[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Elemental Specialists: Ludin, Inon, & Beatrice

There is a new forum write-up on magic characters. See 속성 마법 캐릭터! 그 숨겨진 베일을 벗다!. I'm not going to translate the whole thing, but I will point out the 3 elemental specialists.

Ludin's Fire
Ludin, the fire specialist, was already introduced, along with her unique [Efreet] stance. See also 2011 Summer Update Preview. See also [YouTube] Granado Espada Ludin Expert Stance or embedded video below. More Korean articles about Ludin are available - Ludin & Efreet and Ludin Recruitment Quest.

Inon's Ice
Inon Oannes has been renamed as Inon Felipe, becoming the son of Archduke Felipe. His story is still linked to Marquis Hernan and Catherine Torsche. See also 2011 Summer Update Preview 2.

Beatrice's Lightning
The new lightning specialist is now shown as part of character design event. See 나는 디자이너다 for the event. Her tentative name is Beatrice (left). There are also 2 other new characters - Lionel (middle) and Vincent (right). (No, not the rifle + pistol guy, and not Vincent Rio.)

There are a few other Korean forum articles that you may want to check out on your own.