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T3Fun Update Statement & Anniversary Event

Ramiel said in Official Statement: New Era Update :

2015 has gone by and we are very thankful for the support you gave us this past year. We have been through both good and bad, yet still we were able to keep the expedition going.

As we usher in a promising new year, we would like to address some of the community's major concerns about the game.

“New Era Episode 1 Patch Update”
Our major patch updates had under gone multiple content testing before we can launch it live. The initial test phase had already been completed a few weeks ago. We are now finalizing the whole content to make sure that it will work fine with no significant issue, as much as possible. Unfortunately due to latent system component instability we are encountering major road blocks in commencing with the final testing phase. Since November, our technical department has been working hard alongside with the game developers in undertaking this rather vexing case.

“Christmas Event”
Due to system incompatibility issues, we were unable to patch this event (yes, the one involving the new Polar Bear costumes). To put it simply, the Christmas event files will not function properly when patched with the current game version.

Image from Overlord - Episode 04.

Because you refused to update early, now you have even more issues updating? This is like... You refused to update your Windows 95 back then. Now, when you finally decided to get Windows 98, everyone else is already on Windows 8 or 10. Of course, nobody will have a clue about compatibility issues you may have for Windows 98! Ugh. That's why you need to keep the damn server updated, and not lag infinitely behind all the other servers.

In early celebration of GE's anniversary on January 9, 2016, we will be giving away one +7 Evil weapon of choice to 20 lucky players each day starting January 6, 2016 (after weekly server maintenance).

The following criteria will be followed when choosing the daily winners:
  • Accounts which have history of play activity from December 25, 2015 to present.
  • Accounts with at least family level 20
An account may only win once for the entire event.

They need to stop making these events in which only 3 players and 17 alts win, while other players get absolutely nothing. Just give 1 item to everyone who logs in on that day. The item is not tradable anyway.

Like Shiny Crystal Hogger event, Farm & Fortune follows the same problem with rewarding only Top X players. When only a small number of players get anything, the event is barely worth posting about on the blog.

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Tears0fBlood said…
I agree Ash these events are going to be for alts.