Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Quinzel's & Raiden's Box IX

Sword 2 has added Pet Box (Phobitan) to the cash shop for 3,500 Gold. Two new boxes are available for 250 Gold each. See Quinzel's, Raiden's IX and Phobitan Pet for details. Click on images below for full-size view.

Quinzel's Surprise IX includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Virgo, Cattleya Costume (Helena), Ixia Hat (Grace), Iris Chipao Costume (Soso), Zepirantes Costume (m/fig), etc.

Raiden's Box of Rage IX includes Dragon's Fury Pistol (L100 AR32 pistol), Star Knuckle (L92 AR30 knuckle), Symbol of Gemini, etc.