Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel S: 11/21-26, 2014

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) was updated for 11/21-26, 2014, featuring Roreta, Abyss Flame Bracelet, and new costume for Berthe & Charles.

Roreta is voiced by Fuyuka Oura (大浦 冬華), who also performed in Fairy Tail (Angel/Yukino) and To LOVE-Ru Darkness (Run/Ren). Roreta can also be acquired in a special event mission. See 期間限定シナリオ「宿敵との再会」 for more information.

In Japan, Armonia Weapons have ATK Rating 37. If Abyss Weapons are "exported" to other servers, they probably have ATK Rating 36, effectively functioning like Tyrant Weapons to Strata Devil Weapons.

Recruitment Set - Roreta
Roreta Character Card
Upgraded Eagle Claw Ring (x2)

Abyss Flame Bracelet
Fire Bracelet • ATK Rating 37 • ATK 295
Penetration +10, Immunity -5

Costume Set - Berthe & Charles
Berthe & Charles Character Card + Thanatos Stance Book + Armonia Grimoire
Upgraded Possession Ring + Upgraded Thanatos Ring
Lilith & Daemon Costume Set for Berthe & Charles

Pet Box - Shadow Phantom
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, Damage Received -10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +10, DEF +10, ATK vs. Human +10%

Bahama Belt
DEF 10 • DEF Rating +1, Immunity +10, CON +10

Montoro's Viscount Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1