Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GE-SG v6.3 Download

IAHGames will be updating GE-SG to v6.3: Byron, The Devil's Island next week, tentatively on Jan 27, 2011 (Thu). The full client (4.23GB) and manual patch (398MB) is now available for download. See [V6.3] Download your Full Client & Manual Patch now!.

See the video trailer from [YouTube] v6.3 - The Renaissance: Byron, The Devil's Island below.

Meanwhile, Sword 2 is struggling to update to v5.0:

We have said this a few times and will say this again. We will NOT provide ETAs unless we are absolutely sure. Posting patch notes or info on the status of testing will again be taken in the wrong way and say that we shouldn't have posted that info unless you are a week away from release. So asking this question again and again will not change anything. 5.0 will come when it will come. [Source]

Oh yes, Sword 2 is most likely going to be 2 patches behind GE-SG. Players can whine about it here on G1 forums. (QQ not provided by management. Bring your own!) See also Quinzel's Text Wall for more information.

If it is any consolation, GE Russia seems to be having the same problem as well. Some GE-RU players are rage-quitting or boycotting the game. See AirAlchemist: Бойкот.