Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Quinzel's & Raiden's Box VII

Sword 2 has added new items to Cash Shop, including Status Ampule Package (Str/Dex/Con/etc. +3 for 1 hour = 1,000 Gold), Intensified Strength Potion (AM Boost, HP +1500, SP +100 for 10 hours = 350 Gold), and 2 new boxes mentioned below (250 Gold). There is also Pet Box (Capyleader) for 3,500 Gold. Capybara Pet loots items and increases Combat/Stance/Drop Rate by +10%. The other 2 pets with the same function - Cockatrice and Phobitan Imp - will be released later. 

Quinzel's Surprise VII includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Sagittarius, Blue Serpent Costume (f/wiz), Lavender Hat (Selva), Schwarseiz Costume (Romina), and Koronian Thanatos Costume (m/sco).

Raiden's Box of Rage VII includes Dragon's Fury Rifle (L100 AR32 rifle), Symbol of Taurus, and Elemental Bracelet (L92 AR29 LOE bracelet).

Feso Shop has also been updated with Shiny Key (330 feso), Lollipops (2,000 feso), and more portable ammo boxes. See Maintenance Change Log for details.