[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

GE-SG Exclusive Costumes

Lorenza (IAHGames) has revealed upcoming new costumes for Granado Espada: Singapore. These costumes are based on forum contests for armor/costume designs in 2009/2010. No ETA date is announced at the moment, but sGE will be holding exclusivity for a while.1 No access method has been revealed either, but I expect them to be added to Hellena's Circus of Fate (HCOF) or something similar. See sGE Costumes! for the blog preview and forum topic for discussions.


Costume Releases
Baby Doll costume has been released for 20 Tokens in HCOF on Jan 13, 2011, along with Figure Skate Costume (f/fig) for 10 Tokens. See [HCOF] New sGE Costumes.


Silfo said…
i wish Cath the summoner could use the other costumes, becouse the are better than this one