Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 173: Master Lisa & Angie

This week's missions yielded Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Capricorn, and Symbol of Cancer. A disconnection on the last event day cost us the last few Christmas Coins needed to get another Expert Promotion Recipe. We opened another 7 Winter Season Boxes, and got Santa Hats for Emilia and Adelina... both of which we already bought last week. We opened 18 Ring Boxes, and got Flintlock Ring, Beast Ring, and Organization Ring among other crap rings. 

To utilize the EXP event, we decided to return to Caebolan Citadel once more to raise our new Ishtar (Valeria) and Willikins (Raven) to Expert levels... Unfortunately, we chose a bad day, and the server went down for hours. (See Server Down? topic.) After that, there were 7 disconnections, wasting all our various EXP buff items. As a result, the training fell short of our goals. Nevertheless, Ishtar (Valeria) and Willikins (Raven) were promoted to Expert Lv.4 and Lv.1 respectively. As the trainer, Soteira (Helena) reached Master Lv.10 as well. Zarathustra (Lionel) reached Veteran Lv.2 inside Castilla Mine as well.

Still, Mirajane (Lisa) was promoted to Master Lv1! Mirajane (Lisa) returned to Oswalts, who gave her a final task to complete. It took a few attempts to find Elmorc and King of Covetry, and we finally returned to Secret Tower to hunt down General Guard. Secret Tower would be updated in v9.9.1, but as yet, it was still dropping crap. (See also リニューアルミッション ~秘密の塔~ for revised Secret Tower.) Anyway, the story came to temporary end, as Bardi's son was expected to be within Lucifer Castle.

We joined the Pegadilla Mercenaries and recruited a mercenary to our family, naming her Yetzirah (Angie), after the Jewish esoteric text on cosmogony known as Sefer Yetzirah ("Book of Formation"). Our new member went on to participate in our first Legion War on Wednesday 4pm (PST), testing out the mining system on the Royalist side. It was rather boring, and didn't even seem to be that useful.

In the culverts, ogres (L127 Daemon) roamed to protect their Crystals (L19 Other). Yetzirah (Angie) mined some Shiny Iron and Weird Stones. Claude can be employed with 500 Shiny Iron, but the ore is actually sold inside the war shop for 28,000 vis each. Other than saving (14m) vis, it seemed to have limited purpose. Jack can be employed with 200 Weird Stones, but do people really care about Jack? The materials required by other characters cannot even be acquired inside the culverts... After 45 minutes or so, Yetzirah (Angie) got tired and just loitered inside the war barracks. Gerard still rewarded us with 7 AM's Boost (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards for the trouble. For 500 Reputation Points, Gerard also granted us [Bless of Neutral] buff, which provides [Monster ATK +6%, EXP +15%, Stance EXP +15%, Drop Rate +15%] for 24 hours.

The Devourers have introduced 2 new boxes in the Bazaar (250 Gold each) - Quinzel's Penderie & Raiden's Angel VIII. The new items are Trifolium Costume (Romina), Cattleya Costume (Helena), Nana Artozeia (f/ele), Les Cheveux D'eclatant Beaut Hair (f/ele), Angel Michael's Blade (AR33 sword), and Dragon's Fury Pistol (AR32 pistol).


Shingles said…
Ash are u doing the extend quest for lisa? or is it another quest where u get to hunt elmorc and king of greed?
thx sir ^^
Sesomaru said…
Legion Wars at wensday D:? i tho its at sunday o.o
Ashardalon said…
Yes, that's for Lisa's extended quests. The quest guide is ready. I will post it soon.

It was supposed to be on Sunday, but they messed up the timing apparently. For Orpesia server, the last 2 legion wars were on Wednesday.
Christus X said…
mining is indeed boring unless you encounter some enemies. anyway all activities in Legion Wars helps in earning points, reviving deads, mining, summoning rnpc's like claude/jack (don't underestimate these rnpc's they are really strong versions, killing soldiers, killing players, etc. you can earn 2 different points, contribution points and store points, contribution points helps you gain Title, while store points helps you purchase items in Legion War store.
Christus X said…
Titles also give helpful permanent buffs, see, in sGE i'm currently Asst Commander in Chief, which gives level 4 buff.
Shingles said…
thx for the guide Ash on Lisa's quest..can 64-65dr chars. handle General guard? thx alot
Ashardalon said…
General Guard has AR/DR61, so DR64-65 should be fine.