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Adelina's Atonement

Revelations (v6.7) patch added several extended quests for various characters. These quests are about Adelina meeting the father of the crew she murdered in her Adelina's Revenge quest and her attempt to bring the orphan to Viron. You must have Adelina (not Adelina the Pirate) in the team to initiate all NPC dialogs. You do not need to bring Adelina along for hunting items. You can check the drop rates of quest items at Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps.

[100] Atonement of the Past
Requirements: Completed Adelina's Revenge quest.
Reward: 1 Veteran Polish.
Details: Oswalts asks about his son Bardi, who was a crew on Adelina's ship - Dos Palas. Bardi apparently had great respect for Adelina, but the latter previously killed him in her quest for revenge. Adelina feels somewhat remorseful, and Ricardo recommends looking for Bardi's son in Sea Elephant Cafe.
  1. Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11).
  2. Talk to Captain Ricardo in Coimbra.

[100] Bardi's Son
Reward: 1 Veteran Polish (per delivery), 1 Veteran B EXP Card (per delivery), 1 Otite Perfume (Event).
Details: Lisa refuses to tell Adelina the location of "Uncle" Bardi's son, Tora. Adelina refuses to ask for forgiveness, but wants to take him to Oswalts. Lisa asks Adelina to work for her.
  1. Talk to Lisa in Coimbra.
  2. Talk to Lisa again. She will request 20-25 units of a specific item. The item changes every day, regardless of whether you deliver the item to her or not. You may repeat this delivery sub-quest once per day. Keep delivering items to her until her friendliness reaches 500. This usually takes about 20 deliveries. Known items include:
    • Golden Egg Fruit (aka Golden Corn), dropped by Golden Egg Millet in Ustiur Farm
    • Cabosse, dropped by various imp mobs in Tetra Ruins, Rio Albi, and Lago Celeste
    • Food of Capybara (aka Capybara Potato), dropped by various Capybara mobs in Abertal and Capybara Plantation
    • Philosopher Stone (aka Metamorphosis Stone), dropped by assorted mobs in Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Wastes
    • Ice Crystal, dropped by assorted mobs in Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Wastes
    • Ebony Tree, dropped by Eltetah in Katovic Snowfield and Frozen Wastes
    • Beet, dropped by Arctic Dandelion Gorilla in Frozen Wastes
    • Wolf's Fur, dropped by Arctic Wolf in Katovic Snowfield
  3. Talk to Lisa again after her friendliness reaches 500. 

[100] Baron Village
Details: Lisa reveals Tora has gone to Los Toldos for training to become a baron. Johnny wants to recover a watch from a traitor in exchange for the information.
  1. Activate the Otite Perfume from Lisa under Premium Item - Misc window (Ctrl-F) and talk to Mamons in Porto Bello Deserted Quay (E3).
  2. Talk to Johnny the Gunman in Los Toldos (I7).

[100] Traitor Wahlansche
Reward: 1 Veteran Polish.
Details: Johnny has sent Tora away because he is too young. The boy has gone to Viron to find the legendary baron, Oswalts.
  1. Collect 1 Pocket Watch by killing Wahlansche (L46 Undead) in Porto Bello Deserted Quay. The boss also appears in Mission: Highway Lv.2.
  2. Talk to Johnny the Gunman in Los Toldos (I7). 

[125] Legendary Baron Oswalts
Reward: 8 Veteran Polish.
Details: Oswalts finally realizes that his son has been killed by Adelina. She refuses to apologize. Realizing Bardi must have hurt Adelina immensely, Oswalts asks Adelina to forgive Bardi and says he will take care of Tora.

  1. Talk to Oswalts in Viron (H11).

The story will continue in Lisa's Extended Quests (v8.5). See also other extended quests (v6.7) for Angie, Alejandro, Karjalain, and M'Boma.


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