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USA Update: New Era Episode 2-3

American server was updated to New Era Episode 2-3 + Armonia Side Stories (v25.97.54) on Jun 29, 2016. The previous update was 5 months ago (Jan 28, 2016). The purpose of this post is to consolidate all the links to the patch notes.

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[Patch Notes] v24.89.71 to v24.98.20 - Truman's artifacts
[Patch Notes] v25.04.52 to v25.08.73 - New Era Episode 2, Evil, Clock Tower Basement
[Patch Notes] v25.17.12 to v25.26.97 - New Era Episode 3, Leona
[Patch Notes] v25.31.84 to v25.39.12 - Rose Duke artifacts, Achievement system, Time Regained
[Patch Notes] v25.44.07 to v25.50.87 - Sariel, Free Queen of Pioneering Grandma
[Patch Notes] v25.54.38 to v25.59.20 - Judith
[Patch Notes] v25.61.96 to v25.68.20 - Revised skills, improved crest drop rates
[Patch Notes] v25.73.64 to v25.80.65 - Lucifer Garden mission, Free Sorang
[Patch Notes] v25.83.73 to v25.90.29 - Elemental Master, Baron penalty, Lucifer missions
[Patch Notes] v25.94.03 to v25.97.54 - Mirzar Pioneer Merchant…

The End of New Era

Since Aug 2008, I have spent a total of USD30.00 on this game. A decent amount of expenditure control for so many years of gaming, I think. I will consider myself as having quit this game. I stayed on this long partly because my laptop tends to overheat and crash when I tried the newer games with more intense graphics engine. (The old laptop still works fine for everything else I do on it, so I don't see a need to buy a new system just for gaming.)

There are too much repetitive stuffs, but not all of them are specific to GE itself. Many MMO elements are just tired and dead. The repetitions of collecting materials, crafting equipment, and upgrading/enhancing equipment only to start the entire cycle again. Eventually, it gets really boring if there is no new content to play with.

Even the game update has become too predictable and formulated. Each update brings mostly the same thing - 1 new character, 1 new stance, 1 new map, 1 new scenario, 1 new recruitment quest, 1 new field raid…

Baron System

The Baron System has been in the game since v2.1.18. There were some old guides in Singapore GE forums, which have been offline some time ago.

This guide is based on American game client (v24.85.71), thus it does not account for any changes in later patches.

Play-Time Event: Summer 2016

American server is having a Play-Time Event again. You get 1 point for every 10 minutes spent in-game.

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Korea & Japan Update: Symphonia Episode 2

Korean servers updated to The Symphonia Episode 2 on Feb 23, 2016. Similarly, Japan servers updated to the same patch on Mar 23, 2016.

I haven't been online in-game lately... and I wasn't checking the websites either so this came kind of late. I'm not really motivated to translate stuffs either, so if you want the quest guides or patch notes, check the links below for non-English versions.

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2016/3/23 アップデート情報
迪特蕾希編入任務 (包括新時代的交響曲EP2)

Easter Event 2016

EuroGamez is having an Easter Event. Collect 50 Eggs (rare) from field monsters, then give to Event NPC in Reboldoeux for 1 Socket Tranquilizer (Event) and 1 Easter Egg. Give 5 Easter Eggs to Ludin in Gigante Port for a random reward, such as 1 Prospe Weapon Recipe Box, 1 Draconic Weapon Box, 10 Magic Enchant Sedatives, etc.

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Private Patch for English World Maps

Sometimes, an official patch accidentally replaces its native language world maps with Korean maps. This is currently the case with the American server.

This private patch replaces the existing world maps with English versions for Armonia and New Era updates. Do NOT use this patch for The Symphonia (or later) updates, as they would have additional areas in the world maps.

This is NOT an official patch. Do NOT post in the official game forums.

Recruit Cherlyn

Sorceress of Red Flames quests were added in v26.19.55. In v27.56.86, this quest will be made easier by reducing amount of quest items or improving their drop rates. You will need the following items to recruit Cherlyn:
Philosopher's Stone x500 (x100 in v27.56.86)Bristia Style Meat Stew x1 = Old Journal 2 x25, Clear Rum x50, Brawn x10, Wolf Meat x10, Comodo Meat x10, and Cook Stone x1. You will need the following items to create Witch Craft (AR34 grimoire):
Ambrosia x3Magic Weapon Crystal - Grade 33 x3Elemental Jewel x15

This guide has been updated according to American game client (v26.60.82).

Synopsis : After her defeat by Ararat, Cherlyn has been visiting Ulrik for rematch. You defeat her Treasure Golem, which Ulrik claimed to have ended its contract because Cherlyn did not give it what it needed.

After drinking some tea, Cherlyn runs off to recruit Lava Leaf, but fails to subdue it. She returns to Ulrik's hut to treat her wounds. Ulrik tells her that she needs to stop trea…

Europe Update: Elemental Master

Europe server has updated to Elemental Master update (v25.83.73), including Armonia Side Stories for Sariel and Judith.

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Family Growth Support Feb 23 - Mar 22, 2016

Spam Time Piece Missions

Since New Era Episode 1, it is possible to get roulette rewards for multiple Time Piece missions.
Take Time Crystal quest for the first mission (e.g. Nephthys).Complete that mission (Nephthys).Open the mission lobby for the same mission (Nephthys) by paying 200 Shiny Crystals.Exit the mission lobby.Cancel Time Crystal quest for the first mission (Nephthys).Take Time Crystal quest for the second mission (e.g. Demonic Jurgen).Complete the second mission (Demonic Jurgen).You could probably repeat this to get roulette rewards for all 7 Time Piece missions + 1 initial mission. You would have to pay 200 Shiny Crystals for each additional one though.

Granado Espada 關於時間的轉轉 2015 09 11

This trick was first discovered by 夢幻水果 of Athena server.

Katovic Recipe Shop

This recipe shop is still available in New Era Episode 1 (v24.85.71) update. You must have completed the crafting quest involving Ice Crystal and/or Philosopher's Stone to buy/sell items.

Patch Notes v26.19.55 ~ v26.28.25

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v24.85.71. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

Gabriella's Retaliation

This event was introduced last week. I haven't attempt it yet since it's troublesome to take note of the time. It seems like some rewards are fairly good, even though they are not listed in the event page. This has led to a drop in prices for premium characters and rings.

Basically, raid a specific mission within 1 hour of the listed time. If you get a specific item determined by GM at the start of the event for that day, you will get a reward (also specified by GM in server notice) after the event ended.

Also, no maintenance today, so Christmas Event will be extended for a week.

Okay, I tried doing the one for Demonic Minotauros. It was rather bad. I was getting lag to the effect of 0.5-2 FPS at the mission gate. The GM wasn't on to announce what item was needed and what the reward would be. If they can't be on at the time, then they should have simply listed the required items and rewards in the event webpage instead.

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USA Update: New Era Episode 1

T3Fun has finally updated the American server to New Era Episode 1 (v24.85.71). The previous update was 5 months ago on Aug 27, 2015. I was about to quit the game for the lack of updates...

Since the last update, T3Fun has stopped releasing premium characters via Lyndon Box. They were released in Lucky Shop instead... probably because it is easier to change coding for the website than for game client? Well, it didn't matter, because the drop rates for all new characters suck just as much regardless of delivery platform.
Silver Flare Lynn - Sep 18, 2015Kevin - Oct 28, 2015Codename L - Nov 13, 2015Grim Reaper Sariel - Dec 16, 2015

Christmas 2015 Event has also been implemented.

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Patch Notes v26.06.26 ~ v26.15.66

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is STILL stuck at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

GE China 2: Server Shutdown

The second publisher of Granado Espada for China, 九合, has not been updating for some time, so I got tired of finding nothing new and stopped visiting their website for news... Uh, it turns out they have officially shut the game down since July 31, 2014. (I didn't even notice until now.) They compensate all existing cash shop credits with 50% bonus by converting them for other games.

According to the official notice - 《卓越之剑II》停止运营补偿公告:

九合 ran the game for 3 years since March 2011. The history of the servers in China are:
10/2007 - 九城 opened servers.11/2010 - 九城 shut down servers.03/2011 - 九合 opened servers.07/2014 - 九合 shut down servers.See also Granado Espada 2: China and GE-China RIP for more details.

Japan Update: Symphonia Episode 1

Japan servers have updated to Symphonia Episode 1 with new customized content, such as AR41 weapon series and Soul Secreta stance for Leona.

Snow Kevin, Kevin, and Evil are now voiced by Yurika Kubo (久保ユリカ), who performed in Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? (Loki), Love Live! (Moritani Hiyori), and Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Tionishia).

Risky is voiced by Aranami Kazusa (荒浪 和沙), who performed in Robot Girls Z (Grendizer) and Because I Don't Like My Big Brother At All!! (Kondou Mayuka).

Amy and Cadet Amy are voiced by (???). Hm. The voice actress isn't listed in the 1/20 Update article.

The latest sound effects file for this version has been uploaded as This file includes Japanese voices for Snow Kevin, Risky, Amy, and Cadet Amy.

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Recruit Amy

Operator quests were added in v25.26.97. The quest revisions in v27.56.86 will make the quests easier. You will need the following items:
First Class Fish Sausage x1Old Journal 2 x35, Great Fish Meat x30, Spider Meat x5, Brawn x5, Wolf Meat x5, and Comodo Meat x5.Great Caborum x1 (Daria's Route Only)Old Journal 3 x35, Great Cabosse x30, Honey x20, Clear Rum x20, and Beet x20.Dragon Heart x5 or Growth Stone x2 (Moon Stone x3 in v27.56.86) or Elemental Jewel x2 (Shiny Crystal x500 in v27.56.86)High Quality Wood x1,000
This guide has been updated according to American game client (v26.60.82).

Synopsis : In order to prepare Illier against the Black Scorpion Army of Targa, Amy convinces you to rob some capybaras of their papers to make an operation map. You ask a rich girl to cover for stolen supplies, so Amy can complete her map. Once completed, the other soldiers have to join in the training by the brutal drill instructor. They blame you for it. You feed the company commander to learn…

All Family Support Event

Europe server is having an attendance check (15 days) event for new players and existing players. Other than some common cash items, new players can also get Old Pioneer Piece artifact.

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GE Taiwan IP Blocked

WAYI has implemented IP Block for GE Taiwan. Well, it's not like they have been keeping their website very updated. In fact, I didn't even see any notice for Christmas Event until I recently saw the forum post 聖誕活動 & 林頓箱子- 聖誕節特殊集合. So don't expect any more news update on this blog for Taiwan server.

According to 華義在懷疑受到DDos攻擊之後,就把香港IP鎖了, it was supposed to be a measure against DDoS attack. I don't know, mass IP blocking seems like a wrong measure to me...

Steam-Powered Granado Espada

T3fun finally managed to get Granado Espada (USA) on Steam and kept featuring New Era content when they have not even updated to New Era Episode 1 in more than 4 months...

Steam is an Internet-based digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation offering digital rights management (DRM), multiplayer, and social networking. T3Fun is making it like it's a big deal, but personally, I can't figure out the point of having Steam for GE. What exactly does it do for the game?

Why would I want to install Steam? According to this, Steam installation provides these benefits:
Instant Access to Games
You mean I don't have instant access to games I installed on my hard disk? *confused*Join the Community
Can't you already form clans, chat in-game, and use forums without Steam?Create and Share Content
Uh, I don't see how Steam helps to customize or create new content for this game...Entertainment Anywhere
Except this game still doesn't run on Linux or Mac. Steam does…

T3Fun Update Statement & Anniversary Event

Ramiel said in Official Statement: New Era Update:

2015 has gone by and we are very thankful for the support you gave us this past year. We have been through both good and bad, yet still we were able to keep the expedition going.

As we usher in a promising new year, we would like to address some of the community's major concerns about the game.

“New Era Episode 1 Patch Update”
Our major patch updates had under gone multiple content testing before we can launch it live. The initial test phase had already been completed a few weeks ago. We are now finalizing the whole content to make sure that it will work fine with no significant issue, as much as possible. Unfortunately due to latent system component instability we are encountering major road blocks in commencing with the final testing phase. Since November, our technical department has been working hard alongside with the game developers in undertaking this rather vexing case.

“Christmas Event”
Due to system incompatibility issues, …

The Symphonia Episode 1 Scenario

Noblesse Oblige scenario quests were added in v26.03.46. In v27.56.86, this quest will be made easier by reducing amount of quest items or improving their drop rates. You will need the following items:
Pure Talt x1,000 (All Routes; x100 in v27.56.86) + 150 (Route A)Pure Ionium x1,000 (All Routes; x100 in v27.56.86) + 150 (Route A)Pure Quartz x1,000 (All Routes; x100 in v27.56.86) + 150 (Route A)Pure Aidanium x1,000 (All Routes; x100 in v27.56.86) + 150 (Route A)Pure Etretanium x1,000 (All Routes; x100 in v27.56.86) + 150 (Route A)Cast Iron x2,500 (All Routes; x200 in v27.56.86) + 200 (Route B)Composite Steel x5,000 (All Routes; x450 in v27.56.86) + 200 (Route B)Otite Piece x1,000 (Route A; x100 in v27.56.86)Pure Otite x20 (Route A; x5 in v27.56.86)Essence of Purity x20 (Route B; x5 in v27.56.86)Essence of Balance x20 (Route B; x5 in v27.56.86)Essence of Corruption x20 (Route B; x5 in v27.56.86)Any Constellation Weapon x1 (not consumed)Philosopher's Stone x1,000 (x100 in v27.56.86)