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Letizia Shiny Box

The following lists the content of Letizia Shiny Box, according to 蕾蒂莎闪耀箱子大揭密.
  • Grand Valkyrie Crasher
  • Invisible Potion
  • Family Summon Scroll
  • Ring Box
  • Portable Ancient Star Orb Box
  • Lucifer Wings (1 day)
  • Devil Wings (1 day)
  • Phoenix Wings (1 day) 
  • Golden Phoenix Wings (1 day)
  • Fairy Wings (1 day)
  • Sylph Wings (1 day) 
  • Principal Ampul (Event)
  • Pet Food x10
  • Upgrade Accelerator
  • Otite Perfume
  • Scan Scroll x30
  • Portable Pistol Bullet Box (1 day)
  • Portable Rifle Bullet Box (1 day)
  • Portable Buckshot Box (1 day)
  • Archangel's Heart
  • Siren's Scale
  • Seed of Rafflesia
  • Dragon Heart
  • Promotion Recipe - Expert
  • Promotion Recipe - Master
  • Pet Box (Pan Pan)
  • Pet Box (Sith, aka Fortune Cat)
  • Pet Box (Pigling)
  • Le Scarce (DR30 Armor)
  • [Innocentio] Stance Book
  • [Punisher] Stance Book*
  • Crafted Key [Room of the Dead]*
  • Crafted Key [Holy Water Chamber]*
  • Recipe - Clock Tower Key [Lost Time]*
  • Viscount Skull Ring*
The last 5 items (denoted with *) are added in v7.5.1. More portable ammo boxes (e.g. Steel Bullet, Elemental Sphere, etc.) will be added in v10.4.0.

Letizia Shiny Box is dropped by monsters in Viron maps (e.g. Red Sunset Forest). Each box can be opened with 2 Shiny Keys. Whenever a "good" item is gained, there will be a server-wide notice, announcing the family and item gained from Letizia Shiny Box.

Shiny Key can be purchased from Feso Shop. In v8.5, the price was changed from 330 feso to 10,000 feso for Singapore servers. Good news for players in U.S. servers though, since G1 is not increasing the price at the moment after v8.5 update.

Xanxus Says: Price change was due to the new items inside Letizia box. sGE's shiny key price is still cheaper than kGE actually.

Raiden Says: No. We are not increasing [shiny key price] right now. Maybe in the future.

G1 has increased the price of Shiny Key to 1,000 feso on Jan 18, 2012. [Source]


newcomer said…
May I know the front type in the picture?
xBelmontx said…
It seems that punisher stance book can be obtained from boxes at this current time
Ashardalon said…
Yes. Uh, I think I didn't phrase it clearly. Those marked items (*) are added in v8.5, but not in the previous version.

See here for the font.
Nakume said…
funnily, when u actually click into the link u provided "蕾蒂莎闪耀箱子大揭密", all the comment on that page was cursing about this box and how they wasted hundreds of dollars on that box and got all crap xD