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Sword 151: Raven

To: Office of Pioneering Support

We are pleased to report that we have made some progress in investigating Viron. We received a summon by Lorch concerning some news about Viscount Montoro. After taking Ortega's letter from Lorch, we returned to Viron and presented it to Lionel, who apparently belonged to one of the noble families as well. According to Lionel, Fe Lomme Castle was built in 1300s and is now managed by a butler in his 30s named Raven. We ventured to Red Sunset Forest and was ambushed by a red-haired female warrior. She fled when Raven joined the fight. Maybe she is mute, since every time she shows up, all she ever says is "....".

The butler then admitted that Montoro is his master and revealed some interesting titbits about him. Montoro is apparently 50 years old and is the right-hand man of Marquis Hernandez. He is also the owner of Glacial Fortress (aka Ice Wizard's Tower) and the lover of Novia, who herself is also one of the Ten Nobles. Raven was a Bristian military spy who came to Viron after the Three-Years War. He was then captured by Montoro and cursed to do his bidding. His authenticity was verified by Garcia, who was also a Bristian officer.

According to Raven, Le Fomme Castle was acquired by Marquis Hernandez and then given to Montoro about 10 years ago. The castle was also known as Lucifer Castle about 200 years ago. Montoro is currently inside the castle, researching on the stolen Elemental Otite. Previously, Montoro stole the Elemental Otite, while Jorgen Fruholen distracted us. Dr. Torsche revealed that Jorgen's transformation cannot be reversed by Holy Water because he was protected by Stone Gas, another of the Five Elements.

In any case, we approached the alchemist Beronif, who suspected the Restraint Curse was placed by Hernandez himself. After acquiring some items from monsters in the forests outside Viron, Beronif made the Seal Ointment, which can seal the curse pattern for an hour after activation. After applying it on Raven, he joined our family and requested a journey to Crow Forest to enter Lucifer Castle. We decided to give him a new alias, so he is now named Willikins (Raven) after the Ramkin family's butler who proved to be an exceptional fighter in Discworld novels.

As a result of various activities, Thelandira (f/mus) reached Master Lv.7 in the forests of Viron. Anatasia (Rescue Knight) and Asclepius (Soho) reached Lv.100 while helping Angie to collect quest items for Yeganeh. Angelica (Adelina) also reached Veteran Lv.5, while killing assorted bears to prepare Karjalain for a rematch with the "White Pervert". The funny thing is we didn't even bring Karjalain along for the "training", and she still thinks she is ready after that. Meanwhile, Mirajane (Lisa) bought herself a cheap Colchicum Costume.

Raids went rather poorly this week. Griffon mission dropped only rubbish, i.e. Symbol of Taurus. This is barely worth the trouble involved in hunting for Griffon Egg Shells. We completed 6 Team Arena missions, and looted Symbol of Taurus and 2 Symbols of Sagittarius. Again, rubbish. So far, the best drops from Occulta Bounty Hunts are Elite Rescue Suit and Elite La Ventisca. Other loots are mostly Expert Tokens. The best loot out of Joaquin Underground Prison is Qualified Earring. It also yielded 1 pathetic Portable ASO Box after paying 5m vis for the bonus loot. So overall, loot is still crap.

We joined the new Halcyon clan, just to see how things go for a while. Since our return after 2 weeks away from Granado Espada, the family has been having a bit of trouble finding people to do some raid missions. A few of the former raiders have left or become more inactive, as they have taken up exploring another land called Lagendia. Those who remained appear to have a different time zone/schedule, so it is something we will have to think about. The family was busy during the weekend, so we missed out on the party missions again.

Overall, the New World is getting boring, and has been slowly getting boring for a while. Story development crawls forward by only an inch with each new patch. (And this is what we are mostly interested in.) The bulk of new content is usually new characters, maps, and raids. That amounts to passive leveling (slow), active leveling (boring), raids (repetitive routine), costumes (mere cosmetics), or crafting new weapon series (cash trap or huge vis drain). Now, IMC even has to recycle poses/animations for new stances like [Blitz Assault] and [Wanted Shot]. Already, [Sect of Moonlight] animations are completely recycled.

There are 6 disconnections this week, once inside Occulta Bounty Hunt mission.



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