Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW v3.4 Update

Sword of the New World has finally updated to v3.4 today, taking 5 months from the last update v3.0.13 which was patched on Sep 16, 2009. Evora, the test server for v3.4, was up for 1 week since Feb 18, 2010. The test server will be down from now on.1

See the following v3.4 topics in G1 Forums:
Art Credit: Unknown. Comment if you know the source. Thanks.

There are some online publicity features (i.e. interviews) at FreeMMOGamer, ONRPG, and Examiner. You may also want to check out sGE articles - Version Updates, v3.2 Patch Notes, and v3.4 Patch Notes.

Trump Weapons
I just took a look at the data table for the updated client. It is now different from the original test server data (see here). It seems we are getting the same buffed versions as sGE, i.e. veteran-exclusive with ATK Speed 30% (weapon) and Block +30 (shield). Screenshots of these weapons are available at 散歩道.

Feso Exchange
The Feso Exchange has been upgraded, but only slightly. It now contains Polish: Veteran (F 50k), Mysterious Key (F 50k), Veteran Scroll (F 250k), Forgotten Area Pass 1-day (F 75k), and Weapon/Armor Crafting Box (F 100k). The 3 standard stance books are also missing at the moment. G1-Neume said:

Those additional stances will be added in the next patch (in March). I made a mistake and accidentally forgot to add them to the Feso Exchange... . But we'll get them with the Andre/Karj IV boxes I promise!

To be clear I'm talking about these stances:
Semilunar - Expert Crescent Stance exclusive to Nar
Gorgeous - Expert double Tonfa Stance exclusive to Ania
Forgotten Magic - Veteran Lord of Elemental Stance exclusive to Hellena

I am very sorry this is all my fault and we'll get it in ASAP.2

EXP +50%: Buff Or Bluff?
The base EXP for live servers will also be increased by +50% until next maintenance.3 However, it doesn't seem to be in effect. I took note of EXP just before maintenance, and found that after maintenance, my solo Expert Lv.6 character still gets the same 4,257 EXP from an Escudo Preffer.


Tuyen Phan said…
same here I do not notice any exp increase at all, and all servers happen to be offline right now 7:48 PM EST. Guess they're turning on some features.