Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Halloween 2013 & Update v19.71.76

T3Fun has updated the servers to v19.71.76 (X-Trap 5370). It's nothing much, mostly just stance/skill revision and new food system. See Patch Notes - October 23, 2013 for details. You can also see more upcoming updates at Patch Highlights v20.03.13.

T3Fun is hosting 2013 Halloween Event until Nov 06, 2013. Simply complete a daily quest for Event NPC in Reboldoeux to get 1 Halloween Pumpkin. The event quests involve giving Sierra random items:
  • Pure Talt x100 (First Day Only)
  • Strange Spring x10
  • Strange Clock Equipment x10
  • Golden Apple x5
  • Comodo Meat x10
You can trade 1-6 Halloween Pumpkins for Halloween Candy (x7), Coffin of Jack O'Lantern back costume (temporary/permanent), or Jack O'Lantern Hat for a specific character - Rose Spirit, Sorang, Cano, Viki, Ludin, Claire, Ramiro, or Tiburon.

This event is also available in different regional servers.
Other servers also have Jack O'Lantern Hat for Montoro and Rachel. See 萬聖節帽子 for screenshots of the hat on various characters.