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GE Taiwan IP Blocked

WAYI has implemented IP Block for GE Taiwan . Well, it's not like they have been keeping their website very updated. In fact, I didn't even see any notice for Christmas Event until I recently saw the forum post 聖誕活動 & 林頓箱子- 聖誕節特殊集合 . So don't expect any more news update on this blog for Taiwan server.

Image from Magi Episode 7.

According to 華義在懷疑受到DDos攻擊之後,就把香港IP鎖了 , it was supposed to be a measure against DDoS attack. I don't know, mass IP blocking seems like a wrong measure to me...


Tears0fBlood said…
Bandwidth protection they don't want outside players using too much bandwidth and that's why Taiwan GE wants to prevent those players to play in that server.