Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

User-Defined Hot-Keys

A few people have been asking me about how to set up user-defined hotkeys. It is actually quite simple. Before you start, close the game client if it is currently running.

  1. Start the game client launcher/patcher, and click Config button to open GE Config window. You can also do this by running geconfig.exe in Granado Espada\release folder.


  3. Under Setting Hotkeys, click Generating Hotkey Equipment button to open Hotkey window.


  5. Click Save button, and save it as a .xml file into Granado Espada\release\user\hotkey folder.


  7. Click End button to return to GE Config window.

  8. Check to see that the hotkey path (e.g. C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\etc...) is updated. The field shouldn't say Default, if you did steps #3-4 properly.

  9. Click Save button.
This should save the current (i.e. default, if you are not already using user-defined hotkeys) hotkeys as a .xml file and set the client to load that specific hotkey file.

Alternatively, you can go to Granado Espada\release folder and run hotkey.exe to open Hotkey window (as above) and save the .xml file. Then, open user.xml file with Notepad, and change it to <Hotkey Hotkeyfilename="C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\release\user\hotkey\myhotkeyfilename.xml">.

Thereafter, you can edit the .xml file directly by opening it with Notepad. Note that you should not assign multiple functions/commands to the same hot-key. Make sure each hot-key is unique in its assigned function/command. See also Navigate Camera & Show State and Auto-Zoom & Hide Active Markers.

Reverting to Default Hotkeys
Under Setting Hotkeys in GE Config window, click Basic Value button. The hotkey path (see step #5) should revert to Default. Then click Save.

Alternatively, open user.xml file with Notepad, and change it to <Hotkey Hotkeyfilename="Default">.


Anonymous said…
Is there a function to make the character walk?
Ashardalon said…
Not that I know of. You need Black Magic Stone in your inventory for walking.
Ibaney said…
Please put to download this "customized hotkey UI" of
the pics above ....
The orignal installer of GE Ui hotkeys is "buged" its size and poor fit on the screen