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And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.
- Revelation of John 16:16 (KJV)

Armageddon ("Mount of Megiddo") is the site of the final battle between God and Satan in Christian eschatology. Satan will operate through the person known as the "Beast" or the Antichrist, written about in the Book of Revelation. More generally, it can also refer to an apocalyptic catastrophe.

Megiddo was the location of many decisive battles in ancient times. Under Pharaoh Thutmose III, the Ancient Egyptians fought a Canaanite coalition in 15th century BC. Another battle occurred in 609 BC between Egypt and Judea. Later in 1918, the British Empire came into conflict in the same area with the Ottoman Empire.

Source: Wikipedia

How Players Quit

Players come and go. People quit the game all the time. It is interesting to see how different players actually exit the game. Remember while the game world and characters are virtual, the players at the keyboards are real. The way a player handles his virtual character somewhat reflects the kind of person that he is, especially so under the cover of Internet anonymity when he is left unchecked by the lack of social repercussions.

The Good...
Some players gave away all their stuffs when quitting, either to friends, guild mates, or even complete strangers. Some enterprising ones hosted their own events to give away their equipment. For example, Hydroponics left Telos clan yesterday to host his quitting events for everyone in the server, giving away his DR+3 elite armors, Lv.100 weapons, Mystery Boxes, and more. Such players decided to have one last good time together with other players in the server.

After giving away his Behemoth Bracelet,
Hydroponics faced Thoracotomy for the last time..…

SNW 29: 2nd Elite La Ventisca

Athena (f/fig) joined Alustriel (ETS) and Gilgamesh (Claude) in Skeleton Dungeon Ancient Area, recovering 17 Sun Stones. Gilgamesh (Claude) slew Ancient Thoracotomy and looted a Yellow Rough Stone, which was processed into a Good Quality Pearl. After being expelled from Ancient Area, they moved to Katovic Snowfield, finding Silver Whistle, Peace Insignia x2, Marksman's Magic Bullet x2, Zebra Skin x2, Golden Apple x17, Wolf Meat x74, and Cabbage x30. They also spent some time AFK in Scorching Plateau, and the furry pet Cthulhu looted its 2nd Elite La Ventisca Recipe~! Hopefully, it can be traded for Elite Metallic Suit or Elite Bone Frame.

The family sold Titania (ATP) off, and recruited Ifrit (M'Boma) and Rem (Eduardo). Viki finally acquired Testis stance book, after defeating Treasure Golem and Takion. Gracielo defeated the 3 disciples of Fritz and acquired the Book of Wind. Adelina slew the 3 traitors and avenged her lover, baby, and crew.

The family used another 45 enchantme…

Dream Destination

I submitted an entry for SNW Dream Destination forum contest, together with Harvestide family. I originally wanted the site to be the bridge to the tower in Old Port of Coimbra (G7), but someone else did it already. So between Tetra Ruins Treasure Room and Porto Bello St. Catherina's Saloon, we chose the latter in the end. I wanted to summon a grim reaper, but it was too big to get into the shot. :/

Trigger Spots: Waterfall & Takion

Two more screenshots of spots to trigger certain quests... for the lost souls who can't find the spots even with map coordinates given in those guides...

Trigger spot for waterfall, part of the quests to recruit Grenmah (Grandice)


Trigger spot for Takion fight in Viki's quest for Testis (Castis) stance book

Valentine's Event Results

The results for SGE's Valentine's Day Event are out. Players who cast 500 votes or more also get additional Adelina's Booty Searches. See Win a date with a [GM] 2 Results!

With bonus 20% G-Points from the recent iCash Card Special Promotion, SGD 60 will buy 84k G-Points. This means each Heart Chocolate (50 G-Points) costs SGD 0.0357 (or USD 0.0236).

The top voter across all servers was XenoDoLL of Rembrandt, with 16,739 votes. So, this player spent at least SGD 597.58 (or USD 394.44). He will receive a Constellation series weapon of his choice, such as Shrewd of Altair. See here for more pictures of Constellation series.

The entire event involved a total of 79,470 Heart Chocolates, earning IAHGames at least SGD 2,837.08 (or USD 1,872.66). While the top voter still spent nearly as much, the total profit seems to be significantly lesser than last year's event. For last year's costs, see Valentine's Day Event. All costs are converted from SGD to USD with Yahoo! Finan…

SNW 28: A Date With Mudmen

Viki and Visca (Grace) continued to train at Rion Dungeon Hollow, while Gilgamesh (Claude) and Alustriel (ETS) entered Ancient Area for their expert grind, looting 31 Sun Stones.

DATE FAIL: Gilgamesh goes on a date with Alustriel
to a dark, gloomy place where the mud constantly tries to kill them.

Meanwhile, Anahita (f/sco) won 1 Mystery Box for the Scavenger Hunt, but missed out on a treasure hunt. The experts joined one of the Rafflesia raids, receiving a Lv.100 Schvarlier Armor. Unfortunately, after using 36 enchantment chips and boosters, the armor remains without DR mods.

Two mass disconnections were experienced this week. I'm getting bored of this game. AGAIN.

GE Word Filter

Open geLanguage_Eng.lng file in Granado Espada\release folder with Notepad. Scroll down and you will see a list of words which are filtered in-game (among other things, like in-game messages). Thanks to llyse for pointing it out here.

The filter is somewhat annoying, since it sometimes affect in-game terms and non-offensive words. For example, puta is censored, but this renders reputation as re****tion. I didn't try to edit the word filters, since it won't affect other players anyway. If you wish to do so, remember to backup the original file. Do it at your own risk.

Cash Shop Comparison

This blog entry will basically compare the real monetary cost of some popular in-game items in SNW and SGE. Of course, there are other factors relating to game costs. For example, SNW has premium services and SGE has Adelina's Booty Search, but these are very different things and thus difficult to compare. Instead, this will just examine buying Gold/G-Points and the costs of cash shop items. (Note that prices may change without notice.)

Sword of the New World
Based on the pricing at Shattered Crystal, each unit of G1 Code has a consistent price of USD 0.0125. Using the cheapest and largest package deal in G1 Marketplace, each unit of Gold requires 0.64 unit of G1 Code (3200/5000). Thus, each unit of Gold costs USD 0.008 (0.64 x 0.0125). This value will be used to determine the price of cash shop items below.

Singapore Granado Espada
Using the best deal out of IAHGames iCash Cards, each G-Point costs SGD 0.000857 (60/70,000). According to Yahoo! Finance, the exchange rate for 9 Feb 200…

New Host for Portrait Generator

The family portrait generator has been moved to SotNW Database. You must register/login to use, and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser.

Sample Family Portrait

For older blog entries about the portrait generator, see GE Sig Site Is Down and Family Portrait Generator.

SNW 27: Los Toldos Revisited

Titania (ATP) and Gilgamesh (Claude) continued training at Scorching Plateau, becoming the family's 7th and 8th veterans. The family recruited and trained Visca (Grace) at Gigante Beach, where she survived a spinelle attempt by Irithia family from Fatal Clan. Thereafter, Visca (Grace) and Viki followed Jack to Rion Dungeon for more training.

Since so many Otite Perfumes dropped from Mystery Boxes, the family returned to Los Toldos once more, helping Eduardo to deal with Kurt in the end. After monotonously farming in Land of the Lag... Lag of the Dead... Land of the Dead, they got the Sad Old Man to craft Elite Mucerati Morningstar. After enchanting it to anti-golem mods, they crafted a second polearm. After enchanting the second one to anti-undead mods, they crafted a third polearm, which came with default anti-beast mods... when all Gilgamesh wanted was ONE general purpose polearm. Ugh.

The experts entered Bellem's Relics to defeat Victor, Wahlansche, and Captain Sharffenberger…

Valentine's Day Event

SGE is hosting another money-making in-game event for Valentine's Day, similar to the one last year. Win A Date With GM event is back. The 3 GMs are now campaigning from 4-13 Feb 2009, with a 1-hour final showdown on 14 Feb 2009 (see below for time).
Bach 1400 SGT - 1500 SGT (GMT +8) Rembrandt 1500 SGT - 1600 SGT (GMT +8) Giovanni 1600 SGT - 1700 SGT (GMT +8) Players can increase or decrease the vote for any of the 3 GMs by giving them Heart Chocolates (50 G-Points) or Broken Heart Chocolates (100 G-Points). Both items are available in the cash shop. Ka-ching! $$$

The top voter of the most popular GM across all 3 servers will get a Constellation series weapon of his choice. The top voters of the most popular GM in the other 2 servers will get a Constellation series weapon recipe instead. The top voters of the other 2 GMs in each server will get a Constellation series weapon recipe. The 2nd and 3rd voters of any GM in each server will get a…


In Norse mythology, Gungnir ("Swaying One") is Odin's spear with runes carved on its tip. The spear was fashioned by the dwarves known as the Sons of Ivaldi under the mastery of the blacksmith dwarf Dvalin. The spear was obtained by Loki as a partial reparation for his cutting of Sif's hair. The spear is described as having the ability to always hit its mark. At Ragnarok, Odin will fight Fenrir Wolf with Gungnir, but the god will lose and be slain instead.

Source: Wikipedia

Quarter Positions

Some players like to arrange the positions of their characters in the quarters. Once a character is created, the position is fixed. The position is determined by the order of creation (character name in pictures below).

Positions 3, 4, and 9 have variant poses. It seems if the character is wearing a skirt (e.g. female wizard/elementalist, Catherine the Summoner), then she will adopt the alternate poses below.

Thai GE Voice Pack (v2.9.1)

Thai GE client's sound effects file is now available for download. Simply download se.ipf and move it to Granado Espada\ge folder, backing up original file if desired. Thanks to Matthey for uploading this file!

Download from...

DR 29-32 Recipes

It seems GE v3.x has introduced recipes for the higher-end armors. Leather Armor Crystals are refined from Leather armors of the specified grade (DR). So, Elite Le Noir requires the destruction of 2 Elite Le Blanc to get the required Grade 30 Leather Armor Crystals. The refinement is available in Errac. Ambrosia, aka Liquid of Heaven, is a cash shop item. (Le Noir is renamed as Le Rouge in SNW. Senseless renames FTL.)

On an off-topic note, in less than 2 weeks after the release of v3.0, there are already Sexpert Selva in SGE... D:

Source - LN RecipeSexperted Selva

SNW 26: Novia Sealed

Titania (ATP) and Gilgamesh (Claude) continued their training in Fire Isle, while the family's pet Cthulhu looted enchantment chips. In Zone 1, they encountered SoriMacia family, who camped on top of them. After having PM ignored, Jack unequipped his polearm (used for AFK) and rebuilt his cannon turrets, out-gunning the KS-ing veteran Grace Bernelli. After failing to KS Jack, SoriMacia decided to move off and KS patherfinder2, another nearby family, instead. How obnoxious.

Another interesting encounter is when the family passed by Illiosteinovitch and Illiosteinavitch families, possibly 1 player with 2 accounts, at Gigante Beach. The characters were using 3 Emilia the Sages and 3 Catherine the Summoners with full hats and costumes. The family must be loaded to get 3 ETS. Anyway, manually controlling 3 Catherine the Summoners is not really possible for an extended period of time. Meh.

In any case, the emergency maintenance and repeated disconnections really messed up their training a…