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Merry (Patchy) Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers! Last Christmas, I shared Private Patch - Barrel To Black Asoka. So this year, here is another little gift for you to mess around. This private patch does the following changes:
  1. Montoro (default look) to Snow Montoro with Hat.
  2. Emilia (default look) to her new Winter Costume and Hair.
  3. Fighter (M/F) Wreath to Soul of Castilla Hat.
  4. Fighter (F) Fanatic Costume to Wedding Dress.
  5. Fighter (F) Hat of Witch to Wedding Hair.
This should work with different game clients. Leave a comment if there is any issue, preferably with a screenshot. You may need Windows admin rights to use it.

Disclaimer: This is a private patch that makes cosmetic changes to the game client. It is however an unofficial patch, and is provided as is. Do NOT post this in any official game forums!

Patch Instructions
  1. Download the patch package - gepatch_xmas2014.zip .
  2. Extract the .zip file into the main game folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Granado Espada).
  3. Make sure Granado Espada game client is not currently running. If it is, close it first.
  4. Run patch_xmas2014.bat in the patch folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\patch).
  5. Choose whether you want to install the modified files or install the default files (to undo the modifications).
  6. Choose whether you want to make backup copies of .ipf files or not. Making copies will take up HDD space and time due to the large file sizes.
  7. Follow the remaining instructions in the Command Prompt window.

To remove it, you can install the default files (see above) using the patch. Alternatively, you can simply copy over the backup files into C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\ge folder. Remove the date attached to the file names (e.g. char_texture_20141225.ipf > char_texture.ipf).


D3v1L_Tr1$t4n14 said…
why no try at nude pacth for female chare only ^^
Latin Snake said…
Is there any way to make our own patches? i always wanted to use the sakura costume for Ludin