[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Evora v3.4 Data

The following information are derived from the data inside Evora Test Server v3.4 patch, so the final data for live servers may differ.

Trump Weapons
Trump weapons will be expert-exclusive with default enchantments, i.e. ATK 30%, ATK Speed 20%, ATK Rating +1 for weapons and DEF +10, Block +10, and DEF Rating +1 for the shield. Some other game editions have buffed versions of these weapons. In sGE, they are veteran-exclusive with ATK Speed 30% or Block +30.1 In cGE, they are veteran-exclusive with ATK Rating +3 or DEF Rating +2.2

Snail Shells & Old Chess Pieces
In Bahamar Ancient Area, Ancient Taurus drops Old Chess Piece, while Ancient Spider-Crab drops Snail Shell. Both items have a drop rate of 1/10,000, which is the same as those dropped by Giant Snails and Escudo Preffers. The main difference here should be the mob spawn rates.

Body Costumes & Hairs/Hats
The following 3D (.lma) and texture (.dds) files have been added to v3.4 test client. All these items have already been released in other game editions, such as sGE. I have included some links to screenshots of some items. You should be able to find the rest online.

Body CostumesHairs/Hats
Female Cow Suit - F/Basic [M&S]
Male Cow Suit - M/Basic [M&S]
White Santa - Basic
Piernoente - Fig [96E]
Zephyranthes - M/Fig [HoG]
Camaryllis - Mus [96E]
Clivia Sprite - F/Mus [HoG]
Spit Clianthes - M/Mus [HoG]
Cronian Nephthys - F/Sco [BWR]
Cronian Thanatos - M/Sco [BWR]
Inviardeco - Sco [96E]
Geniaruleano - Ele [96E]
Nana Artogeia - F/Ele [M&S]
Goldentale Magius - M/Ele [M&S]
Calienalbino - Wiz [96E]
Veronica Chipao - F/Wiz [M&S]
Angel Ring - Basic
Female Cow Hat - F/Basic [M&S]
Male Cow Hat - M/Basic [M&S]
Piernoente Hat - Fig [HTTF]
Gilded Shaggy Hair - M/Fig [HoG]
Tight Arranged Hair - F/Mus
Wild Layered Shaggy Hair - M/Mus
Shaggy Wolf Hair - M/Sco
Scratch Head - M/Ele
Calienalbino Hat - F/Wiz
Natural Wave Hair - F/Wiz
Wave Perm Hair - M/Wiz
Fuzzer (aka Milky) Bob - Grace [HTTG]

Note: Just because an item is inside the client, it does not mean that you will be able to get it. For example, White Bone Frame Costume and Silver Skullic Bracer are already inside v3.0 client, but we still have no access to them as yet. Similarly, Dignite Costumes are already inside v3.0 client, but the quest to acquire them is available only in v3.4.


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