Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 125: Judgment of Bynw

Ambrosia (Emilia) finally mastered Enhanced Tactics. During the training, Gilgamesh (Claude) also reached Expert Lv.3, and Quetzalcoatl (Nar) reached Veteran Lv.10. Ambrosia (Emilia) was then promoted to be the family's 11th Master!

The family completed 12 Team Arena and 6 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Cancer, Symbol of Virgo, and 1 veteran boots. Because of the new cash shop boxes, the common Team Arena drops can barely sell in the market now. Soon, it may even get to the point where Team Arena isn't worth doing anymore. The same thing can be said for Uraeus missions. The family ran out of materials to craft the gate summon item, but the Masters were sick of always getting Mega Talt from the stupid snake anyway.

Adorabelle (f/ele) spent another 250 Veteran Enchantment Chips on her bracelet... and still ended up with moderate enchantment. The accumulating cost on her bracelets was starting to vex the entire family. But at least, the 3rd socket was opened with only 6 Socket Fluxes, unlike Thelandira's (f/mus) armor.

The family recruited 3 more Master mercenaries, raising the family level to Lv.40+3.

Orpheus (Rio) was named after the musician whose songs softened the heart of Persephone in his attempt to recover his dead wife from the Underworld in Greek mythology. His Serenade stance and lightning stances were far from complete, and he reserved Symbol of Virgo for Prelude stance in the next patch. Since Serenade stance has no attack anyway, he was given a shabby +6 Lv.92 Baroque Lute.

Tsurara (Soso) was named after the female snow spirit (Yuki-Onna) who was part of the main character's night parade (Hyakki Yako) in Nurarihyon no Mago manga series. She was the family's 2nd Master martial artist. But first, she needed to master Bare Knuckle, before moving on to the other martial arts stances. She was given Gaiters of Raionu, which Adorabelle (f/ele) won from Lightning Gate.

Mystra (f/wiz) was named after the goddess of magic in Forgotten Realms novels and game setting. Like the other 2 mercenaries, her stances were also incomplete. She reserved Symbol of Aries for Darkness stance, which is going to take a while to master. To welcome her, the family farmed a few more Ancient Runes and commissioned Ifrit (M'Boma) to craft The Judgment of Bynw (staff) for her... Actually, it was meant for Reckless Emilia next patch, but whatever, she can hold on to it for now.

The family received some Ethereal Treasure Chests for the 5000 milestone reward of Sword 2 Face Book Club. Besides Great Stones (100k feso each), the only bonus drops were 10x3 Boost Potions and 1 Quarter Slot Permit. Not even a single symbol. Drops have been crappy for the past 2 weeks. It's getting somewhat annoying and boring.

Colony War consisted mostly of a few people from What and †‡Shelter‡† clans, poking at a couple of random colonies. After the relatively uneventful war, the Masters joined in the first Expedition into the Land of the Dead.

The family experienced 3 disconnections this week, one of which occurred during Arsene Circus raid.

Serenade Quest Story
Orpheus (Rio) started flirting with a girl in Auch using an Avocado Sandwich (kinky!), and ended up learning about his own father from Federigo. Federigo was the secretary of Leonardo Rio, and revealed the following back story:

There were 5 elements ("Ferruccio's Remnants") in the New World. One such element, Otite Fragment, was being studied by Leonardo Rio. The studies resulted in the invention of Warp Portal, but there were some initial side-effects. Leonardo's first son, Samuel, was afflicted with a disease. They sought out Dr. Torsche for a cure, but he disappeared after the Three-Years War.

Then, Montoro came to Leonardo, who showed him his research papers in exchange for healing Samuel. But Samuel wasn't healed, instead his disease was merely halted. A few days later, Lyndon came to seize Leonardo, and the research laboratory exploded. Leonardo's life ended along with his research.

So in search of his roots, Orpheus (Rio) visited his father's laboratory in Auch (D7), and had to fight off some mercenaries from Pegadilla, who were commissioned to defend the laboratory by an unknown mastermind. After that, he received Serenade stance book from Federigo.