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Team Buff v10.5.1

For all active characters to gain the team buff, you must have at least 2 active, alive, and different characters belonging to the same team. As of v10.5.1 (Silver Server), the teams are as follows:

The Pioneers Bonus STR +5, DEX +5, AGI +5, CON +5, INT +5, CHA +5Members Fighter, Elementalist, Musketeer, Scout, Wizard

Three Year War Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK Speed +5%Members Adelina Esperanza, Adelina the Pirate, Grace Bernelli, M'Boma, Jack, Panfilo, Panfilo the Battle Cook, Raven, Najib Sharif, Soho the Fighter

Second Generation Settler Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK +10% Members Soho, Brunie, Idge Imbrulia, Idge the Battle Smith, Karjalain, Lisa, Lorch, Vincent Rio, Angie

Chains of the Past Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK Speed +10%, Accuracy +10 Members Alejandro, Claude, Jose Cortasar, Claire, Grandma, Grandies

Misunderstood Truth Bonus ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1 Members Ania, Nar, Helena, Emilia, Emilia the Sage, Reckless Emilia

Spirit of Mart…

Granado Espada Music

As mentioned in the forums here, Granado Espada has been rated as having the top 10 best MMO theme songs in The Perfect Ten: Best MMO Theme Songs Part 2. Since we are on the subject of music, I found a music score for Granado Espada a long time ago. I don't really remember where it came from, but you can download it (.pdf) from the link on the right hosted by MediaFire.

On the side note, I love Stones, the theme song for Ultima Online and the even older Ultima series. Here's a Chamber rendering of the same song from Ultima IX.

Sword 176: Queen's Elite Recipes

Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Lara (Brunie) reached Expert Lv.5 and Lv.2, while collecting even more Ancient Runes. Zarathustra (Lionel) continued to train in Castilla Mine, reaching Veteran Lv.7. Since most pioneers have settled down somewhat into the new content, we decided to join Albatros clan.

This week's loot was very good. The missions dropped lots of symbols - 2 Symbols of Aquarius, 2 Symbols of Virgo, 2 Symbols of Pisces, Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Capricorn, and Symbol of Scorpio. We joined in a raid on Castilla Tower of Chaos, and finally got something good from the queen's roulette chest...

Qilue (f/sco) took part in our 3rd Legion War as a mercenary for the Royalists. Uh, as a true mercenary at heart, she was in it just for the war points. The political struggles meant nothing to her. (See the forum topic here for some helpful tips.) As a support character, she was, uh, busy supporting other support characters who were, as it were, providing s…

GE-SG v9.5 Update

Singapore servers have updated to v9.5. Patch download is available here. For a more comprehensive patch notes based on Korean servers, see v8.6+ Patch Notes (Unofficial List) forum topic.
[v9.5] Mini-Site: Jurgen, Rise of the Devil[v9.5] Patch Notes[v9.5 Feature] Secret Garden & Moonlight Garden[v9.5 Feature] Strata Devil Armors[v9.5 Feature] New Expert Stances[v9.5 Update] Bug Report  More feature articles should be upcoming. I will update this post when that happens. I will just touch on a few other details not elaborated in the patch notes...

New Stance Books
[Rapida Espada] and [Efreet] stance books can be purchased from Master Guardian NPC for 1 and 5 Promotion Recipes - Stance. Others are available from Emilia. In addition, Stimulation Scroll - Expert (Event) can be purchased in Bounty Hunters' Guild for 60 Expert Tokens.

Montoro's Ring
Viscount Skull Ring can be dropped by Lv.97 Frenzied Ravyn the Unholy (1/22), Lv.97 Ancient Frenzied Ravyn the Unholy (1/25), Lv.118 …

Magic Circle 25

Magic Circle 25 (Korea) is now available until Feb 02, 2012. The new items first featured in Japan's web games. See 이번달 매직..? for more screenshots.

Oro Oryza Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Soso
Previously Released In Imperial Wheel V: Sept 2011

Valkyrie Costume
Body Costume • Female Fighter
Previously Released In Magic Compass: Dec 2010

Cadet Elisa Character Card

Imperial Wheel V: January 2012

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for Jan 25 - Feb 01, 2012. See the official notice インペリアルホイールV開催! for more information.

The previously released items are Evil's Suffering Costume (ice bracelet), Evil's Excitement Costume (fire bracelet), The Inexorability of Ventuamos Costume (sabre), Lamentation of Einschwer Costume (pistol), Assembly Logic Bangle (special bracelet),  Sword of Ex Machina (sword), Pyrite Bangle (fire bracelet), Esperez de la Tourmaline (lightning bracelet), Gaiters of Gluttony (gaiters), Jaspardfs Rifling Revolver (pistol), and 1,500 Veteran Enchantment Chips.

The weapon sets now contain 2 weapons plus some cash shop items required for "processing" the weapons, such as Socket Flux, Enchant Sedatives, and Enchantment Chips. The new items are featured below. Click on images for full size view.

Evil's Contempt
Weapon Costume • Rifle

Cerasus Campanulata Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Female Elementalist
Click on image on the right for fu…

Sword 175: Angel Camael's Crossbow

Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Selvaria (Selva) collected more Ancient Runes in Errac, reaching Expert Lv.4 and Veteran Lv.8. Willikins (Raven) reached Expert Lv.5 while collecting Strange Spheres. Zarathustra (Lionel) gained 3 Veteran levels inside Castilla Mine. This was enough to raise the family to Lv.51+0.

Our symbol collection for this week was really junk - 2 Symbols of Sagittarius, 2 Symbols of Leo, and 2 Symbols of Virgo... basically, all the cheap symbols. We also got L96 Elite La Suma Sacerdotisa (blunt) from Occulta Bounty Hunt. It wasn't much, but at least something from the usual loot of Honor Cards and Expert Tokens. We opened 6 Reward Boxes of Supply, and received 2x5 Mystic Potions (Event), 2x4 Training A Cards, 2 Veteran G EXP Cards, and 3 Veteran B EXP Cards.

We purchased another weapon for Artemisia (Calyce) again - Angel Camael's Crossbow. Unlike last week's lucky upgrading, this weapon greedily consumed 720 Upgrade Accelerators, 20 Lacquers +5: Expert, …

Misfortune of Cortes

A few weeks ago, we approached Farrel about Lucifer Castle, and it seemed that there were others seeking entry into the castle as well. We decided to cooperate, and recovered Magical Paraffin and Gluttony Bone Dust for him. Farrel hired Veronif to break the seal, which used magic to distort time and space. Some forest monsters attacked, and we defended Veronif, while Farrel turned tail and ran for it. Veronif revealed that those Garas monsters are a sort of chimera, i.e. combinations of different life-forms.

After that, we went pass the seal, and followed the Red Hair Fighter, who vanished along the way. We recovered some protein as well as several experimental body parts for Veronif. She revealed that those monsters were made out of 3-6 different types of living cells plus an inorganic substance.

We returned to the castle entrance, and entered the basement laboratory. We returned to Veronif with a shiny item from the basement, and she said it was a Time Piece. Time Pi…

v9.5 Update News

IAHGames will be updating Granado Espada: Singapore to v9.5 on Jan 26, 2012.

Lorenza Says: So yeah, we're fixing it on the 3rd week of January, it's again, a tentative date. [...] There are 4 new characters, Ludin, Veroniff, Daria and Natalie - and a new raid which is recommended for Family Level 50 and above, the new Farming system, the revamped Pioneering Memorial System, or Strata Devil Armour Series?!

Gragon Says: v9.5 will be on the 26th.

[TW] My Secret Garden
Granado Espada: Taiwan has already updated to v9.5.2 since Dec 21, 2011. Manual download is available here. See 我的秘密花園 for mini-site. The update includes:
New Farming System - see here for details. Lucifer Castle, Moonlight GardenDevil Armors (DEF Rating 35 for others; 33 for metal)New Characters - Veronif, Ludin, Natalie, DariaNew Stances - Blitz Assault, Unlimited Shot, Wanted Shot There are also several ongoing events. See here for details. These include:
EXP +20% until Feb 01, 2012.Login for free event items - Soul…

Sword 174: Dragon's Fury Crossbow

Artemis (Calyce) reached Master Lv.10 inside Arsene Circus. Lourdes (Grace) reached Master Lv.8, while conducting stance training for Willikins (Raven) and Ishtar (Valeria) who reached Expert Lv.4 and Lv.5 respectively. Willikins (Raven) mastered [Croisement] stance, while Ishtar (Valeria) left her [Enhanced Tactics] at Lv.20. Elsewhere, Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Zarathustra (Lionel) reached Expert Lv.2 and Veteran Lv.3 as well.

We bought Elite Silver Crossbow and Dragon's Fury Crossbow for Artemisia (Calyce). Unlike the cursed crossbow 2 months ago (see Sword 164), both weapons successfully upgraded to +7 without failures. We threw about 500 chips on both weapons to get some racial enchantments.

The weekly missions dropped 2 Symbols of Capricorn, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Aquarius, and Symbol of Taurus. After Colony War, we opened 5 Reward Boxes of Supply, and received Event Combat Manual (EXP +50% for 5 hours), 5 L90H EXP Cards, 1 Honor C Card, and 2 Event Ring Boxes. We ope…

Sniper & Therapy

In v10.4.0, two new stances become available. Click on images below for full-size views.

The first is [Sniper] for Najib Sharif, using bayonet or rifle with Steel Bullet as ammunition. Character cannot move while in this stance. See 스나이퍼 스킬,스탠스

 The other is the support stance [Therapy] for Elisa, using Rosario. The skills detect invisibility and remove assorted debuff statuses. Elisa's personal skill is Mass Healing. See 엘리사 정보 :D.

In v10.4.0, there will also be an extended quest for Selva, starting in Auch. In addition, Korean event I'm Designer 3 (until Feb 20, 2012) now involved some vehicles... See also GE, 근대화 혁명 일어나나?.

Lisa - The Call of Oswalts

The v8.5 update added an extended quest for Lisa. These quests continued the story from Adelina's Extended Quests, but from Lisa's perspective instead. The first quest triggers when you first moved to town (e.g. Coimbra) after meeting the requirements. The following quests must be done in sequence. Unless otherwise stated, you must have Lisa in your team to initiate all NPC dialogues. You do not need to bring Lisa for monster hunts.

For Sword 2, the gender of Tora is really inconsistent, sometimes male, other times female...

[125] Reunion With Lisa
Requirements: Completed Adelina's Extended Quests.
Reward: 1 Shiny Crystal Chest.
Details: Lisa wants to know what happened to Bardi's son, Tora. Adelina decides to be coy, and asks Lisa to come to her shop instead.
Talk to Lisa in Coimbra. Adelina (not Adelina the Pirate) must be in the team. You do not need to remove Lisa from the team.Talk to Adelina in Coimbra. Lisa must be in the team.
[125] Adelina's Request
Reward: …

Sword 173: Master Lisa & Angie

This week's missions yielded Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Capricorn, and Symbol of Cancer. A disconnection on the last event day cost us the last few Christmas Coins needed to get another Expert Promotion Recipe. We opened another 7 Winter Season Boxes, and got Santa Hats for Emilia and Adelina... both of which we already bought last week. We opened 18 Ring Boxes, and got Flintlock Ring, Beast Ring, and Organization Ring among other crap rings. 

To utilize the EXP event, we decided to return to Caebolan Citadel once more to raise our new Ishtar (Valeria) and Willikins (Raven) to Expert levels... Unfortunately, we chose a bad day, and the server went down for hours. (See Server Down? topic.) After that, there were 7 disconnections, wasting all our various EXP buff items. As a result, the training fell short of our goals. Nevertheless, Ishtar (Valeria) and Willikins (Raven) were promoted to Expert Lv.4 and Lv.1 respectively. As the trainer, Soteira (He…

Gate of Lightning: The Silent Maze

Lightning Gate, aka Silent Maze, is accessible via Rio Albi (E7, channel 1). The gate can be opened with 1 Lightning Orb, and stays open for 10 minutes. There will be zone-wide notices when the gate is opened, when the gate will be closed in 5 minutes, and when the gate has closed. See also Wiki of the New World and [HR] Gate of Lightning Guide. You may use /where command in chat window to find your current coordinates.

There are several routes through the maze. The following route picture is taken from 闪电门1-2层图文并茂并附上老版本练级地图. Click on images for full-size views. Use the 2nd picture if you prefer to navigate using the gate colors.

At start point (35000,-35000) of 1st floor, turn around to enter the gate behind you at coordinates (37000,-35000). Enter the gate to the next room, and kill Elite Einbint to spawn more gates. Repeat and follow the route (see first image above) until the last room, where you have to kill Elite Einapt instead. If you get lost, you can use Teleport Scroll t…

Letizia Shiny Box

The following lists the content of Letizia Shiny Box, according to 蕾蒂莎闪耀箱子大揭密.
Grand Valkyrie CrasherInvisible PotionFamily Summon Scroll Ring BoxPortable Ancient Star Orb BoxLucifer Wings (1 day)Devil Wings (1 day)Phoenix Wings (1 day) Golden Phoenix Wings (1 day)Fairy Wings (1 day)Sylph Wings (1 day) Principal Ampul (Event)Pet Food x10 Upgrade Accelerator
Otite PerfumeScan Scroll x30Portable Pistol Bullet Box (1 day)Portable Rifle Bullet Box (1 day)Portable Buckshot Box (1 day)Archangel's HeartSiren's ScaleSeed of RafflesiaDragon HeartPromotion Recipe - ExpertPromotion Recipe - MasterPet Box (Pan Pan)Pet Box (Sith, aka Fortune Cat)Pet Box (Pigling)Le Scarce (DR30 Armor)[Innocentio] Stance Book [Punisher] Stance Book*Crafted Key [Room of the Dead]*Crafted Key [Holy Water Chamber]* Recipe - Clock Tower Key [Lost Time]*Viscount Skull Ring* The last 5 items (denoted with *) are added in v7.5.1. More portable ammo boxes (e.g. Steel Bullet, Elemental Sphere, etc.) will be added …

Sword 172: Jormongand Again & Clock Tower

The various missions this week yielded 2 Symbols of Gemini, 2 Symbols of Leo, Symbol of Taurus, and Symbol of Aries. Our subsidiary family joined 3 party missions and got Dragon Heart Recipe and Symbol of Scorpio. Louis Arsene III dropped yet another Elite Schvarlier Armor Recipe this week. Why was it that he never dropped the recipe for us back when it was still worth a lot? Bleh.

Anyway, we also revisited old Jormongand with a few other families to find that it has grown stronger. It was becoming lonely, so it waived the reputation cost for visiting it. Our last visit was about 8 months ago (see Sword 136). The new roulette chest dropped us Jormongand Leather among random stuffs.

Along with our subsidiary family, we spent some of our Christmas Coins. We purchased 2 Expert Promotion Recipes (Event), and opened 12 Winter Season Boxes. The boxes dropped the following rubbish:
2 Snowman, 1 Christmas Tree3 Snowman, 1 Christmas Tree2 Snowman, 2 Christmas Tree, 1 Rudolph Hat1 Snowman,…