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2011 Summer Update Bonus Preview

Hanbiton (Korea) has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 2011년 여름 업데이트. As usual, materials from update previews may be subject to changes before official release.

1. Evil Weapons
Dr. Torsche's study of the device found in Lucifer Castle's gardens have yielded results. Evil Weapons have been added. These weapons have ATK Rating 34, and cannot be traded or refined into weapon crystals. They seem to be some sort of prototypes for Strata Devil Weapons, having the same available enchantments. The quest involved Dr. Torsche, Time Crystal, and Viron Clock Tower. There are 8 missions which can attempted 1/day, giving roulette rewards which may drop the required crystals. They also drop materials required to craft Strata Devil equipment.

2. Quests: Oswalts, Lisa, & Adelina
Adelina's Viron quest got extended further. Talk to Oswalts in Viron again with Adelina (not Adelina the Pirate) to initiate quest. Previously, Adelina killed Bardi in her quest to avenge her dead husband and child, telling Bardi's son that she will wait for him if he wants revenge. After meeting Oswalts (Bardi's father) in Viron, she returned for Bardi's son and had to be Lisa's delivery services daily. At the end, Oswalts' quest is completed. The 2nd part now involves Lisa.

It seems Adelina now turns the table on Lisa, so it is another run of earning 500 friendship points, involving things like L88 Enchantment Chips. Lisa then will have to make her way to Lucifer Castle, followed by meeting with Oswalts. From there, the quest for [Blitz Assault] stance book begins. She will go to Lucifer Castle from Crow Forest and fight Grandies, the red-haired fighter. After being defeated, return to Oswalts for her confession of weakness.

3. Blitz Assault
Lisa gets a new Expert dual-dagger stance - [Blitz Assault], which requires [Raid Assault] as a prerequisite. It has 4 attacks per cycle, and has a buff skill that improves Evasion against shooting attacks. It also has some form of counter-attack. For PVP, it is mainly for use against soft and light armors.

4. Wanted Shot
Garcia and Brunie gets a new Expert pistol stance - [Wanted Shot]. It requires Symbol of Cancer. It has an automatic passive buff which kicks in to increase damage, possibly similar to [Gorgeous] stance's Counterstrike.