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SNW 77: Arsene Circus

In Bahamar Murky Bayou, Pazuzu (STF) reached Expert Lv.8. By then, his level was no longer optimal (i.e. yellow name) against Escudo Preffer (Lv.111). So, Visca (Grace) went in his stead. Meanwhile, Cthulhu (Poppet), who was drowning in swamp water, looted 2 Old Chess Pieces, Robe of Superb Daemon, Conqueror Shotgun, and The Black Dragon. By pure chance, Visca (Grace) found a stray Swamp Angler, who then dropped the first Dragon Heart Recipe for the family since Christmas last year.

After v3.4 update, the family learnt from Simon Ayende that Grand Duke Felipe has sent the Arsene Circus Troupe, a disguised band of assassins, to the New World. Apparently, Grand Duke Felipe is the leader of the Ten Nobles, who masterminded the Three-Years War with Bristia and ruled Vespanola with the Queen under his thumb.

Princess Gabriella ordered the mercenary who protected her from assassins on the voyage to the New World to join the family. The family reluctantly gave up 50 Mysterious Powders since t…

Imperial Wheel: Feb 2010

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Feb 25-Mar 01, 2010. Other stuffs include Elite Le Blanc - Scout (DR 30, DEF 197) and Elite Carmaryllis (DR 29, DEF 160).

Body Costume + Hair
Male Musketeer Exclusive

Body Costume + Hat
Romina Exclusive

Shotgun • Expert Exclusive
ATK 269 • ATK Rating 33
Accuracy +20
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Knuckle • Expert Exclusive
ATK 200 • ATK Rating 33
Stun 5%
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Pistol • Expert Exclusive
ATK 277 • ATK Rating 33
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Rapier • Expert Exclusive
ATK 207 • ATK Rating 33
Block +5
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Sword • Veteran Exclusive
ATK 239 • ATK Rating 32
+15% ATK vs. Humans

SNW v3.4 Update

Sword of the New World has finally updated to v3.4 today, taking 5 months from the last update v3.0.13 which was patched on Sep 16, 2009. Evora, the test server for v3.4, was up for 1 week since Feb 18, 2010. The test server will be down from now on.1

See the following v3.4 topics in G1 Forums:
Part 1: Ania, Trump, & Dignite CostumesPart 2: Hellena, Pets, Family Levels, & Ability ScoresPart 3: Portmanteau III, Cash Shop, & Feso ExchangePart 4: Echoes of an Empire - Volume 2 (v3.4) Patch Notes

Art Credit: Unknown. Comment if you know the source. Thanks.

There are some online publicity features (i.e. interviews) at FreeMMOGamer, ONRPG, and Examiner. You may also want to check out sGE articles - Version Updates, v3.2 Patch Notes, and v3.4 Patch Notes.

Trump Weapons
I just took a look at the data table for the updated client. It is now different from the original test server data (see here). It seems we are getting the same buffed versions as sGE, i.e. veteran-exclusive with ATK Spe…

kGE Olympics 2010

Korea GE is having some sort of event to support 2010 Olympics from Feb 21-March 3, 2010. See 피겨 스케이트 메달 획득을 기원 합니다.! It seems like there's a new fighter costume involved in this event.

More screenshots can be found at kGE Screen Board.

SNW 76: 3 Treasures

The experts spent more time waist-deep in the swamp water of Bahamar Murky Bayou. Romina reached Expert Lv.6, while Pazuzu (STF) reached Expert Lv.7. This week, Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 4 Old Chess Pieces and Robe of Superb Daemon.

The treasure hunters found Daemon Slayer, Carbon Gaiters, and Grim-Shout as Fire Isle Treasures in Free Zone, Zone 2, and Zone 3.

This is the first time they found 3 treasures in a week. Both Qilue (f/sco) and Candide (Lorch) gained a level after staying in Zone 2 to farm some chips.

This is the family's first treasure in Zone 3 and it has to be a lame shield. Bleh. After finding the chest, the hunters were poked to death by a mob of javelin stabbers since detection skill will provoke monsters. A Soul Crystal was used to revive them to loot the drops. Oh well, at least a Lv.100 Enchantment Chip is still worth the cost of all the keys and 1 Soul Crystal.

Rem (Eduardo) and Selvaria (Selva) won the 2nd prize (6,600 Gold) for I <3 Sword forum contest! Yay~! …

Evora v3.4 Data

The following information are derived from the data inside Evora Test Server v3.4 patch, so the final data for live servers may differ.

Trump Weapons
Trump weapons will be expert-exclusive with default enchantments, i.e. ATK 30%, ATK Speed 20%, ATK Rating +1 for weapons and DEF +10, Block +10, and DEF Rating +1 for the shield. Some other game editions have buffed versions of these weapons. In sGE, they are veteran-exclusive with ATK Speed 30% or Block +30.1 In cGE, they are veteran-exclusive with ATK Rating +3 or DEF Rating +2.2

Snail Shells & Old Chess Pieces
In Bahamar Ancient Area, Ancient Taurus drops Old Chess Piece, while Ancient Spider-Crab drops Snail Shell. Both items have a drop rate of 1/10,000, which is the same as those dropped by Giant Snails and Escudo Preffers. The main difference here should be the mob spawn rates.

Body Costumes & Hairs/Hats
The following 3D (.lma) and texture (.dds) files have been added to v3.4 test client. All these items have already been releas…

Evora Test Server

Sword of the New World is ready for Evora, the new test server for v3.4. G1 Forums have added a section for Evora Test Server. Random players who have purchased Gold or Premium during Jan-Feb, 2010 will get access to Evora. Selected players will receive e-mails and be able to login with their live server ID and passwords.

See Evora!: A Brief Intro for details about the new test server and Evora Client Download & Access Details for how to set up the client.

Coming Soon™
In addition, G1-Neume revealed a few more tentative information for future updates.

This calendar year we are anticipating 3.4 (Winter), 4.1 (mid-Spring), 4.5 (late Summer/Early Fall) and potentially 1 more update (Thanksgiving/Christmas). [...] We're working toward a new box every 2-4 weeks. It is still unclear that we will be able to "wrap" back around to older costumes. Right now we have new costumes to offer every other week until the end of the year.1

Spring begins on March 20th, 2010. [...] 3.4 will b…

GE 3D Model

A small useful software can be used to render the 3D models of Granado Espada. The software website was linked from [遊戲] 改造Granado Espada by Flymok. See also 卓越之剑角色模型带完整贴图(第5次更新).

3D Sample: monster_novia_set1.lma

Some basic instructions...
Download 3D Object Convertor v4.4.0, then use the built-in updater to update to v4.4.13.Extract the desired 3D (.lma) file from char_hi.ipf or item_hi.ipf with IPF Extractor. You may also use low and mid versions of the files.
Extract the associated texture (.dds) files from char_texture.ipf and/or item_texture.ipf with IPF Extractor.
Move or copy the texture (.dds) files to the folder containing the 3D (.lma) files, if necessary.Open the 3D (.lma) file with 3D Object Convertor v4.4.13.
Click Textured button to load the textures. If it loads the wrong texture (e.g. head texture on object body), continue to steps #7-8. If you try to load texture without any texture (.dds) files in the folder (see step #4), it will report an error telling you which texture…

AM Box

AM Boxes are rewards for in-game events, such as Nimraldi Rendezvous. The boxes are known to drop the following...
10 Enchant Boosters
10 Soul Crystals10 Boost Potions50 Hermes Potions5 Triumph Fillers
Socket FluxVeteran Promotion Scroll
Andre's Costume BoxAncient Area Pass - 1 dayOtite PerfumeWheel of Destiny
Please leave a comment if you know of any item (preferably including amount dropped per box) not included in the above list.

SNW 75: Swamp Silurian

While looking for Swamp Angler about 3 hours after maintenance, the family ran into Swamp Silurian (Lv.110) in Bahamar Marsh. It dropped Enhanced Lightning RES Necklace Recipe and a few Lv.84-96 items/chips. It's annoying to fight it with melee characters since it will keep moving backwards when it tries to use skills. It knocks back quite often, and the Mermaid Curse debuff slows your movement, taking the characters a bloody long time to get into melee range.

Pazuzu (STF) and Visca (Grace) took turns to solo in Bahamar Murky Bayou until Expert Lv.6. Meanwhile, Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 3 Old Chess Pieces. The experts recovered Bracelet of Great Soul from Bellem's Relics, after beating up 2 Elmorcs, Swamp Angler, Gullfaxi, and Phobitan Chieftain.

The family joined Valentine's Day Events, but couldn't loot fast enough due to lag and stuffs. So G1-Armaldus took pity on all such families, and gave us 2 AM Boxes each. The boxes dropped 10 Boost Potions and Ancient Area Pass (…

User-Defined Hot-Keys

A few people have been asking me about how to set up user-defined hotkeys. It is actually quite simple. Before you start, close the game client if it is currently running.

Start the game client launcher/patcher, and click Config button to open GE Config window. You can also do this by running geconfig.exe in Granado Espada\release folder.

Under Setting Hotkeys, click Generating Hotkey Equipment button to open Hotkey window.

Click Save button, and save it as a .xml file into Granado Espada\release\user\hotkey folder.

Click End button to return to GE Config window.
Check to see that the hotkey path (e.g. C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\etc...) is updated. The field shouldn't say Default, if you did steps #3-4 properly.

Click Save button.
This should save the current (i.e. default, if you are not already using user-defined hotkeys) hotkeys as a .xml file and set the client to load that specific hotkey file.

Alternatively, you can go to Granado Espada\release folder and run hotkey.exe to ope…

cGE: Chinese New Year 2010

China GE is having its Chinese New Year events. See 2010 虎虎生威 for details.

Yellow Tiger
The cGE version of Yellow Tiger heals +1000 HP (priority), and also provides Lv.11 buffs - uh, I think - Intensify, Accelerate, and Consolidation.

Trump Costumes
These 30-days costumes grant DEF Rating +1, DEF +15, Movement +10%, Max HP +1500, and Max SP +300. The packages also include New Year Cakes and Promotion Scrolls.

EXP Boost +100%: Feb 9-25
All servers will get double EXP rate during the event. One server will get double Stance EXP rate as well.

Login For Freebies: Feb 13-19
Login everyday to receive Pet Food x30 and some event potions/consumables. Families with at least 1 Veteran character will also get Promotion Scrolls if they login for 3 days and 7 days.

Event Item Collection: Feb 9-Mar 4
Mobs will drop 4 event items (similar to Christmas alphabets). Exchange each set of 4 items with event NPC for assorted potions/consumables (common), rainbow/blue/red/pink candy (normal), Lv.40/70/90/Vet EXP Car…

Navigate Camera & Show State

Navigate Camera
In its default state (off), the camera is locked on the leader. By turning it on to unlock the camera, you can move the camera to view other areas of the map without moving your characters at all. This also allows you to elevate the camera to capture a bird-eye view of the map (see sample below). Some players use it to take screenshots of the Silent Maze map for navigation purpose. The Scarlet Underground (aka Culverts) map from jGE is most likely taken with this function as well.

Once the camera is unlocked, you cannot move your characters at all. Instead, use the following keys to control your camera.
Q = Increase Camera HeightW = Move Camera Forward
E = Decrease Camera HeightA = Move Camera LeftS = Move Camera Backward
D = Move Camera Right
8/2/4/6 (Number-Pad) = Spin Camera

Show State
In its default state (off), the status lines of each character is hidden. By turning it on, each character will have a line of text overhead. It shows the character's hit points, current …

SNW 74: More Chess Pieces

The experts took a short break for Averroes (Najib) and Qilue (f/sco) to train in Gehenna Bridge, Skeleton Dungeon 1F, and Topolo Durga. Averroes (Najib) reached Lv.100, so he can now use +6 Veteran Pioneer Rifle for his hunting job. Loki (Tiburon) and Hermes (Ramiro) spent some time loitering in Gigante Beach. Thereafter, Pazuzu (STF) resumed his training in Bahamar Murky Bayou again, reaching Expert Lv.5 and looting 3 Old Chess Pieces.

The treasure hunters found Bracelet of Leviathan as their 37th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2. It was a close shave, as they found it just a few seconds before the hunt ended. Another hunt ended with nobody finding the treasure. The experts recovered a miserable Grim-Shout from Bellem's Relics.

This week, G1 servers were under some sort of denial-of-service attacks for hours.1 No compensation will be given, according to Neume2, but there will be another EXP event when v3.4 officially launches... Soon™. Feb 17 is the latest tentative date3, although it…

ABS Update: Feb 2010

ABS (sGE) has updated its loot table. Discuss it at [ABS] Ferruccio's Library.

Top loot is Dragon Heart Recipe, DR30 Elite Schvarlier Armor Recipe, and 50 Bonus ABS.

Prized Booty include Constellation Symbol Box, AR32 elite bracelet recipes, Lv.96 DR29 elite armor recipes, ogre/werewolf weapon recipes, Garim's Belt recipe, and Will of Argus recipe.

Other Finds include promotional character cards (except ETS), assorted lollipops, colored ores, and other event potions.

In addition, there is a game credit promotion for online purchases. See CNY Special @ OffGamers & MOL for details.

Trading Lv.4 Missions

Lv.4 missions are acquired from Mission Lobby Merchant in Gigante Beach (I6) for 1,000 reputation points. Reputation points are gained mainly through quests (including monster-hunting quests) and training a low-level family through Secret Guard (Ctrl-D). Unlike Lv.1-3 missions, Lv.4 missions cannot be traded directly.

When a Lv.4 mission is used inside another instance (e.g. Lv.2 Spotlight, Triple X Triple PvP Room), the mission item will drop on the ground instead of opening the mission lobby. Thus, to transfer a Lv.4 mission from one family to another, both families must enter the same instance, so that one family can use the Lv.4 mission to drop it, while the other family loots it after the item loses its name-tag.

For trading restricted items from boxes (e.g. Ancient Area Pass, Costume, Otite Perfume), see "Trading" Untradable Costumes.

Magic Circle: Jan 2010

Magic Circle (kGE) has been updated for Jan 2010. The top rewards are Catherine Torsche card and Serpent Costumes for Wizard (m/f). Check the link for other rewards.