[KR] New character - Doom Slave (둠 슬레이브). ☆ [EU] Synodia (v28.94.65) update delayed to Jan 23, 2018.

Magic Circle 20

Magic Circle 20 (Korea) has been released. Other notable rewards include Ralph Character Card and Pet Box (Cockatrice).

Beach Sunglasses
Face Costume • Grace Bernelli

Emerald Summer Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Grace Bernelli
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: July 2011 (Japan).

Wind of First Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Claire
Previously released in Treasure Shooting 1 (Japan).

[SG] Duration Rumins
Meanwhile, IAHGames has released duration rumins (aka jewels) for body/weapon costumes. See [Cash Shop] Duration Rumins. Each duration rumin costs 1,000 G-Points. (For comparison, Mystery Powder costs 220 G-Points.) I don't get why the article calls these "prototype items" though. Some regional editions (e.g. Japan) already have such duration rumins given as part of those web games (e.g. Imperial Wheel). I suppose they are just trying to test how much players are willing to pay for more virtual items. As the game progresses, it involves more and more "pay-to-win" gaming.

Update: These rumins are actually for weapons and armors, unlike other duration rumins (which are usable only on body/weapon costumes). So I guess this makes them "prototype items".