[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Evora Test Server

Sword of the New World is ready for Evora, the new test server for v3.4. G1 Forums have added a section for Evora Test Server. Random players who have purchased Gold or Premium during Jan-Feb, 2010 will get access to Evora. Selected players will receive e-mails and be able to login with their live server ID and passwords.

See Evora!: A Brief Intro for details about the new test server and Evora Client Download & Access Details for how to set up the client.

Coming Soon™
In addition, G1-Neume revealed a few more tentative information for future updates.

This calendar year we are anticipating 3.4 (Winter), 4.1 (mid-Spring), 4.5 (late Summer/Early Fall) and potentially 1 more update (Thanksgiving/Christmas). [...] We're working toward a new box every 2-4 weeks. It is still unclear that we will be able to "wrap" back around to older costumes. Right now we have new costumes to offer every other week until the end of the year.1

Spring begins on March 20th, 2010. [...] 3.4 will be released this Winter. 4.1 will be a late Spring launch and 4.5 will be around "Back-to-School" time. We'll have a Halloween patch, a Christmas patch and a New Years patch. We *may* have another patch as well.2

At the moment I only have solid data on 3.4, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.1. So I can say she [Asoka] won't be in those.3

Don't the seasons occur at different time for different locations/countries? It's somewhat confusing to use seasons as markers when talking to an international audience. The same is true for "back-to-school" time. Anyway, I assume this means... v4.1 will be expected around June, 2010. v4.5 should be around Sept-Oct, 2010.


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