Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Journal Entry for 2014

I just realized the last family journal was posted 1 year 3 months ago, so it's overdue for another journal entry. The most recent acquisition is Pet Box (Rhinoceur) from Tools of the Trade event on Christmas, costing 180 Enhanced Enchantment Tranqilizers (~350,000,000 Vis). I was lucky, as I was about to log off when the event notice happened. The horsey Noble Popo was also bought for the same price from Lyndon Box spammers.

So far the family has uncovered the secrets of the Prophet's Forest and is currently tracking down Van in the Holy State of Armonia. The details of the quests are summarized here.

Before Armonia update implements the EXP nerf of Castilla missions, the family spammed Tower of Chaos to push more characters towards Master Lv.10+. Since then, several more characters made their way to become High Masters. The following characters and pets have since joined Ashardalon family, reaching Lv.66+3.

Wulfgar - the barbarian hero of Icewind Dale in Forgotten Realms novels.
Vasilisa - the young woman who served Baba Yaga to earn her fire in Slavic folklore.
Aradia - the first witch and messianic figure in Leland's Gospel of the Witches.
Moiraine - the noble woman who discovered the Dragon Reborn in The Wheel of Time novels.
Cocytus - the frozen circle of Hell in Dante's The Divine Comedy epic poem.
Aviendha - the spear maiden of the desert waste in The Wheel of Time novels.
Haruna - the blond, twin-tailed avatar of the WW2 warship in Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio anime.
Fistandantilus - the evil archmage who transferred his soul into other bodies in Dragonlance novels.
Solamnus - the founder of the Solamnic Knight orders in Dragonlance novels.
Aria - the pistol-wielding titular girl in Hidan no Aria anime.
Sinmara - the fire giant consort of Surtur in Norse mythology.
Demandred - the Forsaken swordsman who defeated many heroes in The Wheel of Time novels.
Raishin - the puppet master of Yaya in Unbreakable Machine Doll anime.
Equestria - the magical world inhabited by unicorns and pegasi in My Little Pony franchise.
Coelodonta - a prehistoric genus of rhinoceros in Pliocene/Pleistocene epochs.

The lucky roulette rewards I have gotten this year include Recipe - Revelation of Abyss (Infinite Challenge), Recipe - Charisma of Reydeavaricia (Infinite Challenge), Recipe - Armonia Gloves (Knight of Chaos), and Recipe - Armonia Boots (Mage of Madness).

Halcy faction has since merged into Evolution faction, which places raid loots on auction for raid points. I have crafted Strata Devil Pendant and Soul Bringer Stance Ring so far.

Since T3Fun removed Enhancement Boosters and Impervium from Cash Shop and placed them in Feso Shop at 3-4 times the previous price, Feso price has soared into the upper atmosphere, and it simply costs too much to enhance weapons and armors now. The result is the loss of interest in making new weapons and new characters whose weapons that I don't already possess. Oh, and also the loss of interest in passive training characters since Pet Food costs so much Feso, and by extension, disinterest in those events that require farming event item drops... (Ever wonders what happened to Play Time Event which you can just AFK in town? They want to replace it with item farming event to waste your Feso.) With that one move, T3Fun successfully promoted a lot of disinterest in the game.

I don't usually farm much, so I didn't hatch new farm animals after the previous were released. Tary died and Turret was broken by some wild animals. I still cannot be bothered to revive and repair them. For favor rates, I'm mostly selling Elizabeth's paintings, collecting old books, and distributing hotel flyers. For the others, it's only when I get the kills or quest items in Kielce Back Alley mission.

I also did a few runs on Tigres Prison once in a while, just for something different. We managed to clear B7F Hard, but still need to organize another try on B8F. It is hard to get enough people for lower floors though, since the roulette rewards are really not that impressive. I opened 57 Bristia General's Boxes, and only got 1 weapon that qualifies to be turned into Twisted Weapon Pieces... so that's about 2% chance. There is a rumor about Kielce Back Alley Poor Favor Rate affecting the enchantment of Bristia Weapons. This is probably false, derived from a mistranslation a long time ago. Favor rate only increases the amount of Vis Purses you get from Bristia Soldier's Box (max. 10) and Officer's Box (max. 12). It doesn't seem to make any difference for Bristia Weapon enchantment.

I have also collected 10 Horns and 10 Furs of Diablo, enough for the final Extreme SEN artifact (Sensation of Diablo)... but I'm not too sure if these Extreme Stat artifacts are really worth the 13,000 Essences needed. Diablo is a little annoying, but can still be done by 2 players (1 tank + 1 DPS), as long as the summoned phantoms are swiftly killed and his Execution skill area effects are avoided.