence of the secret society.


3. Faction & Clan Levels
The faction symbols are as below - Shield of Peace (royalist) and Sword of Freedom (republican). Talk to the faction NPCs to promote clan levels. Once the leader joins the secret society (either one), it cannot be changed.


Clan levels can be increased beyond Lv.52. However, it does not increase the family level bonus. Clan levels will add a variety of benefits in the next update. Clans of opposing secret societies can fight each other without war declaration. Squad members of a neutral party will also be drawn into the fight. There are also some clan skills, for which you gain points by killing each other off.

4. Full-Scale Faction War
Faction war now takes to the city streets every other week. To start, talk to the faction leaders - Princess Gabriella, Ayende Simon, and Gerard.


The war lasts for 90 minutes. You gain more victory points if you subdue the faction leaders (i.e. Princess Gabriella or Ayende Simon). You can acquire items with the points as well. You can also occupy faction flags, carriages, and tents throughout the map.


5. New Medals
Added new medals for faction war and knighthood. Points are also given for treating injured allies and similar activities, not just for bashing other players' heads in.


6. Betrayal
After joining the secret societies, you can apparently "betray" them, since you can no longer easily return to neutral state. Talk to Simon or Princess Gabriella respectively. You can also undo betrayal with a quest for forgiveness.


7. Viron Clock Tower
New quest and mission added for Viron Clock Tower, so as to search for hidden truths of ancient civilizations. Missions are available after quest completion. The mission level range from Lv.120 to Lv.140.


8. Others
New skills added to Brunie, Lisa, Garcia, and Reboldeaux Soldier. New costumes added for Valeria and stock characters (previously seen in Japan's Imperial Wheel releases).


Added 9th barrack to family quarters. Added starting location to Lionel in Viron. The story of Viron continues with the doom of Cortes and the entry to the Devil's Castle.

Additional video on new weapon glows...