Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 153: Magic Earrings & Dragon Heart

To: Office of Pioneering Support

There wasn't much character advancement in Granado Espada this week, as the family continues to explore other lands. After bribing her with assorted goods for a few weeks, Angelica (Adelina) finally managed to persuade Lisa to reveal the whereabouts of Bardi's son. It appears the poor kid has gone to Los Toldos.

However, we managed to do a few runs of Occulta Bounty Hunt, Torsche's Basement, Joaquin Underground Prison, and Crow Forest. As usual, there were lots of crappy Honor Cards and Portable ASO Boxes. One crappy day yielded 4 Honor B Cards, 2 Portable ASO Boxes, and 2 L100 Weapons from various roulette chests. Paying 2m-4m vis for an extra roulette item only to get Portable ASO Box always makes us feel like we are being scammed. But there was at least 1 good drop this week - Magic Earrings Recipe from Joaquin Underground Prison, so it somewhat made up for all the crap. There are still some missing materials, so we will craft it at a later date. Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Gemini, Le Noir (wiz), and Elite Ziz Bracelet Recipe.

We also joined in the party missions, and brought an alternate/mule family along for extra freebies.
  • Mad Farm: 2 L84 Elite Armors + L84 Elite Armor, White Gold Bar
  • Mad Rafflesia: 2 L84 Elite Armors + HQ Sapphire, L100 Armor
  • Mad Sharffenberger: L100 Weapon, DR29 Armor Recipe + DR29 Armor Recipe, L100 Armor
  • Mad Uraeus: Shiny Crystal Chest, L84 Elite Armor + L84 Elite Armor, L100 Weapon
  • Mad Griffon: Dragon Heart Recipe, L100 Weapon + L84 Elite Armor, DR29 Armor Recipe
  • Party Arena: Honor B Card, Honor A Card
IMC really needs to remove those L84 Elite Equipment from the drop tables... Because getting Honor Cards from regular raid missions wasn't enough, the party missions have to give more of them. The family still has 343,702 reputation points, even with the expenditure for bounty hunts. Stop giving us Honor Cards, for goodness' sake! But finally, we got our first Dragon Heart Recipe from party missions after everybody else seems to be flooded with them.

Anyway, we heard rumors of an event where free Cat Hairbands (previously mentioned in Cat Hat & Cat Bands) are given away to pioneers for... behaving like a cat apparently, but we weren't around to witness the event. See LOLCATS Weekend - Promotion & Events for more details.