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Christmas 2014

Talk to Rudolph (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux daily for Gift Box of Rudolph (non-tradable), which drops a random event-type item: Soul Crystal x2, Pet Food x2, Principal Ampule x3, Enhancement Ampule x2, Enchantment Tranquilizer x3, Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer x2, or Socket Tranquilizer x2.

Collect Christmas Seed from any monster in field areas during event period. Plant the Christmas Seed in Ustiur Farm to grow Christmas Tree to receive Christmas Gift Box, which can drop the following:
  • Snowflake Cherlyn Card (Event) x1
  • White Down Jacket for Grandies x1
  • Black Straight Perm for Grandies x1
  • Catherine Christmas Costume x1
  • Catherine Christmas Hair x1
  • Christmas Fantasy (rod costume) x1
  • Christmas Rocket (back costume) x1
  • Christmas Rudolph Decoration x1
  • Enchantment Chip Veteran (Event) x5
  • Enchantment Chip Expert (Event) x3
  • Grade 32 Armor Crystal (various types) x1
  • Ring Box of Richard/Genos/etc. x3
  • Magic Bean x1
  • Tradable Master Card x1
  • Principal Ampule (Event) x3
  • Enhanced Liquor of Steroid (Event) x2
  • Soul Crystal (Event) x5
WARNING: Drop rate of Christmas Seed is awfully low. Whine about it in the forums here .

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