Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 77: Arsene Circus

In Bahamar Murky Bayou, Pazuzu (STF) reached Expert Lv.8. By then, his level was no longer optimal (i.e. yellow name) against Escudo Preffer (Lv.111). So, Visca (Grace) went in his stead. Meanwhile, Cthulhu (Poppet), who was drowning in swamp water, looted 2 Old Chess Pieces, Robe of Superb Daemon, Conqueror Shotgun, and The Black Dragon. By pure chance, Visca (Grace) found a stray Swamp Angler, who then dropped the first Dragon Heart Recipe for the family since Christmas last year.

After v3.4 update, the family learnt from Simon Ayende that Grand Duke Felipe has sent the Arsene Circus Troupe, a disguised band of assassins, to the New World. Apparently, Grand Duke Felipe is the leader of the Ten Nobles, who masterminded the Three-Years War with Bristia and ruled Vespanola with the Queen under his thumb.

Princess Gabriella ordered the mercenary who protected her from assassins on the voyage to the New World to join the family. The family reluctantly gave up 50 Mysterious Powders since that skank feigned ignorance about the circus until you do so. She was named Sylune (Calyce) after a ghost-like spectral harpist who numbered among the Seven Sisters in Forgotten Realms RPG.

Adelina brought into the family the last member of Marine Heroes (v3.5), while Dr. Torsche finished rebuilding another Catherine. Ahab (Alejandro) was named after the ship captain who was obsessed with vengeance against the white whale in the 1851 novel, Moby-Dick. Cameron (Catherine STR) was named after the reprogrammed robot assassin played by Summer Glau in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series.

The family purchased 3 Karj's Portmanteau III boxes and acquired Baby Pet Box (Panpan), Angler Spinelle, and 2 Earth Stones. Oreo (Panpan) was named after the black-and-white sandwich cookie manufactured by Nabisco.

Pazuzu (STF) infiltrated into the Summer Palace from the sewers to confront the Arsene Circus. Like all BBEG, the troupe leader Arsene III kept ranting his torturous soliloquy and, in accordance with the fine tradition of RPG, let slip the secret that their assassination target was Emilia. He also accused Dr. Torsche and Lord Ulrich (Viki's uncle) of betraying Grand Duke Felipe.

The family decided to let Helena rot in prison for another week, before attempting to ask Ania out and rescue her. The family didn't find any File Isle Treasure this week, but managed to retrieve Bracelet of Great Soul from Bellem's Relics.