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Preview - Prophet's Forest

For so long, there has been no new content (merely revisions of existing content) added to the game. Milking via Lyndon Boxes was the only thing... Now, IMC has finally released a new area... and it's a pathetic one-map release in v20.13.37 (test server).

Bahamar Prophet's Forest
Bahamar Prophet's Forest is essentially like Bristia Scar, with escalating monster levels that will spawn the boss, going up to Lv.150. When the boss appears, the monsters drop Old Chess Pieces and Snail Shells, which nobody really cares about these days. The new map can be reached via Bahamar Swamp of Peril (H1). There is also a mini-boss that respawns in 12 hours (?).

Seriously, when was the last time anyone has seen Lv.150 Breeze? Nobody seriously bothers with it shortly after Breeze was released... The reason is probably the fact that Elite Bristia Weapon Recipe drop rate is too abysmally low. Since Prophet's Forest follows the same design pattern, players really shouldn't expect too mu…

Rosa's Secret Event

T3Fun is again having Rosa's Summer Event, but with different event rewards this time. I don't think there's an official notice about the event, so thanks to Eollica for sharing this in the forums here. The event quests seem to be the same as before, starting with 1 Small Watermelon Slice, etc.

The event quests include:
[First Quest Only] Buy 1 Small Slice of Watermelon (1,000 Vis) from Rosablanca.Kill Rusty Zealot x15, Vedanobah x15, and Hell Hound x15 in Al Quelt Moreza Nartex.Buy Frozen Marlin x1 (5,000 Vis) from Item Dealer in Outside Gigante. Buy Emmenthal Cheese x1 (300 Vis) and Silken Tofu x1 (500 Vis) from Camille in Coimbra.Buy Ferruccio Milk x1 (60 Vis) from Camille in Coimbra, and Chocolate x1 (200 Vis) from Lisa in Coimbra.Mission: Defeat Gracielo, Irawain, Baek Ho, then Gertrude (Human AR/DR 65).Mission: Protect the colony (Object DR 52) from Mueletos Musketeers (Undead AR/DR 57). The martial artists will join your fight later. I will post about Prophet's F…

Imperial Wheel S: Oct 2013

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for Oct 2013. See GMラバトの『新アイテム』紹介ブログ! for GM's introduction to the new items.

Tyrant Shotgun
Shotgun • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 286
Trigger 10%, Penetration +5, Fear 5%, Immunity -10

Tyrant Wand
Staff • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 325
Trigger 10%, Penetration +10, Abnormal State RES +10, Immunity +5, Immunity -10

Tyrant Lute
Lute • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 285
Trigger 10%, Penetration +10, All RES +15, Immunity -10

Pretty Noble Costume Set
Pretty Noble • Body Costume • Rachel
Casual Short • Hair • Rachel
See 최근 사이 업데이트된 코스튬(일그라) for more screenshots.

Tyrant Grimoire
Tome • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 331
Penetration +10, Fear 5%, Immunity -5

Pet Box - Black Sabre Tiger
ATK vs. Monster +30%, ATK Speed +10%, Critical +10,
Combat EXP/Stance EXP/Drop Rate +20%,
Fast HP/SP Regen (equivalent to Lv.12 [Divine Bless] skill)
See ヨルムンちゃんと、ブラックサーベルタイガーちゃん for damage comparison with Black Dragon.

Black Light Shield
Shield • DEF Rating 4 • DEF 34
Block +15
See 【GE】 クリスタルシリーズ for more …

Halloween 2013 & Update v19.71.76

T3Fun has updated the servers to v19.71.76 (X-Trap 5370). It's nothing much, mostly just stance/skill revision and new food system. See Patch Notes - October 23, 2013 for details. You can also see more upcoming updates at Patch Highlights v20.03.13.

T3Fun is hosting 2013 Halloween Event until Nov 06, 2013. Simply complete a daily quest for Event NPC in Reboldoeux to get 1 Halloween Pumpkin. The event quests involve giving Sierra random items:
Pure Talt x100 (First Day Only)Strange Spring x10Strange Clock Equipment x10Golden Apple x5Comodo Meat x10 You can trade 1-6 Halloween Pumpkins for Halloween Candy (x7), Coffin of Jack O'Lantern back costume (temporary/permanent), or Jack O'Lantern Hat for a specific character - Rose Spirit, Sorang, Cano, Viki, Ludin, Claire, Ramiro, or Tiburon.

This event is also available in different regional servers.
North America - 2013 Halloween EventKorea - [이벤트] 2013 할로윈 이벤트 오픈Taiwan - 《GE王者之劍R》歡樂萬聖節活動Singapore - Sierra's Hallo…

Patch Highlights v20.03.13

The following are some highlights of upcoming patches for T3Fun servers (currently v19.45.02) up to v20.03.13. The patch notes are based on Korean live servers (not test server). There is barely anything new, really. Just more revisions of one type or other... and of course, player-milking Lyndon Box.

Also, according to the Face Book entry here, Selene will be coming soon in the next Kaching Box Lyndon Box (Korea). What did you expect? Of course, you have to gamble for her. You should know IMC's milking strategy better by now!

Endless Greed

This is one of the four weekly raid missions introduced in v10.7.0. The unique loot in this mission is Recipe - Charisma of Reydeavaricia (aka Charisma of Rich King), which is a earring with innate SEN +10. This is useful for summoners, like Viki and Catherine. The enhanced recipe is available in Magia Pioneer Merchant Shop at Rank B and above.

Mission Information
Location: Bahama Base Camp (G12)
Entry Cost: 1 Key [Endless Greed] and 5,000 reputation points
Participants: 1-12
Frequency: 1/week
Duration: 60 minutes
Requirement: None

Playtime Asoka & Crystal Hogger Events

A few events for T3Fun server... You decide for yourself if they are really worthwhile. Rose Spirit is of course in Lyndon Box.

Event Period: Oct 11-18, 2013
Collect as many Shiny Crystal Chests as you can as roulette rewards. The top 10 players will win one Prosper Weapon (AR33) of their choices. The top 11-20 players will win one Prosper Weapon recipe instead. The top 21-30 players will win 3 Elemental Jewels. For Prosper Weapon information, go to Overbleed Database and search for "Prosper".

You can get Shiny Crystal Chests from the roulette of the following missions.
Bounty Hunter - Demonic Porto BelloBounty Hunter - Demonic Dr. Torsche's MansionBounty Hunter - Demonic Prison de JoaquinParty Missions - AllParty ArenaCastilla MineCastilla RelicCastilla Tower of ChaosHell BreakerSecret Tower 2F/3FBlood Fog Forest - Lost Time of GloryCrow Forest - Lift the Raven CurseBahia Secret RoomCoimbra Nimrod Bridge - Angler Hunting GroundCoimbra Nimrod Bridge - M…

Skinning 101 Guide

The following guide is originally posted by Ryght family of Orpesia (G1) server in 2009. I'm re-posting his guide here since his site STNWSource is long dead. The guide is old, and somewhat out-dated. Nevertheless, it is still useful for people who want to try messing around with the game client UI skin.