Updated Recruit Cherlyn, Recruit Amy, and The Smyphonia Episode 1 Scenario quest guide...   ♥♥♥    

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) was updated for 6/13-6/24, 2014 and again for 6/25-7/02, 2014. Strata Devil and Greek Croma armors are now available from casino. Armonia Weapons also made their first debut in the casino... Unlike other regional editions, Armonia Weapons in Japan have ATK Rating 37 (instead of 36) and innate racial ATK and Immunity.

Recruitment Set - Mireille
Mireille Character Card + Upgraded [Electronic Katz] Ring

Support Set - Mireille
Armonia Lightning Bracelet - ATK Rating 37 • ATK 295 • ATK vs. All Races +10%, Immunity +5
Tyrant Rapier - See Imperial Wheel S: Sept 2013.
Upgraded [Electronic Katz] Ring

Costume Set - Illusion
Armonia Rapier - ATK Rating 37 • ATK 225 • ATK vs. All RAces +10%, Immunity +5
Magic Party Hair + Magic Dress • Hair + Body Costume (Illusion)
Illusion Character Card + Upgraded [Illusion Garde] Ring

Blessing of Valeron (x4)
As Enhancement Booster, but at double rate of success.

Pet Box (Rhinoceuros)
DEF Rating +1, Immunity +20, All Damage Received -10%, All RES +10, DEF +5

Strata Devil Accessory Set
Strata Devil Earrings + Necklace + Belt + Gloves + Boots
See Imperial Wheel S: May 2014.

To craft Vigilar Weapon, you need Grade 36 Weapon Crystal (x2), Forest Spirit (x30), Drops of Heaven (x10), Ambrosia (x3), and Elemental Jewel (x50). For more on Vigilar Weapons, see アイテム/シリーズ装備/ヴィフィラルシリーズ .

Recruitment Set - Sierra
Recipe - Strata Devil for Elementalist (plus crafting materials)
Vigilar Broomstick
Sierra Character Card
Upgraded [Nature] Ring

Recruitment Set - Grandies
Recipe - Strata Devil for Fighter (plus crafting materials)
Recipe - Elite Bristia Slayer (plus crafting materials)
Grandis Character Card
[Soul Guard] Stance Book

Recruitment Set - Kess
Recipe - Strata Devil for Musketeer (plus crafting materials)
IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle
Kess Character Card
[Heavy Stinger] Stance Book
Standard Costume Ticket - See Imperial Wheel S: Sep 2013.

Production Set - Vigilar Sabre
Recipe - Vigilar Sabre (plus crafting materials)
Sabre • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 325

Production Set - Vigilar Rifle
Recipe - Vigilar Rifle (plus crafting materials)
Rifle • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 420

Production Support Set - Vigilar Weapon
Forest Spirit (x30) + Drops of Heaven (x10)

Strata Devil Accessory Set
Strata Devil Earrings + Necklace + Belt + Gloves + Boots
See Imperial Wheel S: May 2014.

Montoro's Viscount Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1

Pet Box (Diablo)
See Imperial Wheel S: May 2014.

Production Set - Greek Croma
Recipe + Crafting Materials


can u upload lilusion new costum full screen shot?
i want saw her :D thx

Illusion costume screenshot - see 일섭 일루젼 신규코튬 or Fall Sakura Tumblr.