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How Players Quit

Players come and go. People quit the game all the time. It is interesting to see how different players actually exit the game. Remember while the game world and characters are virtual, the players at the keyboards are real. The way a player handles his virtual character somewhat reflects the kind of person that he is, especially so under the cover of Internet anonymity when he is left unchecked by the lack of social repercussions.

The Good...
Some players gave away all their stuffs when quitting, either to friends, guild mates, or even complete strangers. Some enterprising ones hosted their own events to give away their equipment. For example, Hydroponics left Telos clan yesterday to host his quitting events for everyone in the server, giving away his DR+3 elite armors, Lv.100 weapons, Mystery Boxes, and more. Such players decided to have one last good time together with other players in the server.

After giving away his Behemoth Bracelet,
Hydroponics faced Thoracotomy for the last time... unarmed.

The Bad...
A second type of quitting players are the opposite. Instead of having fun together with other players, they decided to have fun at the expense of other players. They essentially go on PK-mode, either becoming barons or created a small clan and declared war on multiple clans. Since they quitted (or semi-quitted, if you prefer), they can avoid being PK-ed by staying offline most of the time, and then login and PK other players, especially those who are AFK, just to be a nuisance. They figured that since they don't really want to play anymore, they can run amok and annoy everybody else.

The real problem is that such anti-social behavior might spawn more of its kind. Supposing, if royalists start annoying republicans in this way, then some republicans who are annoyed enough to quit might decide to reciprocate and do the same to the royalists. Eventually, both sides will get tired of the game, leading to more and more people quitting. This is especially true for non-PK servers, since many players chose the server specifically to avoid having to deal with such PK issues.

A player's profile that displays such mentality.

... And The Ugly STFU & GTFO!
The last kind of quitting players simply uninstall the game without further drama. Some might delete their families altogether, while others might keep the families intact just in case they might want to return to the game in the future. A few others might even RMT their accounts or vis away. (It is illegal by game terms, of course. But then, what do they care?) It simply ends with private messages to their friends, "Guys, screw this game. I'm off! Bye!"

When I quitted SGE last time, I was of the third type, i.e. the silent quitter. There wasn't really anyone to say good-bye then, since my faction (i.e. clan) has disbanded. Most of the people I know have either quitted before me or were too busy botting to notice I was gone. Meh. I still have my old SGE account, and I sometimes login to see what's new in town, especially when the lag/disconnections in SNW are getting to me...

So what kind of player are YOU?


mooferz said…
I'm the silent quitter unless I know a lot of people in game. I never delete my accounts even if I know I'll never come back.

Aw, sucks to see Hydro leave, even though I don't think I ever saw him on. o.O
Shride said…
i killz peepals cuz i haz nuthin beter 2 do wif my spair tiem butt cauz peepal sad.


I just uninstalled all of my previous games. Sometimes it's fun to just go back on and reminisce.
Jeremy said…
I never really quit, I just stop logging in for long periods. Heck, I still log into Guild Wars once in a while and I probably haven't played that seriously for 3 years.

Usually just for special events, though.