[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

New Personal Skills v6.7.0

GE Korea has replaced crafting skills of various characters with new personal skills in Silver Server v6.7.0. The respective NPC in towns take over crafting services (any recipe level) instead. Discuss in the forums at New Personal Skills (IAH), New Self Buffs (G1), and 【韩测6.7.0】 NPC新天生技能【2】.


Cast Net [Alejandro]
Melt Weapon [Claude]
Melt Armor [Idge]
Detection [Grace]
Siege Mode [Jose]
Boost Magic [Karjalain]
Fantastic [Andre]
Rage [Adelina]
Battle Cook [Panfilo]

See CharSiu's translation of the skills here (IAH) or here (G1). See Chinese translation at 【韩测6.7.0】 NPC新天生技能【2】.

Screenshot Sources - Battle CookSiege ModeRageOther Skills


+Rozaaz+ said…
Y NO LORCH? /tard

blink69 said…
yah y doesn't lorch have 1?! No Boma too :(
Silfo said…
yeah!, thats great 'couse now i could caft some recipes that i have
Ashardalon said…
I expect Lorch, M'Boma will get them at a later version. For Sword2 players, v6.7 is still a long way off anyway.