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Journal Entry for 2014

I just realized the last family journal was posted 1 year 3 months ago, so it's overdue for another journal entry. The most recent acquisition is Pet Box (Rhinoceur) from Tools of the Trade event on Christmas, costing 180 Enhanced Enchantment Tranqilizers (~350,000,000 Vis). I was lucky, as I was about to log off when the event notice happened. The horsey Noble Popo was also bought for the same price from Lyndon Box spammers.

Patch Highlights v23.53.21 ~ v23.70.38

The following summarizes some changes from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.80.01. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

Imperial Wheel V: Christmas Special

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for the Christmas season (12/25, 2014 to 01/02, 2015). The featured rewards are Snow Montoro, Divino Pet, Myth Weapon Series, and Renolde's Essences.

Snow Montoro is voiced by Takayama Minami (高山 みなみ), who performed in Claymore (Irene), Detective Conan (Conan), and Gundam 00 (Kati).

Merry (Patchy) Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers! Last Christmas, I shared Private Patch - Barrel To Black Asoka. So this year, here is another little gift for you to mess around. This private patch does the following changes:
Montoro (default look) to Snow Montoro with Hat.Emilia (default look) to her new Winter Costume and Hair.Fighter (M/F) Wreath to Soul of Castilla Hat.Fighter (F) Fanatic Costume to Wedding Dress.Fighter (F) Hat of Witch to Wedding Hair. This should work with different game clients. Leave a comment if there is any issue, preferably with a screenshot. You may need Windows admin rights to use it.

Disclaimer: This is a private patch that makes cosmetic changes to the game client. It is however an unofficial patch, and is provided as is. Do NOT post this in any official game forums!

Patch Instructions
Download the patch package - the .zip file into the main game folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Granado Espada).Make sure Granado Espada game client is no…

Christmas Game Updates

Several game servers have been updated to a higher version. Actually, Thai server updated last month, but I haven't been checking their site often...
Europe - v23.41.50 Armonia Episode 4 Singapore - v22.43.79 Armonia Episode 2 Thailand - v20.72.18 Bahama Episode 2 See Christmas 2014 for the standardized Christmas event. Oh dear, the patch notes for Singapore server looks so familiar... they don't even translate their own notes anymore, do they?


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Update Details v23.41.50
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Patch Note 20.72.18 (Bahama, Sky Altar)

Ion vs. Selene

The following tests are conducted in v22.80.01 game client. Also, maybe someone who has both Leonele and Cadet Leonele can do a damage comparison.

"Winter is coming." - Ned Headless Stark While we are on this, be sure to watch the hilarious Honest Trailers - Game of Thrones.

Imperial Wheel S: 12/18-24, 2014

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for 12/18-24, 2014. There should be another one coming up to capitalize on Christmas season to milk more players...

The featured rewards are Cadet Leonele and Shadow Master Jin. The latter seems to be the Korean (or International) version of Gean. (Think Japan's Mifuyu > International Asoka > Japan's Asoka.) Cadet Leonele Card is also available in El Torneo event.
DOWNLOAD SOUND FILE Japan - Armonia Episode 4 (2014-12-18) 235 MB This includes Roreta, Shadow Master Jin, and Cadet Leonele. The CV for Cadet Leonele is Suzumura Kenichi (鈴村 健一), who voiced for Accel World (Ash Roller), D.Gray-man (Levi), Fairy Tail (Rogue), Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Zack), Kara no Kyoukai (Mikiya), and Gundam Seed Destiny (Shinn Asuka).

Christmas 2014

Talk to Rudolph (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux daily for Gift Box of Rudolph (non-tradable), which drops a random event-type item: Soul Crystal x2, Pet Food x2, Principal Ampule x3, Enhancement Ampule x2, Enchantment Tranquilizer x3, Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer x2, or Socket Tranquilizer x2.

Collect Christmas Seed from any monster in field areas during event period. Plant the Christmas Seed in Ustiur Farm to grow Christmas Tree to receive Christmas Gift Box, which can drop the following:
Snowflake Cherlyn Card (Event) x1White Down Jacket for Grandies x1Black Straight Perm for Grandies x1Catherine Christmas Costume x1Catherine Christmas Hair x1Christmas Fantasy (rod costume) x1Christmas Rocket (back costume) x1Christmas Rudolph Decoration x1Enchantment Chip Veteran (Event) x5Enchantment Chip Expert (Event) x3Grade 32 Armor Crystal (various types) x1Ring Box of Richard/Genos/etc. x3Magic Bean x1Tradable Master Card x1Principal Ampule (Event) x3Enhanced Liquor of Steroid (Event) x2 Soul …

Preview - Armonia Final Episode

IMCGames has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 아르모니아 Final, 무기 강화 시스템 개편. I thought they gave up doing this, resorting to simple preview mini-sites instead. Most of the content are implemented in v23.57.31 test server.

See also Armonia Final Episode feature mini-site. This will be available in Korean live server on Dec 18, 2014, and in European server sometime in Jan-Feb 2015.

Mage of Madness

Also called Magician of Madness, this mission was added in v22.72.16 for Armonia Episode 3 update. The featured loot are Red Armonium Ore, Abyss Pieces, Recipe - Armonia Boots, and Page - Placidez (v23.63.43).

This guide is based on American game client (v22.80.01), then updated in v23.63.43. This raid mission is required for Recruit Patrick quests.

Mission Information
Location: Armonia Apostadero (E4/E5)
Frequency: 1/day
Participants: 3-12
Duration: 30 minutes
Entry Cost: None
Requirement: None

Patch Highlights v23.25.33 ~ v23.47.08

The following summarizes some changes from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.80.01. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

Armonia Final Episode will be coming to Korean servers on Dec 18, 2014.