[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Patch Highlights v23.25.33 ~ v23.47.08

The following summarizes some changes from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.80.01. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

Armonia Final Episode will be coming to Korean servers on Dec 18, 2014.

  • Increased squad size from 12 to 24 players.
  • Modified Valkyrie Crasher.
  • Modified Novice Soul Crystals, Novice Steroid Potions, and Novice Triumph Fillers.
    • Cannot be used for Colony War.
    • Removed from Bounty Hunter's Guild shop.
    • Increased amount for completing Auch Pioneering Quests.
  • Increased maximum amount of registered items in Market Manager from 20 to 30.
  • Added Jane Card to Heavenly Character Card Box.

  • Revised UI to show icon emphasis.
  • Improved range, attack speed, and damage of Valkyrie Crasher.
  • Sends mail for changes in faction name, family deletion, etc.
  • Fixed Harvester spawn in Time Paradox Rose mission.

  • Added new character Cadet Leonele to Lyndon Box .
    • Personal skill ring is not available. Other rings added to Ring Box.
  • Increased chat log to 20 (private) or 50 (squad/group/faction).
  • Revised various stances and skills.
    • Sect of Moonlight gains Immunity 5+10 at Lv.25.
    •  Femme Fatale base stance ATK +20%.
    • Equites - Bless gains melee/shooting damage reduction -24% at Lv.12.
    • Equites - Agil ignores Evasion.
    • Blitz Assault - Back Stab / Fatal Move skill range 1m > 1.5m.
    • Arc Sting - Piercing Arrow / Force Volley Shot / Order Point Shot skill damage -10%.
    • Pythonis - Tornado Storm cool-down 120s > 90s.
    • Ambrosia - Deathly Chain targets 10 > 6.
    • Ambrosia -Surrounding Bat targets 12 > 8.
    • Infernal Burn - Flame Rampage / Meteor Shower heavy armor 100% > 110%.
    • Tempest - Thunder Calling heavy armor 100% > 110%.
    • Tempest - Tempest Blow cool-down 25s > 20s.
    • Tempest - Thunderer cool-down 75s > 60s.
    • Tempest - Tempest Roar heavy armor 100% > 110%, cool-down 50s > 40s, removed casting disruption when hit.
    • Magic of Occultism - Abyss Flare heavy armor 100% > 110%, cool-down 120s > 90s, removed casting disruption when hit.
    •  Magic of Occultism - Electric Blaster heavy armor 100% > 110%.
    •  Frost - Freezing removed casting disruption when hit.
  • Reduced stance damage of Illusion Garde.
  • Character creation will now consume event card first before normal card of the same character.

  • Modified stance book acquisitions.
    • Pre-Veteran stances are now free.
    • Veteran stances are automatically acquired upon Veteran promotion.
    • Expert stance books are integrated into Master Guardian NPC.
  • Added new NPCs (Leonora, Guard Esther, etc.) to Favor Rate window.
  • Revised Cadet Leonele's skills.
  • NPC in Tierra de la Sed can now detect invisible characters.

  • Added display for remaining bullets.
  • Added display option for activated items in Cash Item Inventory window.
  • Revised mission room and lobby.
    • Auto-generates a default (random) name when creating a room. Name can still be changed.
    • Added Ready button for each player in the waiting room.
    • Increased waiting room duration from 10 to 30 minutes.
  •  Revised certain aspects of skill range.
  • Added image for ping function in upper-right corner of screen. Ping can be turned on/off in Game Options window.
  • Added Roreta Card into Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Started Sorrows of St. Anis event.


Cipriany said…
"Reduced stance damage of Illusion Garde."

Any idea wht it implies? Ash, like all her stance base atk and % skill will get nerfed??
Or something else? :O