Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel S: 12/18-24, 2014

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for 12/18-24, 2014. There should be another one coming up to capitalize on Christmas season to milk more players...

The featured rewards are Cadet Leonele and Shadow Master Jin. The latter seems to be the Korean (or International) version of Gean. (Think Japan's Mifuyu > International Asoka > Japan's Asoka.) Cadet Leonele Card is also available in El Torneo event.
This includes Roreta, Shadow Master Jin, and Cadet Leonele.
The CV for Cadet Leonele is Suzumura Kenichi (鈴村 健一), who voiced for Accel World (Ash Roller), D.Gray-man (Levi), Fairy Tail (Rogue), Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Zack), Kara no Kyoukai (Mikiya), and Gundam Seed Destiny (Shinn Asuka).

Recruitment Set - Cadet Leonele
Cadet Leonele Character Card
Armonia Rifle + Armonia Pistol
Upgraded Extreme Punisher Ring x2
Custom Weapon Costumes (Rifle + Pistol)
Arche Rumin x4

Recruitment Set - Shadow Master Jin
Shadow Master Jin Character Card
Armonia Dagger + Strata Devil Armor (Fighter)
Upgraded Zodiac Hand Sign Ring + Upgraded Death Shadow Ninjutsu Ring (?)
Custom Weapon Costume (Dagger)
Arche Rumin x2

Recruitment Set - Blue Flame Ludin
Blue Flame Ludin Character Card
Armonia Fire Bracelet
Upgraded Infernal Burn Ring x2
Custom Weapon Costume (Fire Bracelet)
Kallichore Rumin x2

Recruitment Set - Ion
Ion Character Card
Armonia Ice Bracelet
Upgraded Frost Ring + Upgraded Flare Ring
Custom Weapon Costume (Ice Bracelet)
Kallichore Rumin x2

Abyss Pistol
Pistol • ATK Rating 37 • ATK 292
Penetration +10, Immunity -5, Accuracy +10

Bahama Earrings
ATK vs. All Races +15%, Penetration +20, Immunity +20