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Quinzel's & Raiden's Box IX

Sword 2 has added Pet Box (Phobitan) to the cash shop for 3,500 Gold. Two new boxes are available for 250 Gold each. See Quinzel's, Raiden's IX and Phobitan Pet for details. Click on images below for full-size view.

Quinzel's Surprise IX includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Virgo, Cattleya Costume (Helena), Ixia Hat (Grace), Iris Chipao Costume (Soso), Zepirantes Costume (m/fig), etc.

Raiden's Box of Rage IX includes Dragon's Fury Pistol (L100 AR32 pistol), Star Knuckle (L92 AR30 knuckle), Symbol of Gemini, etc.

Viron Scenario

Revelations (v6.7) patch added Viron maps and several new quest lines. The first set is Raven Recruitment Quest. There are 3 other quest lines related to Viron. You may check Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps for drop rates of various quest items.

See Raven for quest details.


[120] Baron Dominion Family
Prerequisite: Completed Recruit Raven quests.
Talk to Wheelton in Viron (I7), who suspected Farrel is after Baroness Dominion's money.Talk to Baroness Dominion in Viron (C7).Talk to Wheelton in Viron (I7).Talk to Baroness Dominion in Viron (C7), who is worried about her half-sister's romance.Talk to Dean in Viron (G8).Talk to Mella in Viron (E8).Talk to Genia the Tools Merchant (not Genia the Alchemist) in Viron (E7). Talk to Bandelier the Taikbin in Viron (G5) to start a combat mission.Defeat Bandelier the Taikbin (L120 Human) and some mobs (L120 Human) within 30 minutes.Talk to Bandelier the Taikbin again.Go to Viron (H2) and trigger the d…

Sword 154: Master Valeria

To: Office of Pioneering Support

Athena (f/fig) reached Master Lv.8, while Tlazolteotl (Ania) reached Veteran Lv.5. Ishtar (Valeria) was finally promoted to Master Lv.1. The sad thing is that even though we took our time to slowly train her since she was recruited in Week 133, she still reached Master before getting [Innocentio] stance book from Joaquin Underground Prison. Somebody seriously need to file a complaint to Testormento. All Ishtar (Valeria) can do now is retire to the quarters and cry.

 Instead of [Innocentio] stance book, what we got from Joaquin Underground Prison this week are:
3 Veteran Gloves/Boots2 L100 Armors, Portable ASO BoxL100 Weapon, Veteran Gloves, Honor B CardHonor B Card, Portable ASO Box, Marcia Poleax RecipeL100 Weapon, L92 Elite Weapon, Veteran Boots2 Veteran Boots, L100 Armor Athena (f/fig) is still waiting for Tormento Recipe, so she is rather annoyed at getting yet another polearm recipe again. Nothing worthwhile came out of Crow Forest and Occult…

Magic Circle 20

Magic Circle 20 (Korea) has been released. Other notable rewards include Ralph Character Card and Pet Box (Cockatrice).

Beach Sunglasses
Face Costume • Grace Bernelli

Emerald Summer Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Grace Bernelli
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: July 2011 (Japan).

Wind of First Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Claire
Previously released in Treasure Shooting 1 (Japan).

[SG] Duration Rumins
Meanwhile, IAHGames has released duration rumins (aka jewels) for body/weapon costumes. See [Cash Shop] Duration Rumins. Each duration rumin costs 1,000 G-Points. (For comparison, Mystery Powder costs 220 G-Points.) I don't get why the article calls these "prototype items" though. Some regional editions (e.g. Japan) already have such duration rumins given as part of those web games (e.g. Imperial Wheel). I suppose they are just trying to test how much players are willing to pay for more virtual items. As the game progresses, it involves more and more "p…

Imperial Wheel V: August 2011

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for August 2011. Other notable rewards include Anemone Costume Set (Calyce), Black Buffalo Costume Set (Selva), The Secret of Aquichtus Costume (dagger), The Inexorability of Ventuamos Costume (sabre), Fate of Castilla (DR31 metal armor), Angel Revolver (AR33 pistol), and [Punisher] Stance Book. The new items are listed below. Click on the image for full-size view.

Sabre of Troopers
Sabre • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 317
ATK +3% (9) • Penetration +8 • Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK +3

Blade of Insincere
Sword • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 261
ATK +3% (7) • Penetration +8

Rod of Pride
Rod • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 308
ATK +5% (15) • Mental Penetration +5 • ATK Speed +10% • Max SP +15%

Lamentation of Einschwer
Weapon Costume • Pistol

Cerasus Valiente Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Mifuyu
See 『グラナドエスパダ』日本オリジナルコスチューム大事典 46 for concept art of this costume.

Viola Neve Costume
Body Costume • Female Elementalist
Variant texture for La Ventisca Costume.


Adelina's Atonement

Revelations (v6.7) patch added several extended quests for various characters. These quests are about Adelina meeting the father of the crew she murdered in her Adelina's Revenge quest and her attempt to bring the orphan to Viron. You must have Adelina (not Adelina the Pirate) in the team to initiate all NPC dialogs. You do not need to bring Adelina along for hunting items. You can check the drop rates of quest items at Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps.

[100] Atonement of the Past
Requirements: Completed Adelina's Revenge quest.
Reward: 1 Veteran Polish.
Details: Oswalts asks about his son Bardi, who was a crew on Adelina's ship - Dos Palas. Bardi apparently had great respect for Adelina, but the latter previously killed him in her quest for revenge. Adelina feels somewhat remorseful, and Ricardo recommends looking for Bardi's son in Sea Elephant Cafe.
Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11). Talk to Captain Ricardo in Coimbra.
[100] Bardi's Son
Reward: 1 Veteran Polish (per…

Le Pouvoir

New Le Pouvoir armors have been added to Cash Shop for 18,000-20,000 G-Points, depending on armor type. (For comparison, 1 Mystery Powder costs 220 G-Points, so each armor costs about 81 or 91 Mystery Powders.) They are basically Le Blanc (DR27) that has been updated to +7 and enchanted with DEF and DEF Rating +3 with 3 opened sockets. They last for 30 days. Supposedly, they are meant for new players to use before they acquire Elite Le Blanc (DR30). See [Cash Shop] Le Pouvoir Armour for details.

Personally, I think they are too expensive for a temporary item. Using Le Blanc (DR27) as a base item is pointless even for new players. L92 Elite Armors (DR28) are really cheap, and can be easily upgraded/enchanted. Even Le Noir (DR29) isn't worth much now. It would be more useful and worthwhile if they use Le Noir (DR29) as a base item, and add 2 or 3 HQ Spodumenes. After all, it vanishes after 30 days. Who is going to put expensive Jewels/Rumins into them?

This comment pretty much sums…

Sword 153: Magic Earrings & Dragon Heart

To: Office of Pioneering Support

There wasn't much character advancement in Granado Espada this week, as the family continues to explore other lands. After bribing her with assorted goods for a few weeks, Angelica (Adelina) finally managed to persuade Lisa to reveal the whereabouts of Bardi's son. It appears the poor kid has gone to Los Toldos.

However, we managed to do a few runs of Occulta Bounty Hunt, Torsche's Basement, Joaquin Underground Prison, and Crow Forest. As usual, there were lots of crappy Honor Cards and Portable ASO Boxes. One crappy day yielded 4 Honor B Cards, 2 Portable ASO Boxes, and 2 L100 Weapons from various roulette chests. Paying 2m-4m vis for an extra roulette item only to get Portable ASO Box always makes us feel like we are being scammed. But there was at least 1 good drop this week - Magic Earrings Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison, so it somewhat made up for all the crap. There are still some missing materials, so we will craft it at …

Elemental Specialists: Ludin, Inon, & Beatrice

There is a new forum write-up on magic characters. See 속성 마법 캐릭터! 그 숨겨진 베일을 벗다!. I'm not going to translate the whole thing, but I will point out the 3 elemental specialists.

Ludin's Fire
Ludin, the fire specialist, was already introduced, along with her unique [Efreet] stance. See also 2011 Summer Update Preview. See also [YouTube] Granado Espada Ludin Expert Stance or embedded video below. More Korean articles about Ludin are available - Ludin & Efreet and Ludin Recruitment Quest.

Inon's Ice
Inon Oannes has been renamed as Inon Felipe, becoming the son of Archduke Felipe. His story is still linked to Marquis Hernan and Catherine Torsche. See also 2011 Summer Update Preview 2.

Beatrice's Lightning
The new lightning specialist is now shown as part of character design event. See 나는 디자이너다 for the event. Her tentative name is Beatrice (left). There are also 2 other new characters - Lionel (middle) and Vincent (right). (No, not the rifle + pistol guy, and not Vincent R…

Quinzel's & Raiden's Box VIII

Pet Box (Cockatrice) has been added to Sword 2 cash shop for 3,500 Gold, along with 2 new boxes for 250 Gold each. See Quinzel's and Raiden's VIII. Cockatries Pet for the official notice.

Quinzel's Surprise VIII includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Leo, La Fleur Ecarlate Costume (f/ele), Cattleya Hair (Helena), Blackness Rose Costume (m/wiz), and Blaue Spiel Costume (Rio). Note that Helena gets only her hair (but not costume), while elementalist gets her costume (but not hair).

Raiden's Box of Rage VIII includes Dragon's Eye Bracelet (L100 AR30 elemental bracelet), Symbol of Libra, and Crystal Shotgun (L92 AR30 shotgun).

Alejandro's The Pequod

Revelations (v6.7) patch added several extended side quests for various characters. It must be a revelation for players to find that Alejandro used to be a young stud with lots of girls after him. This quest is about Alejandro's attempt to rebuild his ship. You must have Alejandro in the team to initiate all NPC dialogs. You do not need to bring Alejandro along for collecting items. You can check the drop rates of items at Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps.

[100-110] Let's Make the Pequod

Talk to Durum in Viron (G10).Collect 1,000 High Quality Wood and 10 Ebony Trees. HQ Wood drops in Ustiur and Viron forest maps, and can be bought from Textile Merchant in Coimbra for 53,000 vis. Ebony Trees are dropped by Eltetah (L108 Life) in Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Wastes.Talk to Durum in Viron for 2 Veteran Polish and 1 Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Card.Collect 50 Dragon Leathers from various dinosaurs in Ustiur zones.Talk to Durum in Viron for 2 Veteran Polish and 1 Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Car…

Sword 152: Fury Griffons

To: Office of Pioneering Support

The family did a few raid missions whenever possible this week. It seems like the more missions we missed, the more we feel like missing them. Griffon mission dropped Elite Le Blanc (fig) Recipe and Symbol of Libra. Joaquin Underground Prison yielded Elite Le Blanc (sco) Recipe, and Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) reached Master Lv.2 inside the mission. Everything else was crap as usual. We even get 2 Honor B Cards + 1 crap item for Joaquin mission 3 times in a row.

We participated in our first party missions and received the following as the roulette rewards:
Mad Farm: 2 L84 Elite ArmorsMad Griffon: White Gold Bar, L92 Elite Armor RecipeMad Rafflesia: L96 Elite Armor Recipe, L100 ArmorMad Uraeus: Le Scarce (mus), Symbol of LeoMad Sharffenberger: White Gold Bar, L100 Weapon Seriously, White Gold Bars? Series of Honor Cards? The prospect of the New World is becoming rather dim. As such, we have reduced our activities in Granado Espada to explore the land of L…

Karjalain's Training For Fashion Industry

Revelations (v6.7) patch added several extended quests for various characters. These quests are about Karjalain's training with different bears in order to have a rematch with "White Pervert" (Andre) and Andre's suspicious tests to let her take over to lead the fashion industry. You must have Karjalain in the team to initiate all NPC dialogs. You do not need to bring Karjalain along for hunting quest items. You can check the drop rates of quest items at Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps.

[102] Training
Talk to Karjalain in Auch.Kill 500 Bear Workers (L104 Life) in Via Fluvial or Deprimida Valley.Talk to Karjalain for 3 Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Cards.[106] Training 2
Talk to Karjalain in Auch.Kill 500 Arctic Bears (L108 Life) in Katovic Snowfield or Frozen Wastes.Talk to Karjalain for 3 Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Cards.[110] Training 3
Talk to Karjalain in Auch.Kill 1 Angry Big Bear (L108 Life, HP 2m, AR/DR 54) in Frozen Wastes (H2/I2).Talk to Karjalain for 3 Veteran B (1.4m) EXP Car…

History of Granado Espada

The following historical timeline was translated from GE 編年史. Some additional details are taken from elsewhere (see related links below).

1483 - The country of Opoluto was in economic recession, due to its trade with Katai being cut off by Targa, which opposed the nations of Orpesia. The noble explorer Ferruccio Espada, and his assistant Gilberto Granado, sought out a new oceanic trade route across the Dark Sea to the West.

1488 - Out of the 12 ships set forth from Opoluto, only the ship of Ferruccio Espada and his assistant Gilberto Granado reached the New World safely. To commemorate their discovery, the New World was named Granado Espada. Gilberto Granado, a commoner by birth, was elevated to the ranks of nobility.

1490 - The second expedition of Ferruccio Espada proved that the New World was uninhabited. Opoluto began massive development of the New World. Porto Bello was built as the first port in the New World. The rich commoners of Opoluto, with the help of the government, b…

Detective Angie's Training

Revelations (v6.7) patch added several extended quests for various characters. See [v6.7 Feature] RNPC Quest Extensions and Angie's Continued Quest. These quests are about Angie's attempt to emulate Gertrude as a detective and her attempt to convince Uncle Jack to let her continue traveling. You must have Angie in the team to initiate all NPC dialogs. You do not need to bring Angie along for hunting quest items. You can check the drop rates of quest items at Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps.

[80] Detective Angie 1-2
Talk to Gertrude in Auch.Talk to Gertrude again.Collect 100 Pieces of Bone from Skeletons (L78 Undead) in Old Port of Coimbra.Talk to Gertrude in Auch.[100] Detective Angie 3-5
Talk to Jack in Reboldeaux Stone Pit to start a combat mission.Defeat Stranger (L100 Human) within 10 minutes.Talk to Jack again.Talk to Gertrude in Auch. He will let the prisoner go.Talk to Gertrude again.[100] Yeganeh's Training
Talk to Yeganeh in Reboldeaux. Collect 50 Suckers of Cragen and …

Sword 151: Raven

To: Office of Pioneering Support

We are pleased to report that we have made some progress in investigating Viron. We received a summon by Lorch concerning some news about Viscount Montoro. After taking Ortega's letter from Lorch, we returned to Viron and presented it to Lionel, who apparently belonged to one of the noble families as well. According to Lionel, Fe Lomme Castle was built in 1300s and is now managed by a butler in his 30s named Raven. We ventured to Red Sunset Forest and was ambushed by a red-haired female warrior. She fled when Raven joined the fight. Maybe she is mute, since every time she shows up, all she ever says is "....".

The butler then admitted that Montoro is his master and revealed some interesting titbits about him. Montoro is apparently 50 years old and is the right-hand man of Marquis Hernandez. He is also the owner of Glacial Fortress (aka Ice Wizard's Tower) and the lover of Novia, who herself is also one of the Ten Nobles. Raven was a B…

2011 Summer Update Bonus Preview

Hanbiton (Korea) has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 2011년 여름 업데이트. As usual, materials from update previews may be subject to changes before official release.

1. Evil Weapons
Dr. Torsche's study of the device found in Lucifer Castle's gardens have yielded results. Evil Weapons have been added. These weapons have ATK Rating 34, and cannot be traded or refined into weapon crystals. They seem to be some sort of prototypes for Strata Devil Weapons, having the same available enchantments. The quest involved Dr. Torsche, Time Crystal, and Viron Clock Tower. There are 8 missions which can attempted 1/day, giving roulette rewards which may drop the required crystals. They also drop materials required to craft Strata Devil equipment.

2. Quests: Oswalts, Lisa, & Adelina
Adelina's Viron quest got extended further. Talk to Oswalts in Viron again with Adelina (not Adelina the Pirate) to initiate quest. Previously, Adelina killed Bardi in her quest to avenge her dead husb…

Quinzel's & Raiden's Box VII

Sword 2 has added new items to Cash Shop, including Status Ampule Package (Str/Dex/Con/etc. +3 for 1 hour = 1,000 Gold), Intensified Strength Potion (AM Boost, HP +1500, SP +100 for 10 hours = 350 Gold), and 2 new boxes mentioned below (250 Gold). There is also Pet Box (Capyleader) for 3,500 Gold. Capybara Pet loots items and increases Combat/Stance/Drop Rate by +10%. The other 2 pets with the same function - Cockatrice and Phobitan Imp - will be released later. 

Quinzel's Surprise VII includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Sagittarius, Blue Serpent Costume (f/wiz), Lavender Hat (Selva), Schwarseiz Costume (Romina), and Koronian Thanatos Costume (m/sco).

Raiden's Box of Rage VII includes Dragon's Fury Rifle (L100 AR32 rifle), Symbol of Taurus, and Elemental Bracelet (L92 AR29 LOE bracelet).

Feso Shop has also been updated with Shiny Key (330 feso), Lollipops (2,000 feso), and more portable ammo boxes. See Maintenance Change Log for details.

Alchemy Results

Revelations (v6.7) patch introduced alchemy in Viron, which can transmute "useless" items into potentially valuable items like Dragon Heart and Symbol of Naraka. See [v6.7 Feature] Alchemy for a list of possible drops, and Alchemical Materials for a list of ingredients available in v6.7.

The following test was done with three Grade 3 alchemical ingredients, then upgraded by adding more vis. The total rank is thus 10 (3+3+3+1), costing 198,000 vis. This was done 116 times at a total cost of 22,968,000 vis. The results are as follows: 

I got 1 Symbol of Naraka out of 116 refinements. The most common drop was 10 Hermes Potions (25/116), followed by 3 HQ Gems (20/116) and 3 Rough Stones (19/116).

Food For M'Boma

Revelations (v6.7) patch added several extended quests for various characters. See [v6.7 Feature] RNPC Quest Extensions. This post details M'Boma's fight against racial prejudice. All NPC dialogs require M'Boma to be in the party to initiate. You do not need to bring M'Boma along for hunting quest items in field maps.

[70] Excited M'Boma
Prerequisites: Completed Recruit M'Boma quests.
Talk to M'Boma in Coimbra.Kill the King of Meadows (L84 Undead) in Vegas Javier (J6). He usually stays in J6, but egg shell hunters may drag him away by accident.Talk to M'Boma in Coimbra to receive 5 Shiny Crystals.
[78] Jose and M'Boma
Prerequisites: Completed Recruit Jose quests and the quest above.
Talk to Jose Cortasar in Coimbra to start a combat mission. Jose challenges M'Boma since he is an Abisinian.Defeat Jose Cortasar (L78 Human) within 5 minutes.Talk to Jose again and choose your reward - Shiny Crystals, EXP Cards, or both. Choosing both will result in 3 Sh…