Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 154: Master Valeria

To: Office of Pioneering Support

Athena (f/fig) reached Master Lv.8, while Tlazolteotl (Ania) reached Veteran Lv.5. Ishtar (Valeria) was finally promoted to Master Lv.1. The sad thing is that even though we took our time to slowly train her since she was recruited in Week 133, she still reached Master before getting [Innocentio] stance book from Joaquin Underground Prison. Somebody seriously need to file a complaint to Testormento. All Ishtar (Valeria) can do now is retire to the quarters and cry.

 Instead of [Innocentio] stance book, what we got from Joaquin Underground Prison this week are:
  1. 3 Veteran Gloves/Boots
  2. 2 L100 Armors, Portable ASO Box
  3. L100 Weapon, Veteran Gloves, Honor B Card
  4. Honor B Card, Portable ASO Box, Marcia Poleax Recipe
  5. L100 Weapon, L92 Elite Weapon, Veteran Boots
  6. 2 Veteran Boots, L100 Armor
Athena (f/fig) is still waiting for Tormento Recipe, so she is rather annoyed at getting yet another polearm recipe again. Nothing worthwhile came out of Crow Forest and Occulta Bounty Hunt. Griffon mission dropped Elite Grim Stick Recipe, Symbol of Aries, and 2 Symbols of Capricorn. This is the first time ever that Griffon dropped 3 Constellation Boxes. We completed 2 Team Arena missions, and looted Symbol of Scorpio. Party missions dropped crap this week: 
  • Mad Farm: 2 L84 Elite Armors + DR29 Armor Recipe, L100 Weapon
  • Mad Rafflesia: DR28 Armor Recipe, DR29 Armor Recipe + L100 Weapon, Shiny Crystal Chest (180)
  • Mad Sharffenberger: White Gold Bar, Archangel's Heart + L100 Weapon, Siren's Scale Recipe
  • Mad Uraeus: White Gold Bar, L84 Elite Armor + 2 DR29 Armor Recipes
  • Mad Griffon: DR28 Armor Recipe, DR29 Armor Recipe + DR28 Armor Recipe, Archangel's Heart Recipe
We traded a Silver Earring for a Gold Earring, and finally crafted Magic Earring. We processed 3 sets of Pieces of Naraka, ending up with 2 Symbols of Naraka and 1 Elemental Jewel. We also purchased 2 $20 ESN Codes (1,600 G1 Credits = 19,500 Gold) for a total of 1 billion vis. Unfortunately, only 2 days later, there was Last Days of Summer promotion with free Rose Wings. There are 7 disconnections this week.